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militarygetsavedThis week’s selection is a red, white, and blue bonanza of fundamentalist goodness (best viewed 1024 X 768).

The most amazing feature of this particular website is their list by state of fundamentalist churches. Not only do they list fundy church names and addresses but they also display helpful headings to differentiate exactly what level of fundy craziness you’re likely to find there.

For example, one might want to question the wisdom of even being in the same zipcode as the church with the listing that puts the pastor’s name at top and then proclaims KJB, HYLES, OWENS above the church name. (No, I am not making this up.)

If you’re a fundamentalist pastor or youth leader there are also job listings to get you placed in a hurry. But beware, the site sternly warns “If you require a certain salary, DON’T TAKE OR LOOK FOR A PASTORATE TILL YOU GET YOUR HEART RIGHT WITH GOD!” Education, however, is not required.


jesusissaviorFor sheer volume of eclectic content, it’s hard to beat this weeks Fundy Site of the Week run by David J. Stewart. The front page (43 clicks to get to the bottom!) alone contains dozens of topics ranging from 9/11 conspiracies to the claim that God hates Christmas. And just to round things out there are also claims of Satanic influences in the Vatican and then an entire page dedicated to…Hawaiian guitar? Pardon me for a moment while I stare off into space. With so many glaring colors and photos it’s hard to look for too long without feeling a little disoriented.

This site provides a classic example for the syndrome of Claiming to Be the Last True Fundamentalist. Even though David Stewart and David Cloud are obviously cut from the same cloth, they evidently have nothing good to say about each other

But never fear, the author makes it very clear that this is Not a Hate Site. Although where the love is remains unclear.


I can’t quite put my finger on what intrigues me so much about this week’s pick: – website of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, NC. Is it the cutting edge 1995 internet design — including a front page that requires no less than 62 clicks to read entirely and music that starts playing when the page loads? (Note: turn down your speakers). Is it the borderline idolatrous page dedicated to the pastor’s father? Perhaps the overwhelming number of fundamentalist folk heroes represented?

When you visit, be sure to check out page on “letters, thoughts and articles” on topics such as “sex, drugs, homosexuality, alcohol, smoking, immodesty, long hair-guys, short hair-girls, pants, mixed bathing, Judging, cursing, Science, etc.” (Wait a minute…Science?) I, for one, can’t wait to get started reading.

Fundamentalist Website of the Week (FWOTW):

fwotw1Sometimes, the internet actually changes the way we think about things or the way we see the world. Other times, it merely allows us to keep doing the same things we’ve always done on much larger scale.

With that in mind, Stuff Fundies Like will from time to time feature a fundamentalist website that demonstrates what happens when fundamentalism grows larger-than-life online.

Inevitably, the first site to receive this distinction is Way of Life, home of David Cloud, O Timothy Magazine, and the Fundamental Baptist Information Service. Reading this site is like watching the proverbial train wreck — or it would be if the trains were screaming at each other at the top of their lungs about neo-Evangelicals and mixed bathing.

If you’re looking for long treatises on everything from the link between “Campus Crusaders and Rome” to “Warnings about Calvinist Home-Schooling Materials” then this is definitely the place. No matter what it is that you like to eat, watch, read, play with or listen to you can likely find a reason to separate from it on this website.