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    1. It wouldn’t be hard to adapt some of his quotes to fit fundyism.

      “I love working for Uncle Sam
      It lets me know just who I am”

      My former pastor never actually called the congregation maggots though he did imply it from time to time.

    2. “If you ladies leave my island, if you survive recruit training, you will be a weapon, you will be a minister of death, praying for war.”

      Mighty Apropos after watching the vid.

  1. Wow. I am not sure how I got through that video, but it pained me to watch the whole thing. Even more.. the entire time I was thinking, “Poor girl in the front.” I’ve got no words for this junk.

  2. As crazy as that looked, his premise was rock solid. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater people. (The bathwater being fundamentalism, the baby being the gospel.)

  3. Do the women have to sit on opposite sides than the men?

    It’s too bad his sermon was all fat and no meat. He was just shouting stuff that he knew would get amened. I didn’t hear anything that had any real substance to it.

    1. I like that you picked “fat” to contrast with the “meat” of the Word, because it’s neither meat NOR milk!

  4. I posted our favorite PB’s “Whipping Post” sermonette link on my FB page and proceeded to trash it. low and behold I was attacked for not being loving enough. I guess I should have listened to Podcast #5 sooner. I just don’t love so called preachers and self-anointed pastors enough it seems. Can’t imagine why…. 😯

    1. Figures. They can trash everyone else to pieces, but you say something against them and you’re not loving enough.

      But, that’s okay, see, because they’re better than you. ;op

      1. “Loving” is only for us sheep, I guess. We have to show that we love by never questioning what we’re being told, but they never have to show love; they can just blast away at anything and everyone that they dislike. We’re just supposed to keep eating what they feed us without commenting, which flies in the face of clear Biblical teaching about searching the Scriptures to find if what the speaker is saying is true. Also this seems to demean the priesthood of the believer; if we’re all prists before God, why must the sheep never utter a peep when they see false teaching?

        1. The sad thing is it came from the pew, not from a pulpiteer.
          I made the mistake of calling the preaching and the PB an abomination. For that I was admonished that I should do all things in love. I should love this “brother.” I told them I had not found my Christian Zen when it comes to crap like that. I was my usual abrasive, bull-in-the-china-shop self. The longer the conversation went on the more angry I got.

          Here was a college aged kid who has not experienced the betrayal, the lies, the manipulation from not just one but in total since 1978 three (3) manipulative pulpiteers. The last one probably did hurt the worst. But here was this kid educating me in love? (I understand God can use anyone to open our eyes, and I appreciate his effort to put forth his convictions. At least he was honest about where he stood.) But Jocelyn’s postings last night said what I was feeling. This rush to be CC (the Christian answer to PC) Christianly Correct, and always do the right thing to present this facade of love and standing around the camp fire singing Kum ba yah in order to show the world the love of Christ is just manipulative showmanship. I am a real person, I have my full humanity, my faults, and my sins are ever with me. I am a fallen creature and I make more than my fair share of mistakes. (@PW I read that article last night as well “Spiritual Abuse and Emotional Ravaging :: Emerging From Broken”)
          We are not perfect and we don’t get it right all the time. And it is frustrating to constanlty have those who, even with good intentions, attempt to educate us, and or correct us to be “good” Christians. When sometimes we need to take some chords or even someone’s bull-whip sermon prop and drive them out of the church with it.
          Ok, I’m through ranting now. *dismounts soapbox…. sticks the landing!*

        2. Loving a brother is one thing. Remaining silent while a very misguided (and probably mood-disordered) brother makes a mockery of the faith is another.

          That is all.

        3. @Don, that is too bad that some people in the pews do just swallow it all. It drives me crazy that they’re so ready to tell anyone who speaks up that we are supposed to be loving, but no one ever tells the guy in the pulpit that HE’S supposed to be loving, gentle, easy to be entreated, and humble. Grrrrrrrrr.

        4. @PW

          that is too bad that some people in the pews do just swallow it all.

          That’s what hits home the hardest for me. I was there, that was me, and I sat there and blindly followed, or when I finally had had enough, I left (only to go from one bunker to the next, taking all my fundie luggage with me).
          And now I get angry and frustrated when I see others embracing shadows when substance is just the “Truth” away. I just want to go into some of these bunkers and when every head is bowed, and every eye closed… Scream to the top of my voice “WAKE-UP!”
          But yeah, that is the sore point with me, I was a chief enabler and cheerleader. I promoted junk like that and judged those, whose eyes God had opened, as unloving, unchristian, and counted them as my enemy because they were my pastor’s enemies.
          Ah, here I said I was off the soap box and have preached the second sermon… old habits are hard to break.

        5. Big Gary, Your comment reminded me of an incident that happened several years ago in my S.S. class with the pastor teaching. He was moaning and groaning and complaining about something, I can’t remember what, and then he started to complain about “us” moaning and groaning, an attractive lady setting across from me I guess had heard enough of this bull and said “That’s what you’re doing” and I’ll never forget his comment “Oh no Honey this is preaching”

  5. WHY is he yelling? This is not a topic that needs to be yelled about. I shut him out after about 15 seconds of the screaming.

    1. Long, LONG before we ever even dreamed of leaving fundamentalism, I was determined to never be in a church with a screaming pastor. Why would anyone purposely allow themselves to be berated week after week?

  6. I am a beleiver who has held a fundamentalist postion and gone to churches in fundamentailsm all my Christian life (from age 21 to 65). While I have seen this sort of preaching (if thats what you call this)from those who call themselves fundamentalists. I refuse to accept this as a true representation of fundamentalism. This is not true historic fundamentalism. For years we have allowed these types to call themselves something they are not. They have “hijacked” the term fundamentalist. Again, this is not an example of true historic fundamentalism!

    1. Unfortunately, the “hijackers” are now mostly running the show.

      Those who in the less crazy camps of historic fundamentalists are now mostly non-denominational or Southern Baptist.

    2. The term “fundamentalist” is lost to people who are actually simply biblical Christians. “Fundie” means that most if not all of the tradition, opinion, and legalism come along with what is being talked about here. Yeah, this is a pretty extreme example but by no means uncommon.
      Realize this simple truth: if the blog’s no talking about you then the blog’s not talking about you. And, if it’s not you then I’d abandon the term when trying to explain my religious point of view…as a matter of fact..that’s exactly what I did. Doctrine doesn’t make you a “Fundamentalist” in the way it’s being used here.

  7. How has no one pointed out that what he saw while “flipping through the channels” on TV was Twilight…”You are my own personal brand of Heroin” is straight from Twilight… surely a good ole’ PB wouldn’t have movie channels to bring filth into his home… he must have slipped off under the cover of darkness to the Red Box to rent it….

  8. that was priceless! Not sure this fits in a fundy place–I noticed the guitars on stands on the stage–interesting to say the least…

  9. When he said, “That’s the only very I’ll read!” and closed the Bible… I was like, “Heeeeeeere we go…” Priceless accent though.

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