Top 10 SFL Posts of 2010

For no particular reason other than that I can, here are my picks for the posts that I personally enjoyed the most in 2010. Most of these are the products of readers suggestions and conversations with friends who read this blog. One was a a reader created video that still makes me laugh every time I watch it. My thanks to all of you who contribute your time and ideas to help keep this place going.

The posts are are in no particular order…

10. Car Codes of Conduct
9. Rapture Games
8. Naïveté
7. Cognitive Dissonance
6. Outcome-Based Justification
5. Strong’s Concordance
4. Awkward Visits With Non-Fundy Family
3. Separation
2. Oh It Is Wonderful to Be A Fundy
1. Soulwinning Dogma

Comment of the Year (for which there is no prize) goes to Jordan Poss who submitted a chart that is a thing of beauty and wonder such as I have rarely seen.

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    1. Yes, you’re the estranged cousin who drives everyone up the wall.
      JK you know we’re only envious because you still see the white piano. I have lost the sight since I am a mere lowly woman who held hands with an ESV reader.

  1. Now I have the “It’s Wonderful to be a Fundy” song stuck in my head, too. Thanks for that.

    To those of you who enjoyed the book lists everyone created, I have several book reviews on my blog. After you’re done here on SFL, hop on over and check out the reviews:

    1. At first glance it looks like a piano but it’s really a set of stairs (presumably going to the baptismal).

  2. What drew me here was the post about the Sword Of The Lord Conference, which was DEAD-ON, BTW. HF read it and he agrees.

    I’ve been hooked to this site and the rest of you howler monkeys since. 😉

    1. I found SFL by following a link from another site to the post that was a video about the KJV being “pure”. Since then I have wasted, I mean spent countless hours enjoying the posts and comments. 😆
      As I have posted before, SFL is more addicting than crystal meth. It just doesn’t rot your teeth as much.

      1. If there were a “Like” button available, I would like your comment, then unlike it so I could like it again. 😀

    2. My sister found this site. Read through the whole thing in a day. Then got me hooked. Thanks, sis.

    1. Using my old email address, Darrell, so my Gravatar would work.

      That was a pie that I made one time and had enough dough to make a heart and put it in the center after I finished the lattice. I was feeling very Betty Crocker that day.

      I got tired of being the default blue window. 😉

      1. Very nice work on the pie Natalie. Although I thought a pew butt cushion would be an appropriate gravatar for you 😉

        1. Well, my butt cushion for our beloved SFL Baptist Church of the Independent, Fundamental, and Overly Self-Important is red, white, and blue quilted plaid with little stars (for my patriotism, of course), and therefore is similar.

        2. Natalie, you have to wait to put Don on that list. Remember we are soul-winning tomorrow morning at Don’s house. 😆

        3. No no no, Natalie cannot go witness to a man who doesn’t have a dark skin color.

          (excuse while I go sandpaper my hands off for typing that)

        4. No, it’s cool. I’ll have Scorpio and a big group from our beloved Church with me, so its appropriate.

          Now, being a white girl, witnessing alone at a man of different color, would STILL raise eyebrows here in the South, but if I’m clearly witnessing (dress to my ankles, Bible in hand, etc.) and have a group with me, then its okay.

          (although I write that in satire, its partly, sadly true)

        5. eewwwwww!
          Why that, that, …that’d make me a Troll…. 😈
          **pssst, george, we’ve been found out. now we’ll have to fled…** 😯

    1. Brilliant Chart

      I believe this is deserving of an Honorary Doctorate in Chartology, bestowed by the Order of the facred 1611 Quill and Ink fociety.

  3. I have to agree with Scorpio that “Ordination” should have been in there. It has given us the “White Piano” and 2010 would not have been the same without it. That way we know who is spur-rit’l and who ain’t.

    #7 brought back some less than stellar memories. That was a rough time.

    1. I went back and read through all the comments with #7. Yes, that was a trying time for some of us. But we made it through.
      Reminds me a little of:

      “….from this day to the ending of the world… we in it shall be remembered. We lucky few, we band of brothers…..”

        1. And internet-readers abed at this hour will consider themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their laptops cheap, whilst any talks that did comment with us on this ordination day!

  4. Hey, I don’t know if it’s just me or anything, but FYI I’m getting “this is not a safe site” warnings from my Norton 360 for the first time. Here’s the page:
    “fake antivirus webpage request” ???

    And on the main topic, I mostly lurk around here, but I just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed finding this site and you very funny commenters. I could have had it so much worse! 😛

    1. I got it too. I emailed Darrell about it and he checked into it. Whew! I feared having to give up SFL for the New Year! Woulda ruined 2011!

  5. This site is like watching monkeys at the zoo picking their butt and eating what comes out of it. It is horrifying, funny, realistic and one of my favorite things to do when I lapse into wanting to stick my eyeballs with ice picks from all the fundy craziness I am detoxing from.
    Thanks! ( I think :mrgreen: )

    1. You know..sometimes I say stupid things..this would be one of those times. So I didn’t mean that Darrel’s posts or those who comment here are poopy..its just some of the crazy things we recovering fundys have been through is a bit of a train wreck…arrggg..oh never mind..probably making my stupid comment..stupider…I turn 40 tommorrow, I think its called dementia…now I am answering my own comment and blabbering…

      1. IAHB – I can’t speak for the rest, but this poopy monkey doesn’t think you said anything stupid at all. 😆

        Unlike what gets said at a prayer meeting, what you say here, stays here. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday.

        1. ooooh! This is like the Las Vegas of Blogs! What happens here stays here…well except for the fact that it doesn’t…evil technology!Just hope FBC of Hammond and my mom doesn’t find out I come here…

      2. @IAHB–I had the “stick my keyboard in my mouth syndrome” yesterday…it must be going around. 😉
        And your birthday is on the very first day of the year? Fun! 😀

      3. I didn’t mind this comment at all. In fact, I swiped it for something else! My bad, sorry. 😳

        1. That stuff was just NNAAAASTY, too.

          No, Big Red was the gum of choice for me for church gum. Although, I rarely can keep gum or Lifesavers in my purse. HF is always rootin’ in my purse and stealing them.

    2. I understand completely. sometime you have to look back to realize just how wacked the life we led was.

    3. Hap-pee Birf-day tew you, Hap-pee Birf-day tew you, Hap-peeeeee Birf-daaaaaay tooooooooo you-ooooooooo, Hap-pee Birf-day tew you! I’mthrusingingnowok? OK! O-Kay?! ok…. 😀

    1. Maybe he’ll come back for an encore…

      and Happy New Year forehead kisses! I love giving forehead kisses to fundies… it makes them melt.

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