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  1. Much as I would love to find out more about this man I’ve never heard of, I’m not sure I can do an hour-long YouTube video of an old guy with a nearly incomprehensible southern accent. Sorry. Guess I’ll be forever ignorant. 🙂

  2. From SOL:

    “R.G. Lee was born November 11, 1886, and died July 20, 1978. The midwife attending his birth held baby Lee in her black arms while dancing a jig around the room, saying, “Praise God! The Lord has sent a preacher to this house.”


  3. I realize this may be the wrong place to stick up for Mr. Lee, but I do believe “Payday Someday” is one terrific sermon. When I have taught on Naboth’s vineyard, using much of Payday Someday (with full credit to Mr. Lee), there appears to have been much fruit.

  4. It’s not the wrong place at all to stick up for him.

    He’s just someone that most fundies do happen to like.

  5. I’m not sure if he’s considered a “fundy,” but most of the folks I know who hold R.G. Lee in high regard feel the same way about Vance Havner. Mr. Havner was a great preacher, and several of his sermons are available on the internet.

  6. Accent? He barely has an accent, at least a Southern one. I’m from Delaware, and I can understand every word quite clearly, even with my hearing problem.

  7. Thank you, Will. His accent is noticeable (like I said–it’s an odd one that he shares with Bob Jones Sr.) but by no means “thick” or “incomprehensible.” If anyone wants to hear that, I’ll gladly record some of my cousins.

  8. Pay Day someday was one of my Dad’s favoritest sermons of all time. It nearly made me want to leave church forever.

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