Programming Note

I’ve decided that any further follow up posts on the Trinity case or related matters  will be done at my personal blog as opposed to putting them here.

I know a lot of folks enjoy the healing-through-humor style of posting and I’d hate to think that someone would show up here looking for a few laughs and end up with the emotional trauma of an IFB flashback instead.

For those folks who follow in twitter, I’ll tweet out whenever I post material on my blog that may be of general interest to readers here.

Now back to it…

5 thoughts on “Programming Note”

  1. Good choice. I, for one, have more than my share of heavy memories. This sight does a good job of keeping it light and humorous. ^_^ Thx

  2. Thanks for keeping it light around here.

    However, I did appreciate the heavier posts because my sister goes to BJU. She’s deeply involved with Jim Berg and his wife. She gets counseling from him, goes to the same church with him, takes classes with his wife, and goes through his “Quieting a Noisy Soul” periodically. Because of her close involvement with them, I still have to deal with fundamentalism even though I’ve left it and I’m never going back. (As someone else has pointed out, Rand Hummel and Jim Berg are practically clones of each other.) Those few serious posts helped a lot.

    On a brighter note, leaving fundyland wasn’t as hard for me because I have a huge sarcastic streak So, even when I was in, I wasn’t ever fully accepted because those people never laughed and never joked. Finding your website validated my “worldy” sense of humor and helps to feed it. 🙂

  3. cool. they’re your blogs, and you certainly don’t need our approval to do with them what you want, but let it be known that i think this is a good choice. i’m adding your blog to my rss feeds so i can keep up with this story. (i’ll mark them as “the wheat side” & “the frosted side”)

    thank God i left fundyism when i was still young & naive enough to think it was just really awful theology. and thank God i never went to fundy college!

    (come to think of it, thank God i dropped out of real college. (twice.))

    now, back to making fun of patch the pirate.

    wiggle worm. discuss.

  4. I would have left fundy land a long time ago, too, but I have close family still heavily involved in it. AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

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