65 thoughts on “And (you guessed it!) MORE HERO WORSHIP!”

  1. I for one would like to say jack hyles is as disliked by me as anyone else and would love to melt him like the wicked witch in wizard of oz, not real comfortable. Comparing to hitler who gassed/burned/shot & human experimented on 6 million Jews though. Just something to think about. We have enough people in society using inappropriate hitler name calling. Not that I didn’t laugh, just uncomfortable with.

  2. @ Don – Thank you for the link. That was enlightening.

    What I love about this video is that the fake ROTC (Ridiculously Outdated Training for Crazies) acted how everyone at HAC and FBH is supposed to act – with unquestioning obedience.

    What a ridiculous act of hero worship. I am the worse for having seen it.

  3. In the last age of men, at the appointed time, the goddess statue will be separated from the Master and will be melted down to form 120,000 brass rings for the 120,000 male witnesses {not to be confused with the 120k JW”s} all to be H/A grads. These rings will all answer to, and be controlled by, the “One Ring.”
    The “One Ring” of power that was forged in the adjoining room to the Master’s office on the H/A campus; this one ring allows the wearer to control the minds of all who wear the rest. Many of these will be given to the Officer Cadet corps as they infiltrate the various branches of the military and the Pentagon. Others will become politicians and policemen and lawyers. Finally 7000 will be given to an elite corps of Preacher boys who will evangelize the United States with their particular brand of religion all in the name of “Schaap-ron.” Whose all seeing eye can see sin wherever it looks and upon whatever and whomever it gazes.

  4. Jack Hyles was wrong on so many levels.

    As one of my professors at Southwestern Seminary said in reference to fundamentalism –
    “I see the fun part, I see the damn part, but I don’t get the mental part.”

  5. @James: I’d actually say the “mental” part fits quite well, better, in fact, than the “fun” part. 😉

  6. It looks to me like three or even four of them aren’t shooting anything. Not all the guns are flashing on the shots.

  7. Well, I used to think it was fun when the preacher got fired up and launched into a rant about your most hated sin (usually homos or pants on women), and everyone would be like “preach it preacherman” “come on!” “that’s true brother” “amen that’s good”.

    As I started to slowly reject IFBism, I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t enjoy this “preaching” anymore, and I wouldn’t get up and holler amen or whatever.

    (In actuality, it was because I was so depressed because I was battling sins of the flesh and instead of hearing about the Grace of God in overcoming, all I heard were 10 step sermons and cliches like “that book will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the book”. Well, sin kept me from the book, but the book never kept me from sin.

    Since leaving IFBism, I have found a great freedom. Still tempted, but the desire to follow through just isn’t there anymore. I guess that is what it is like to be under grace, not law. Law says don’t so my flesh says do. Grace says you don’t have to because your flesh is dead, so my spirit says “thanks”.

  8. I want to know why Eddie Galyean isn’t on any of these blogs, posts, or lists of ifb sex offenders!? He is a HAC graduate, and was a assistant pastor, bus leader, school principal, and youth pastor at three rivers baptist church in Fort Wayne, IN from 1995-2000. This church was Pastored by another HAC graduated Doug Jackson. “Brother Eddie’s ” victims are many and varied, kids on his bus route (boys and girls) teen girls at the school and church (including jackson’s oldest daughter Teresa, by his first wife, whom he fathered a child with, and was subsequently put up for adoption. – galyean also traded unlimited phone privileges that she used to could call her biological mother, whom she was not allowed to contact, for sexual favors) and his own daughter Heidi. Doesn’t anyone know about all of this!?!

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