59 thoughts on “And Still More Hero Worship”

  1. I took the youth group to a Steve Green concert once. It kicked off our year. It was great! People need to get a grip. There are plenty of people who love Jesus, wear jeans and listen to CCM. Get over it. You lost that war.

  2. i am so glad that i am not the only one out there trying to recover from fundamentalism. or well IFBism. my fam was never BJU or Hyles. but we did follow all the rules. like no ccm, no pants, and we only visited IFB churches just like us. in fact i remember visiting a IFB church that actually had a praise team (with drums) when my fam was on deputation, and we were all shocked. my dad almost walked out. although we do wear pants though my parents still refer to my “ccm” as rock and roll. but they do listen to it every now and then. but the physical part is easy to change. the hard part is the way of thinking and the built in/ programmed judging. but im working my way through it:)

  3. The light show reminds me of a rock concert. The frenzy is not good at all! How much did each teen pay to be there I wonder.

  4. @Nate, pastors wife, beth: That chapel was just before I started at BJU but everyone who talked about it mentioned how good the song sounded in the FMA.

  5. @ Jessica Guy. You are NOT alone! I was attending this church a year ago and have recently been set free. You are right, the exterior isn’t the hard part it is the built in programming and junk that we need to wade through that is hard.
    Know that you have SO much grace to grieve and have moments of anger and pain. It is a process that takes time. You are loved and I am SO glad you are free!

  6. I went to their school….they are weird….Let’s just say I’m a “real Christian” now..lol

  7. If they accuse Catholics of “worshipping” the saints after this kind of display, they will have a large log in their collective eye. =)

  8. @Jessica Guy

    Right there with you and very well put at the end. The interior thought process is so hard to change. That is why I enjoy this site so much. When I graduated from BJU my day of reckoning started. I realized that some things that I held dear were only because of the tradition that I grew up learning. There was nothing sacred about BJU’s style of worship. I began to realize that Christianity happened outside the hallow walls of IFB churches. From there on out I began to test *everything* in my life. I wanted to know what was true Bible led spirit filled conviction and what was just blind following of tradition. My life changed radically. My doctrine remained mostly the same, but my heart and actions were completely different. It has been a tough process and I still find things from time to time that I haven’t yet tested. And there were some things that were so hard to give up, but it has been a good processes and I’m glad I did it. Keep on.

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