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FWOTW: JesusIsSavior.com

jesusissaviorFor sheer volume of eclectic content, it’s hard to beat this weeks Fundy Site of the Week run by David J. Stewart. The front page (43 clicks to get to the bottom!) alone contains dozens of topics ranging from 9/11 conspiracies to the claim that God hates Christmas. And just to round things out there are also claims of Satanic influences in the Vatican and then an entire page dedicated to…Hawaiian guitar? Pardon me for a moment while I stare off into space. With so many glaring colors and photos it’s hard to look for too long without feeling a little disoriented.

This site provides a classic example for the syndrome of Claiming to Be the Last True Fundamentalist. Even though David Stewart and David Cloud are obviously cut from the same cloth, they evidently have nothing good to say about each other

But never fear, the author makes it very clear that this is Not a Hate Site. Although where the love is remains unclear.