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Top 10 SFL Posts of 2010

For no particular reason other than that I can, here are my picks for the posts that I personally enjoyed the most in 2010. Most of these are the products of readers suggestions and conversations with friends who read this blog. One was a a reader created video that still makes me laugh every time I watch it. My thanks to all of you who contribute your time and ideas to help keep this place going.

The posts are are in no particular order…

10. Car Codes of Conduct
9. Rapture Games
8. Naïveté
7. Cognitive Dissonance
6. Outcome-Based Justification
5. Strong’s Concordance
4. Awkward Visits With Non-Fundy Family
3. Separation
2. Oh It Is Wonderful to Be A Fundy
1. Soulwinning Dogma

Comment of the Year (for which there is no prize) goes to Jordan Poss who submitted a chart that is a thing of beauty and wonder such as I have rarely seen.