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I can’t quite put my finger on what intrigues me so much about this week’s pick: AmazingGraceBaptistChurchKJV.com – website of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, NC. Is it the cutting edge 1995 internet design — including a front page that requires no less than 62 clicks to read entirely and music that starts playing when the page loads? (Note: turn down your speakers). Is it the borderline idolatrous page dedicated to the pastor’s father? Perhaps the overwhelming number of fundamentalist folk heroes represented?

When you visit, be sure to check out page on “letters, thoughts and articles” on topics such as “sex, drugs, homosexuality, alcohol, smoking, immodesty, long hair-guys, short hair-girls, pants, mixed bathing, Judging, cursing, Science, etc.” (Wait a minute…Science?) I, for one, can’t wait to get started reading.

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  1. Nice find. At first I was disappointed to see no tab for the Catholic Church–which is always a good place on a Fundy site to look for some bad history–but, nope, there it is: “The Great Whore.” And the assortment of sermons is bewildering–Bob Jones Sr., Jack Hyles, Bill Rice, William Booth, and… John Bunyan?

  2. Quote from the main page:

    “We have a doctrinal statement because we are not ashamed of what we believe, and we want the reader to know exactly what we believe. Unlike many websites they beat around the bush, and hide what they really are, liberals, modernist, and New Evangelicals.”

    Um, EVERY SINGLE church website I have looked at (dozens, covering a VERY wide variety of denominations) has had the church’s doctrinal statement / confessional stance very clearly marked and defined. (Even more ironic are those who mentioned their confessional stance, when you consider that confessions typically are FAR more lengthy and detailed than your average doctrinal statement, such as the one on today’s FWOTW.) Though come to think of it, I do remember a couple churches that did not mention doctrinal statements…and they were IFB KJVO churches. Hmm…

  3. Re: their “cutting edge 1995 internet design,” 14 years actually is amazingly modern in fundyland. 😉

  4. Had to comment on this: they actually list BJU and PCC on their heretics page! I also love how they listed John Stott (!) has a heretic for his (in my opinion, accurate) statements about fundies. Also ironic is the mention of WTS, the school founded in part by the very same Machen who was happened to be one of the original fundamentalists (original sense of the term, not the IFB variety) during the modernist controversy. Now I DO have some serious concerns about the theology and practices associated with some of those listed on that page, but Packer? Stott? C. S. Lewis? Sproul? Really?


  5. This site reminds me of political races…name calling, slander and saying whats wrong with the other guy, but having nothing of real substance to offer. Whoever makes the other guy look worse wins.
    The church name should be changed since this church has nothing to do with God’s amazing grace. He reminds me of the pharisee who praises God that he is not a sinner like the tax gatherer. (Luke 18:9-14). Come to think of it most IFBx’s try to deflect their own sin by making others look worse than themselves ….otherwise known as self righteousness.
    Too think I use to actually listen to this kinda of stuff and think it was biblical. Praise God I have been set free to a proper relationship with Him!

  6. I love it, they endorse sermons by Spurgeon, Edwards, Brainerd, and Bunyan and then say Calvin is a heretic. Hopefully their membership will listen to these guys and see the beauty of the Gospel.

  7. You may be talented and gifted with playing the piano, but your first duty and commission is to lead others to Christ. You will be required to go on visitation. You will be required to wear dresses or skirts at all services, practices, etc. You will be required to sign the church’s standard for your position. This position can be male or female.

    …They may be IFB, but they require their males to wear skirts or dresses to all services, practices, etc. Interesting.

  8. erm but what’s your opinion on the diff. btw david cloud IFBism and jack hyles IFBism?

  9. Click on the one that says, “Sermons for Women.” Some down-home accordion music starts playing, and bright, Barbie-doll pink page opens with scores of deep theological topics for women–such as “No Women Preachers!”, “Proper Dress for a Female,” and “Why HAC Graduates’ Wives Force Their Husbands Out of the Ministry.”

    Love it!

  10. The “Heretics to Avoid” section is also very entertaining. I especially like that the author ends his information on several particular heretics with the note, “Has long hair.”

  11. If nothing else, red text on blue background should be declared some sort of sin. My eyes hurt now.

    I am shocked, however, that as down-the-line fundy as this guy is, he apparently has no problem with Calvinism, even though staunch “Calvinism means you don’t evangelize and your church will wither away and die” thinking seems to be a prerequisite for crazy fundies these days. Not only could I find absolutely no mention of it on the entire site (except for it being cited by a few historical preachers in passing), he even reveres C.H. Spurgeon. Granted, a lot of IFBs who rail on Calvinism will steal a Spurgeon quote here and there when it suits them, either not knowing of or ignoring his theology. But this is nigh unheard-of.

  12. It looks like 3/4 of it a file-sharing site. Wonder if all the sermons/lectures/music are public domain.

  13. I don’t mean to be cruel or insensitive. I realize everyone deals with loss in a different way, but didn’t the page about their baby who has passed seem a bit out of place there?

    I could be off on this but it’s not something I’ve ever seen before on a church website.

  14. When you lump David Cloud with Phil Kidd and Jack Hyles you sre probably not paying

    attention to what they believe.. By the way Darrell I still think you need to do jesus is

    saviour.com. The guy who runs this sight is named David J. Stewart. He actually

    thinks that David Cloud is a false prophet and that he(DC) is not worthy to shine

    Hyles shoes and that Jack Hyles has done so much for America and that we owe him


  15. I still think you need to do jesus is saviour.com.

    I’m sure I’ll do it one of these weeks 😀

  16. Wow, I just listened to “Dr.” Jeff Owens on “A Lady’s Dress Code”. Apparently if you disagree with him you disagree with the WORD OF GOD.

    His disrespectful ranting and raving about women’s dress codes is simply amazing. I threw up a little in my mouth. Awful.

    I feel sorry for those women who are forced and pressured to dress a certain way and made to feel sinful and unclean if they don’t.

  17. So, Corrie Ten Boom is ok even though she was a lifelong friend to Billy Graham. I thought guilt by association was the greatest of all sins for it violated “Biblical separation”.

    On the same thought, women preachers are bad, but Corrie Ten Boom’s sermons are not an issue. Hmmm?

  18. Actually they don’t really have anything against anyone whom they find helpful – even if they are not “like-minded”.

    As long as the person is a cultural fundamentalist AND (I emphasize the word and) have a zeal for evangelism and missions, IFBx will endorse that fella.

  19. I think if they’re going to label someone a heretic, they need to at least say why. And I would agree with many of the people they list. But some of them they just say their name and don’t say what they believe or anything. At least Adrian Rogers wasn’t on the list–woohoo!

  20. Hmmm. I wonder if he realizes that Jonathan Edwards was not a Baptist? Or a few other things I could mention.

  21. Haha they listed Chuck Norris in the “Hollywood = Follywood” page, and they didn’t even have a description. I guess even fundies are afraid of Him.

  22. HAHA I love how they have sermons by Schaap but keep quoting David Cloud on who is a heretic and who isn’t, and he HATES Schaap and Hyles, so I’m not sure how that works! And I can’t believe the guy who did that ‘web design’ will actually let his name be shown. That is just about the most badly done site I’ve seen in years. My eyes are still hurting from perusing it for a few minutes.

  23. Wow, check out the book burning of 2010. They are burning Bibles that are not KJV!

  24. Sadly, as of 28 Jan 2015, this domain is available. I would have liked to explore more, but alas, I will have to make do with White As Snow Appliances’ site…

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