7 thoughts on “Writing Memoirs After Leaving Fundamentalism”

  1. That’s funny–I’ve been seriously considering writing a memoir, though I think I’d focus more on growing a Fundy MK.

  2. It’s actually a book now. Only the first few tales are still on line, as far as I know. The book is entitled The Texas Baptist Crucible: Tales from the Temple by James Spurgeon. You can order it on Amazon here.

    1. Too bad the author couldn’t escape the Notoriously Bad Book Cover tradition of his fundy upbringing! 🙄 I’ve no doubt it’s a fascinating read though.

  3. What Darrell said you must read this. I read through the whole thing one night when it was still online before he had the book published.

    1. So did I, read it online a couple years ago, unless the book is even more detailed? Seems this online story was pretty long. It sure showed me a lot of the nonsense that goes on at these colleges fundys send their kids to. 😈

  4. Another good book to read is “Leaving the Fold, Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists” by Edward Babinski.

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