This was submitted by a faithful SFL reader who snapped a picture with his cell phone while visiting a fundy church. He had to do it quickly because in his words “it’s pretty obvious when a guy is standing and pointing a phone at a picture that he’s not texting – I had to take a quick shot before someone walked around a corner and rightly assumed I shared no common belief with the picture.”

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14 thoughts on “Posters”

  1. It combines the best of both worlds: Monster Truck Rally and KJV Onlyism!

    Was this poster in a church in the deep South by chance? LOL!

  2. I get the Psalm 138:2 banner in the context but what’s up with John 3:16? Is that not in the other versions?

  3. is it customary for smoke/vapor to pour from an intake? Or is that the Spirit indwelling the vehicle?

  4. Why did I instinctively hear a radio announcer’s voice yell out, “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!”?

  5. Urgh!!!These folks don’t even know what they are talking about. The pastor has no clue why he is KJV only, the church members have no clue to what they are talking about either. They are clueless to how we got the Bible in the first place. All they know is “the pastor says” and that is all that is all the “authority” they need! Of course, the pastor got his “authority” from some wacky fundy college or from some fundy pastor who has no clue himself.
    I have yet to hear one logical argument for KJVonly. Sure they pull verses out of there little box of fundy proof scriptures, but they are taken totally out of context. If you try and reason with them, they just get mad and call you a heretic.
    These folks defy all logic. I would have had a very hard time not laughing at this poster and then ask the near by church attended why he/she believes the KJV is the only Word of God.

  6. @ Darrell

    “I get the Psalm 138:2 banner in the context but what’s up with John 3:16? Is that not in the other versions?”

    I think its the difference between “only begotten” verses “one and only.”

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