137 thoughts on “Tongues”

  1. Sermon notes found;

    2. Noahs flood came;
    a. stand on pulpit to show water rising.
    have maintenance man add supports on Wednesday before service
    b. Quote Genesis 7:1 (In Hebrew)
    3. The Flood subsided;
    a. Get down off pulpit (if you fall blame devil)
    b. Quote Hebrews 11:7 (In Greek)
    4. Noah worked a long time
    a. Remind people that you have seniority
    10 years,
    b. quote Jeremiah 23:1 (In Alabamaian)
    5. Noah had bad daughters
    a. point out some virgins in the church
    (don’t use Sally, she went to a waterpark over the summer)

  2. HOW-LAY-LEW-YUR!!! YESAYMAN!!! I was transported back in time…In contrast, yesterday, I had the awesome privilege of hearing C.J. Mahaney preach at SBTS in Louisville KY. He spoke on grace from the Bible (ESV, thank you very much) and didn’t scream or holler or condescend. It was refreshing and beautiful. Decent and orderly.

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