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Fundamentalist Website of the Week (FWOTW): WayOfLife.org

fwotw1Sometimes, the internet actually changes the way we think about things or the way we see the world. Other times, it merely allows us to keep doing the same things we’ve always done on much larger scale.

With that in mind, Stuff Fundies Like will from time to time feature a fundamentalist website that demonstrates what happens when fundamentalism grows larger-than-life online.

Inevitably, the first site to receive this distinction is Way of Life, home of David Cloud, O Timothy Magazine, and the Fundamental Baptist Information Service. Reading this site is like watching the proverbial train wreck — or it would be if the trains were screaming at each other at the top of their lungs about neo-Evangelicals and mixed bathing.

If you’re looking for long treatises on everything from the link between “Campus Crusaders and Rome” to “Warnings about Calvinist Home-Schooling Materials” then this is definitely the place. No matter what it is that you like to eat, watch, read, play with or listen to you can likely find a reason to separate from it on this website.