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FWOTW: militarygetsaved.tripod.com

militarygetsavedThis week’s selection is a red, white, and blue bonanza of fundamentalist goodness (best viewed 1024 X 768).

The most amazing feature of this particular website is their list by state of fundamentalist churches. Not only do they list fundy church names and addresses but they also display helpful headings to differentiate exactly what level of fundy craziness you’re likely to find there.

For example, one might want to question the wisdom of even being in the same zipcode as the church with the listing that puts the pastor’s name at top and then proclaims KJB, HYLES, OWENS above the church name. (No, I am not making this up.)

If you’re a fundamentalist pastor or youth leader there are also job listings to get you placed in a hurry. But beware, the site sternly warns “If you require a certain salary, DON’T TAKE OR LOOK FOR A PASTORATE TILL YOU GET YOUR HEART RIGHT WITH GOD!” Education, however, is not required.