105 thoughts on “Guilt and Fear as Motivation”

  1. “What I mean is that I don’t see much of the “laughing at yourself” attitude portrayed here, which is, I think, the major point of SFL.”

    I’m not a regular contributor here, but I can tell you I am perfectly capable of laughing at myself as well as others. Gene, however, was preachy, bloviated, and self-righteous. Out of place on a satire blog, and not funny. What’s to laugh at? Come up with something genuinely witty aimed my way and I’ll laugh as hard as anyone else.

    Camille said it better, but that’s my two cents.

  2. I, for one, am thankful that if the gap needs to be “stood in,” this guy is willing to be the filler. He’s big! He can fill that gap all by hisself!

  3. Oh this video is galling.
    Funny, they obviously edited it for posting on Youtube…but what did they edit out…the bad parts??? Could they have possibly been any worse then what was left??

  4. After listening to some of this, I’d have to agree with Pollyanna; “what’s so good about Sunday? Hmmmm …. I know!! There are six whole days before NEXT Sunday comes around again, hm?”

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