19 thoughts on “SFL Reader Submitted Photo: Biblicism vs. Calvinism”

  1. Please please please, I would like to know more. Are there notes, audio sermon, or something more? Definately got me interested.

  2. This tract was produced by Calvary Baptist in Lansdale, PA when they were in their anti-calvinist mindset. I don’t know if they still are.

  3. Tracts for Calvinists eh? I guess even God’s elect need to get saved. Lol, sorry couldn’t resist.

  4. Yep, because we all know that Sola Scriptura isn’t one of the 5 solas that Calvinists hold to or anything, and neither are the concepts of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Oy vey. (And yes, I write this realizing that I was once an ardent anti-“Calvinist” myself).

  5. @Morgan,

    ‘Biblicism’ is a word, albeit one that I’ve really only ever heard in a fundy context. The OED defines it as “adherence to the letter of the Bible.”

  6. FWIW, don’t know if they’re still in an anti-Calvinist mindset, but I have a buddy that goes there that says that things are a LOT different these days — specifically much less fundy.

  7. I also went there for a few years and now that I see it, I do remember that pamphlet. But I’m with Brendt – I think things are a lot more normal over there these days.

  8. I have heard that Calvary in Lansdale is no longer super fundy (at least the kind of fundyism posted about on this blog). They would say they hold to the original historical tenants of the fundamentals of Scripture. They have changed a lot the last few years, from what I have heard.

    1. I live near Calvary-Lansdale. They are still very fundy. Maybe not as bad as E. Robert Jordan was. But Still VERY fundy.

      I went to Calvary in Kindergarten and first grade. Got kicked out for punching in the nose the principals daughter for stealing my pink hair band. She dared me, I did!

  9. Any good biblisist will tell you that calvanism is absolute right -where it agrees with the bible. I debate calvinists and arminians a lot. They both have the same problem: At some point they choose the leave the bible and follow John C or Jacobus. Both were good theologians when they point us toward Christ.

  10. A Biblical choice:
    Biblicism or
    KJV Onlyism

    Another Biblical choice:
    Biblicism or Fundamentalism…

    The fallacies of fundyland astound me.

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