81 thoughts on “All Opposed, Same Sign?”

  1. the Holy Spirit led me to tell you that the new format is fine. He has no problem with it.

    Here’s some other things the Holy Spirit laid on my heart:
    1) you people all need to get your heart right
    2) you people all need to get saved
    3) if you were to die right now, are you 100% sure you would go to heaven?
    4) did you know that God told us, in His Word, how you can know you’re going to heaven?
    5) If you believe that God has inspired the Bible, you have to believe that the KJV is His preserved Word, for some reason.
    6) God does not permit bitches to wear britches
    7) Nothing makes God angrier than honoring His mother
    8) Charles Darwin admitted that evolution is a hoax on his deathbed
    9) All Scripture is profitable for doctrine, except Acts
    10) Mexicans are Catholics. Americans are Protestants. That’s why Mexicans are poor and Americans are blessed.
    11) All food must be blessed “to the nourishment of our bodies”.

    That is all.

  2. The right column is two/thirds as wide as the center column, and there seems to be a lot of wasted space in the right column. Maybe reduce it’s width some? I tend to be old school.

    Love the new font and sizes of the images.
    The header looks nice. The new SFL graphic looks nice.

    No color? Maybe as the cursor moves over a selection box in the header, instead of a dark grey, a subdued color?

    Overall, I like it.

  3. HAHAH! So I checked out the site as white. And was reading the comments. Then I opened SFL on another tab and about pooped myself laughing! The color scheme, AND the auto-playing organ music! AH day made again.
    And then you changed it back for a minute…darn. I was loving that.

    But in seriousness, I think the new layout is alright. I’ll get used to it. Change is nice every once in a while (gasp! how liberal!)

  4. Just stopping by again to say that, with a few negligible exceptions, the site looks quite fantastic now. Keep up the good work, Darrell. 🙂

  5. @Reader Mo: ROFLOL! You made my night with that one!

    @Darrell: love the new header!

  6. Like it a lot better after the latest tweaks. I picked the Kubrick theme for my blog because I don’t know anything about templates. Definitely, the blog-heads can do better than that. I think somebody else mentioned this, but what mattered most to me was the random post generator. Glad to see it’s in its proper place!

  7. Any way to put the “Latest Comments” between the Poll and the Google Ads? Then raist the tweets above the catagories? Wouls like to be able to get to them without haveing to scroll down so far. Other than that it all looks good to me… but who am I….I’m not even humble enough to clean toilets, and there is hair on my ears…. and in them as well.

  8. “I like the new logo, (bad typewriter + mimeograph = glory Hal-a-Lou!) but the size of the box is out of balance. In fact, with the larger than the text buttons on the right and the toolbar at the top, the effect is mildy disconcerting.”

    I agree with this. The line of feed buttons feels as if they are of equal importance with the logo. Using smaller icons would be helpful in visually prioritizing the information.

    Right now, the comments in the middle column are either being cut off at the right or are running over the tweets (though not the ads).

    Thanks for putting up the random post link again. I’ve always liked that.

  9. I think the layout is too white. As someone noted, it is very tiring on the eyes.

    Also, didn’t we vote for orange carpet to complement the bright red hymnal covers? Amen?

  10. @Mark

    Amen, brother. And if we could get some paisley curtains to go w/ those…

  11. KJV text in the same font configuration would be a nice background. You could use some of Fundyland’s favorite texts.
    I like this new layout, very nice.

  12. Could you put in a translator so we can read all you posts in the original languages?

  13. You don’t need the originals, my posts here are the Authorized Version which is a translation that is actually more accurate than the original manuscripts.

  14. I’m still waiting for the flashing gifs.

    If you were really spiritual, it’d be blue. All good fundies have blue as their backgrounds. Real, royal blue. So. You need blue.

    And a bookstore with offers of “free gifts” for $10. Come on, cough it up. It won’t count otherwise.

    And a list of approved churches. Where’s that?

    If you don’t do these things, you’ll irreparably hurt your testimony. And I’ll kill a kitten.

  15. Please post picture of said kitten. This will be key in my decision making process.

  16. I poked at a few of your blog roll links, Darrell. You might want to do that yourself and weed out the ones that are now dead or have changed.

  17. Just noticed this, but there are “53 comments” on the about section/page it says, but I can’t see them or see where you can add comments. This looked like best place to note it to me.

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