Slippery Slope Arguments

cliff-edgeThe Slippery Slope argument is a popular one among fundamentalists. It goes something like this…

If a woman wears culottes that are only to the knee instead of to the ankle then she will inevitably begin wearing pants. This will in turn lead to wearing shorts which will lead to mixed bathing which will lead to dancing in night clubs and then on to drug addiction. This will drive her straight into prostitution which will lead to to armed robbery, prison time, terrorism, mass suicide, and and finally becoming a Southern Baptist.

So keep those culottes to your ankles, or else!!

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    1. A more apt description of the Fundy version of culottes would be an old style “divided” or “split” skirt, as worn by the great Dale Evans, redesigned by the fashion designing duo of Victor Frankenstein and Edward Hyde.

  1. I thought that culottes that come to the knees were called walking shorts.

    A certain fundamentalist college in Florida is the only place I’ve ever seen them called that. Most other fundamentalists would never wear anything called ‘shorts’ — walking or otherwise.

  2. Never heard this “slippery slope” argument applied to cuolottes. LOL. I’ve only heard it applied to dating. Cuolottes were considered holy clothes where I went to school. It was guachos that were unholy because they didn’t have the flap in front to look like a skirt. LOL. I guess the slippery slope was true since I almost never wear dressses anymore. LOL. I’m rofl.

  3. Oh dear. My husband went to BJU, I did not, nor did I have a full understanding of all the rules. A few months before our wedding he took me to campus. I was wearing a tank top which exposed my shoulders. He marched me around campus while holding hands…He felt like a rebel, I mostly felt judged. I’m glad his heart is in the right place! This made me bust out laughing!

  4. I was so amazed to realize that the metaphor used over and over in the Bible is that of a narrow path, and we are warned not to go to the right OR to the left, thus implying that it’s not one scary cliff that we could fall off into sin. Rather there would be a tendancy for us to fall off the path in different ways – to rejection of God in one direction or to a Phariseeism on the other direction.

  5. But, then you wear culottes to the ankles and they’re accused of being wide pants.

    Only Godly culottes come below the knee, not to the shin, because that would be a capri pant, and not above the knee because that would be shorts.

    So, get out your rulers, girls. Oh, and don’t sit down.

    1. The HAC approved coulotte patterns have a front and rear flap. This may be seen on the Christian Womanhood website. For the fashion conscious, a drop waist version is available.

    1. I was taught that members of the opposite sex could not even be on the same “empty” hallway tother lest they succumb to tempation and get busy right then and there… you know just like in all the 70’s porn flicks. *boom-chicka-wow-wow*

  6. I heard this all the time. I still hear this all the time.

    My sister and I weren’t allowed to wear real pajamas w/pants until we were 22 and 20. The reason? “If you wear pants behind closed doors you’ll start wearing them outside in public.”

    We could never wear a real bathing suit even in our girls only swim sessions. The reason? “If you wear it in private you’ll wear it in public?” Umm… Right.


    This website is immensely therapeutic.

  7. Actions indicate but, do not dictate the slope you are on.
    External standards mask the slope you are on.
    Followers of external standards are actors following the dictates of a director.

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