80 thoughts on ““Men” of “God””

  1. Well, Anderson’s actually pretty funny here –

    “Do you honestly believe that when David said, “I have stuck unto thy
    testimonies,” that he was talking about inserting his private parts? If you
    don’t think that is obscene, then what is obscene? The word “unto” does not
    denote “entrance.” That would be “into.” ”


  2. HAHA! Steve Anderson stumbling onto outrage that he should actually find offensive is like watching the Detroit Lions win a football game!

  3. @exIFB

    Because we all know that Anderson is as sharp as a tack right? ;-). Actually I’m amazed. While Anderson still shows his true colors (a complete idiot) he did manage to parse together a somewhat logical and cohesive few paragraphs, I give him an A for effort. He must have had help…that is all I know.

    While it shows that Schaap is a lunatic I already knew that without Anderson’s help and Anderson’s cup of lunacy is almost as bad. Schaap’s is more dangerous because he cloaks his idiocy in education…making people believe in his false credentials, whereas Anderson is upfront about a lack of education. But they are both very dangerous in their theology and way of teaching.

  4. Well, that certainly was a topical sermon (and I use the word “sermon” loosely).
    I think he may have actually had some acting classes–did you catch the exaggerated shock and the hand clapped over his mouth? Quality. Like Sheffy almost.

  5. Hey I know his son pretty well.

    He’s not as crazy..but still over the edge if you know what I mean.

  6. Went to a fundy college and heard what seemed like MILLIONS of sermons from Daniel 1:8. Stuff Fundys Like: Preaching from texts the equivilant of 1% of the bible over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over …

  7. I wish someone would take clips of Schaap and Hyles and their ilk and make a Farting Fundies video a la Robert Tilton. (devilish grin)

  8. @Don C’mon, Don! You know you’d love it. Ol’ Brother Schaap up there on the platform saying, “I’m not afraid to slap grandma.” Then, the earthy rumble of reverberating cheeks. 😀

  9. That was some quality B.S. right there. What a bafoon. By the way wasn’t Hyles in some scandal or something?

  10. OT…when I clicked on the first of the three links by Darrell to the you tube videos that cover other parts of this crazy rant, the #1 suggested video on the side is “Pennywise, IT the clown tribute”! LOL!

  11. @gkend like I said redundant… the smell would still be the same and only the tonality of the sound of air escaping through a-hole would differ…. played forward it is air escaping… played backward… it sucks. Schaap happens.

    1. “Schaap happens”
      My new go-to phrase. BTW, his name is pronounced SKOPP. So I will say Schaap Hoppens. Because that is nearly as bizarre as he is.

  12. I just listened to all of part 4 and pieces of 2 and 3. Does he ever use scripture in this “sermon”?

  13. I simply do not understand how this “preaching” exhorts us in the faith and love of Christ our Saviour. At one point the man even declares “This is MY pulpit”?!?!?!?!?!?! Not even a token nod to the true Sovreignty of the King of Kings. The attitude displayed here is narcissism at its most foul. Truly, the pride of Man shall be his destruction. Shame.

  14. Observations:

    -He’s telling the audience that if anyone says anything against “Brother Hyles”, RUN!!! Run from anti-Hyleism like you would run from sin! (I invented a new word ^_^)

    -Is he really suggesting that Hyles INVENTED topical preaching?

    -The cult-style worship of Hyles is in full view here!

    -Basic overview of the entire sermon “Dr. Hyles is perfect, sinless, and always always always right!” God? God who?

    How does a fundamentalist become a liberal? By disagreeing with the “great and mighty Hyles” in any way, shape, or form. 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

    1. I don’t agree with much of what he says, but the advice to run is correct.
      Run away from the Hyles/Schaap camp as fast as you can! And don’t look back.

  15. This is a huge “slap” to “preachers” like this one and Jack Hyles who preach on how “great” they are and how “great” other fundy “preachers” instead of preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified! Expository preaching is the biblical way because it stick with and expounds the TEXT, not a foreign idea brought out by “preaching” 2 or 3 passages of Scripture taken out of context. IFB “preaching” is just that. War stories and word games (exceptionally good if you use a KJV lol). But what do you expect? They teach man centered doctrine and preach a man centered gospel. No wonder IFB “preachers” do nothing but exalt themselves and their fallen heroes like Hyles (and now Schaap).

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