Famous Fundies: Ron Comfort

Right out of the bat we have too many SFL’s to count.

– Do you think they have enough American flags on the platform?

– We’re all familiar with the “table in the back.” Cash and checks accepted.

– Hey! My Life Was On Unshackled! How Cool Is That??

– Give to the building project! We only have 20 days! (What happens after that isn’t quite clear)

And that was just the warmup…

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  1. Ah man, misread the title as “Ray Comfort” or as most people refer to him, “Banana man”.

  2. Marcus,

    I would like to think that if it were Ray Comfort, the blog title “Stuff People Who Love Jesus Like” would be appropriate. Every body likes Ray.

  3. Mate, I appreciate your blog and enjoy the satire. But it makes me sad to see you crossing the line into misrepresentation too often recently.

    For instance, he clearly explained what would happen if the money wasn’t raised. The construction would be halted.

    I’m no particular fan of Ron Comfort or Ambassador. And I’m definitely not a fan of high pressure building fund money raising.

    The problem is already bad enough. Does it really help to exaggerate the truth?

  4. No he didn’t say “The construction would be halted” he said “it was a turnkey type thing with the contractor and so we’ll have to raise that $25,000 in the next 20 days.”

    We are never told exactly what will happen. We’re left to assume that construction will stop even though they’ve already raised over $400k for the project. “A turnkey type thing” is exactly what I said it was, namely not quite clear.

  5. crossing the line into misrepresentation too often recently

    by the way, feel free to point out these other misrepresentations that I’ve been doing “too often.”

  6. Somewhere around minute 27: “The secret sins will be made public at the judgement seat of Christ.” Really? Does the Bible ever say that or is that supposed to scare people? It seems logistically problematic. I know I will have plenty of time, but will I have to sit there while billions of people’s sins are publicized? Unless it is in the Bible, I doubt it.

    Right after that he talks about how even women are wanting rights these days. He even mentions the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). Was this sermon preached in 1975?

    1. I don’t know when the original was preached but this was a total flashback to my former fundy church. He preached the EXACT same sermone verbatim, there.

  7. “Ah man, misread the title as “Ray Comfort” or as most people refer to him, “Banana man”.”

    lol that was my first thought, too.

  8. > misread the title as “Ray Comfort”

    And here’s one from the opposite perspective. Ron Comfort was nearly a permanent fixture in my elementary school in the 70s. Every time I see “Ray Comfort”, I think “Ron” first. 😉

  9. I’m with you Brendt. I heard Ron in person back in 1987 or so and we always had his sermon tapes around the house.

  10. Darrell,

    It didn’t seem unclear at all to me. But I could be wrong.

    I’m happy to withdraw the other comment, not because I don’t think it’s true, but because I don’t think it’s worth the time to go back and argue it.

    I’m sure you do your best not to cross the line and I pray you will have wisdom in that.

    Grace to you.

  11. “the secret sins will be made public at the judgment seat of Christ.” Totally false statement (which is something I’ve only come to realize recently, after being scared out of my mind w/ that growing up. LOL) . . .The Bible says, that when God forgives and saves us, He forgets our sins and they are “at the bottom of the sea.” So. . .while it may be a good scare tactic, the statement is 100% theologically inaccurate, and ultimately gives people a very wrong view of God.

  12. Just so I am clear…he offers the standard “please rise for the reading of God’s Word” request, blathers on a bit, and then recites, doesn’t read, a full nine words of Scripture. I thought he was kidding when he told them they may be seated. Possibly the most irreverant attempt at reverence I have ever witnessed (and being a former fundy, I have seen many!).

  13. yea I noticed that right away too Chris. I’ve always thought that was problematic when preachers did that. I don’t have any problem with standing to read the Word, but if you do it at the start, why don’t you do it with every time you read it during the sermon? I was asking that question years ago as a 10 yr old. What, are the other 3 uses of the Bible in the average sermon not reverenced or something!?

    Oh, and did you catch in part of his preface to the Bible reading that he’d be getting on a plane the next day “with all the sad people leaving Los Vegas”? They would be sad and he would be happy of course. He had to take a dig at all those evil gamblers…none of whom could have possibly had a good time.

  14. @Chris – I confronted my fundy pastor once that he was not showing respect for God’s word by not reading it word for word. He would actually insert words into the text while reading it to change the meaning of the text to support his sermon outline.

    The next Sunday he had everyone stand while he read the text. I just about died. He inserted words that day also. He just didn’t get it. Standing is a physical activity, not respect. e.g. Fundy churches typically stand when they sing. Does this mean they are showing respect for their music?

  15. If I remember correctly (I probably don’t…it has been a long time) from the Preacher Boy’s class at HAC it was to keep you moving so that you will stay awake for the sermon.

  16. I haev Ron Comfort’s signature in my old school Bible- this really brought back some memories!!

  17. LOL @ this post! I had some friends who will go unnamed, who live tweeted a sermon in which he condemned twitter just this past fall/winter.

  18. I realize this is an older topic, but I noticed it in the “Random Post” link and had to comment. A few Sundays ago, Ron Comfort spoke at the small IFB church of which my fatheris the pastor here in the metro Atlanta area . Mom told me with excitement, “We’re having RON COMFORT in the service on Sunday.” I wasn’t sure why that was supposed to wow me. I thought about showing up, just to raise a little hell, but I figured it would’ve been pointless.

  19. I have a lot of respect for Ron Comfort, he led both of my parents to Christ. It was no shallow decision either- my dad was a drunk and has now been faithfully serving the Lord for over 40 years.

    1. Faron – I didn’t read the whole post, just saw you had commented and checked it out, so yea, I guess they are busting on Ron, well, I’m still delighted to know that your parents came to a saving knowledge through his ministry!

  20. Faron – I’m familiar with Ron Comfort, the guy that everyone busts on here is Ray Comfort, I’m not familiar him. Ron Comfort used to come to our area in the early 70’s and preach, he was pretty fundy and yet many folks were saved through his ministry, he’s now with Ambassador Baptist College, I don’t know much about that school either, but I don’t hear alot of people on here busting on it. Praise the Lord that your parents were saved through Ron’s ministry!

    1. Hey Greg. I’m an alumnus of ABC (or “Ron Comfort’s school) and I have to say that Ron Comfort’s dedication is to be admired. Unlike many of my schoolmates, however, I never could bring myself to revere him or understand why they basically worshipped him.

      Many of his sermons were just re-runs of his former sermons and he even re-published a book he had written decades before! Complete with a book signing! 🙂 Having completed a “degree” program at ABC I must say I was never impressed by Ron Comfort’s level of Bible study. Many of his propositions were Scripturally unsupported and he even preaches that if you do not come forward to receive “assurance of your salvation” that you will not know you are saved! Amazing…

  21. My favorite was when he would sing “I’m a Child of the King” and tell the story of the old black man named Mos (I’m assuming that was short for Moses). 🙄 [sarcasm]

  22. OHHHH so THIS is why all the ABC grads i know have un-friended me on FB. 😉 (I’m a calvinist lol)

    1. Lol. Yes MJ…”Calvinism” is only slightly less-evil than fornication at ABC 🙂 So evil in fact that we were assigned a book written by a known Calvinist for one of our classes!

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