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A promo video for Hyles-Anderson that makes no mention of either Jack Hyles or fundamentalism.

In fact, they don’t reference Baptists, separation, the King James Bible or pretty much anything else that they usually harp on.

Looks like somebody is making an effort at serious rebranding. Although not serious enough to realize that showing college students playing board games as “entertainment” is probably not going to play well in general.

Yelling Down People In The Audience

So much for people who were hoping the “tone” would change at FBC Hammond now that John Wilkerson is their new pastor. Apparently he’s on board with this kind of perverse “preaching” continuing or else is powerless to actually stop it.

Update 1: I apologize for my hasty comment about John Wilkerson. I misunderstood the date he will start at the church and believed he had already taken his position there. Apparently he will not be starting his role until the 17th of February.

It will be interesting to see whether or not these types of incidents continue under John’s leadership. We will be watching.