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  1. This one just astonishes me. I can’t handle it.

    Near the beginning one of these guys says that the King James is the Bible “that’s up in heaven.” To what is he referring? Are they somehow tying this to the word being “forever settled in heaven”? Is there some kind of fundy doctrine I don’t know about akin to the Muslim idea that Allah has a perfect copy of the Koran in the seventh heaven? Once again–fundamentalism makes for strange bedfellows.

    And as for his “logic” about the King James being the word of God for “every generation,” what about those generations between the first century AD and 1611? Because we know they couldn’t have gotten saved out of the Vulgate…

  2. I didn’t know that the KJV was alive. Does it need to be fed? Does it sleep? And how exactly does it reproduce itself?

  3. “I have a photocopy of a 1611 that matches my Bible today word-for-word.” What?! That’s nothing more than a bald-faced lie! There are 24,000 revisions (many of them small) between the original 1611 and the current 1769 revision that most people are using in the modern English-speaking world. Wow, what an idiot. Lying from the pulpit makes me angry, and it certainly doesn’t please God either.

  4. Not to mention the issue of “photocopying” a 400-year old book. I might be nitpicking his terminology, but it does mark him as ignorant. At best.

  5. I love reading the KJV but I’m not KJV-only. Men from years ago like Spurgeon and Gill made obvious references to the imperfections in the KJV. When you examine the facts, King James onlyism is a pretty recent sect. What angers me is the outright blatant lies that these “men of God” on this video spout off with. Have they even read what the KJ translators wrote to the reader? They themselves admitted that their translation is not perfect. I’ve seen and heard enough from these clowns. It’s about time they try to find a circus to perform in and not church that Christ shed His blood for. Enough already!

  6. “it keeps the blood. . it keeps Mary a virgin. . it keeps us forgiven. .”

    “that Bible produces one kind of salvation. . ”

    “neither is any creature hidden from his sight. . .that ‘his’ is a pronoun talking about the Bible. . ”

    And there you have your Bible elevated above your Christ.

  7. I doubt many of them know that portions of the Bible are translations of a translation: the Vulgate, which was Latin.

  8. Reformed Fundy –

    I thought the same thing. Either he is a liar, or he can’t get close to the copy to read the differences because of his girth. 🙂
    The logic is insane, although the preacher that says that you can take his KJV from his COLD DEAD HANDS is funny, too. 😉

  9. How can the KJV be considered to be perfect when it has always mistranslated “grape juice” as “wine”? How could God allow such an egregious error to be made?

  10. Because shouting = RIGHT!
    Because insulting rhetoric = RIGHT!
    Because bad logic = RIGHT!

    Add them all together, and you have WIN!

  11. Wow…so much faulty logic, my head might explode! I think they honestly think if they shout whatever it is they’re saying loud enough, it doesn’t matter what the content is.

    So, science is ever changing…well duh! Using that as an example is kind of scary. It goes with the thinking that science is bad. However, he mentions how the KJV hasn’t changed in hundreds of years (which several of you have pointed out is already false). Still, even so, what is a few hundred years in the grand scheme? Just because something hasn’t changed doesn’t make it good, or proof of anything.

    Also, I loved the “hybrid” argument. Really? The KJV Bible is actually capable of breeding? These guys are really a hoot, if they weren’t kind of scary at the same time.

  12. A bit off topic, but I thought it funny when the rather large (and REALLY gay, I might add) preacher made a comment about science being ever changing, as if that is a bad thing.

  13. @tom:
    I want to point out to you that the word “perfect” in Psalm 138:2 has the same meaning both in the original Hebrew and in seventeenth century English (and, by extension, twenty-first century English). If something is being perfected, than that means that it is currently imperfect. To say that God will perfect something (in this case His Word, unless I assume your point incorrectly) is also to say that it is not yet perfect. It is a heinous belief that says that God’s words were not perfect at the time of their writing, and somehow were perfected by God over time, culminating in an English translation. For God to perfect His Word, it would have had to be at one time imperfect. This is a Scriptural and theological impossibility – according to the Authorized Version, or to the original Greek (or pretty much any translation thereof). Besides, David says that God will perfect that which pertains to DAVID, not that which pertains to GOD HIMSELF, thus that passage cannot possibly be referring to Scripture anyway.

  14. I would like to see the fat guy actually attempt to flush a whole stack of Bible down the toilet. I believe that it would actually not work. I bet his church janitor would care!

  15. i am just giving a reference…Psalm 138:2…believe what you will….btw in ref to another post: the anglicans who translated the kjb did not view the apocrypha as inspiried writtings…they translated it for historical reference, that is why in the 1611 it is not placed in the ot or nt.

  16. double standards among many are sad. i believe ruckman and others of his ilk are wrong with all the name calling and many say they agree, but then proceed to call brothers idoits and other terrible names….this is defined as hypocrisy.

  17. Tom…I don’t believe I said that the Apocrypha was inspired. I simple find it ironic that the translators (“who were probably inspired and just didn’t know it”-KJV only position) would put the Apocrypha in between the Old and New Testaments. Since they were “probably inspired” it seems that the practice should continue to this day…you know, for historical reference and all.

  18. @Tom:
    I apologize if I misunderstood your point in posting the reference from Psalms. However, I don’t think that posting a “proof text” and running actually accomplishes anything. I don’t see how that specific passage applies to what we are discussing in this thread. Perhaps I am missing something, but I think it would be best if you explained your position rather than allowing others to read into it. And I did not point the finger and call that “preacher” and idiot because of what he believes, but because of the lies he chooses to tell to back up his premise. Honesty is important all the time, but especially when behind the pulpit.

  19. “How can the KJV be considered to be perfect when it has always mistranslated “grape juice” as “wine”? How could God allow such an egregious error to be made?”

    @TRAPPED —- That is the funniest thing I have heard this week!! ROFL!

    I love the KJV because I grew up with it and I understand it. But it is so asinine to have someone who didn’t grow up in church use it, there are so many better versions.

    My life verse: Deut 23:1! Don’t Judge me!!! 😉

  20. Ignorant and unlearned men boasting about their ignorance and unlearning…. yep they are qualified to preach in the IFB pulpits of America. And I pity the sheeple who just keep drinking the kool-aid and are not capable of thinking for themselves. I’m sure that people left every one of those sermons with a religious high, ears were tickled and toes were stepped on and it was mighty good preachin… but it didn’t honor Christ… it only gathered honor for the full-time, self anointed man of god (little g on purpose) and his ability to give the peoplw their emotional religious fix for that sermon. But it passes for Christianity. Christless Christianity to be sure, but what the world sees as Christianity none the less.

  21. Those biblioleters who preach the translation instead of what it contains and fundamentalism more than the fundamentals continue in the spirit of the pharasees.

  22. Just for giggles I clicked this page when it came up as the random post. The video was taken down, so I was wondering since it’s not on Youtube if I could find it on a FWOTW somewhere. I have no clue who is featured in the video, so I can’t search for it.

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