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I have to wonder who first came up with the “JerUSAlem” thing as a clever title for home missions. I really wish they hadn’t.

Be sure to check out the missions video presentation, blog, and collection of music recordings.

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  1. After singing & preaching in a service, directly after the service had ended. I was approached by a man as he asked me a question that I have never been asked before.

    The question that caught me so off guard was simply asked like this:


    Yeah, I hate it when that happens. Every single time.

  2. Being able to support them through the convenient Paypal button is a new one for me. Faith Promise has made it to the 21st century.

  3. I find it incredibly amusing that all the preachers he has on the side of his blog – Spurgeon, Edwards, Whitefield, & Bunyan – are all Calvinists. Wonder if he realizes this?

  4. Jocelyn you crack me up! I wish I had the conviction of faith that some of these idiots have. How nice it wouldbe to go through life knowing you are right about everything. The background music is a little up-tempo for and IFB’er dontchya think?

  5. “We are to come out from among the world and be separate from all neo-evangelicalism and ecumenicalism and to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them.”


  6. Woah…. hold on a second…. was that Larnelle Harris, Steve Green, Mark Lowry, and Michael English, etc. that I heard on his blog? I thought that the Gaither Homecoming was taboo, what with all those drums and percussion (and vocal showing-off) and all.

  7. I voted in the “how many chapters are in the KJV” poll, but it doesn’t tell me which answer is right? I hope i got it wrong…

  8. This site is too much fun! Love all of the comments , so far. I checked on the wedding video, what was with that hat!? Whoa. The music is way too much. Amen, Emily.

  9. I suspect that only someone who adores the USA would pay attention to this guy long enough to hear his presentation of the gospel. If he is so “SINNER LOVING, … SAVIOUR EXALTING, SOLD OUT, SEPARATED, SET APART, IN LOVE WITH JESUS”, why is he so focused on exhalting the USA?

  10. Also, why is “SOLD OUT” in there at all? It’s not like a concert where you charge admission and could, “sell out”. This guy’s meaning seems like the “sold-your-soul” kind of thing. Also, so much American patriotism it’s kind of scary. Darrell, you’re right, the “JerUSAlem” slogan is unfortunate…

  11. Wow, and I just noticed…they totally have a “death counter” on the site. Great way to think about things…all the people who are dying as we read their website…yay!!

  12. @Reformed
    This does seem to induce some cognitive dissonance. In fundy terms, one could say that it has some musical dissonance as well…

    It’s good to see that I’m not the only one with that sort of taste. Now, if only there were a Christian version of Nightwish…

    Because the USA was founded by fundamentalist Baptists, of course!

  13. Let me once more point out the irony and total ignorance of claiming to be old-fashioned and follow the “old paths,” while completely ignoring 2,000 years of church history. I’m sorry, but doing what was done in suburban 1950’s America is NOT following the “old paths.” If you want to see someone doing that, visit your local Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, or Orthodox church.

  14. I just shot him this email:

    Hello! I just got a brief second to look at your website, and I was wondering if you were Reformed, or a Calvinist? I saw the links to items by Spurgeon, Whitefield, Edwards, & Bunyan and thought you might be. Thanks for your time.

    I somehow think I know the answer…

  15. @ Emily: Was it really necessary for you, IMO, to (in a round about way) insult this man for his weight gain? Was that your intention? If so, is this really a kind thing to do?

  16. @Amanda- thanks for the shout-out to the Orthodox Church… I always get excited when I find out that people are aware that She exists.

  17. @charlene- that’s correct. there’s several different groups- Russian, Greek, Antiochian, Serbian, &c. They’re just different seasonings on the same dish.

  18. Well, I got my reply, and I have to admit I was impressed by his (humble) answer. Let’s remember this man is our brother in Christ, no?

  19. I’m so glad to learn that God started the local New Testament Baptist church with a Baptist heritage . . . who knew?

  20. @Reader Mo, I’m Presby (for now, though who knows where I’ll end up!), though with a very strong appreciation for other liturgical traditions. I’ve known a few Greek Orthodox in my day and I seem to remember being in an Orthodox church once for something. Where I grew up Orthodox churches, while not on every corner, were not very unusual, either.

  21. @Walter, what did you think John the *Baptist* was? 😉 Of course, we all know about the unbroken line of Baptist churches going all the way back to the first century, too.

  22. OK, now I’ve seen and heard enough. I live in SD. I’m so tired of these fundy church planters coming to my state to do what? To start an IFB church in Rapid City? Does this guy know how many fundy (KJV) churches there are already in Rapid? No, these guys come here (usually from the South), take some pictures of Mt. Rushmore and some bison and say it’s such a needy area. So they go to the biggest cities out here (less than a half-dozen with a population over 20,000 in SD) and steal fish from another church. What cracks me up, is that they need “support” to start a church. Why not look in the Rapid City Journal – plenty of jobs there! (We have the lowest unemployment up here in the Dakotas). No, it’s more like I’m too fat and lazy to work and I’ll get my money from the “Baptist Welfare Program” (ie. missions). There’s one guy in Watertown, SD that came up from TN to “start” a church up here. He took people from an already existing church and had a merger (www.harvestbaptistwtn.com). Do me and all my neighbors a favor. If you are coming to start a church, think twice about it. If you are fat, lazy, and only coming here to steal sheep – stay away! We have enough of those kind up here.

  23. @ Darrell – why is your BS monitor red-lining? Because of an apparently humble answer he gave to me (I baited the hook and he didn’t bite…)? Or because I said we should remember that he’s a brother in Christ too?

  24. Good news! This evangelist preacher is also a website designer! Gotta give him a call…

  25. @DJ Cimino: The sum total of what you have written and the way you have written it makes me wonder about your veracity. Call it a gut feeling.

  26. Have you not read Piper’s stuff on why he doesn’t attack/mock fundies? If you haven’t, than you should. Maybe I lean more towards that than highlighting and making fun of specific fundies (such as the man in this website). And yes, I know you didn’t “make fun of him directly”. It’s the whole idea of highlighting a particular individual for the fun of everyone else…

    I enjoy some of the stuff you have on here. The uber devotions post was hilarious. But the first time I ever came on your blog I expressed my concerns. I’ll continue to read and enjoy some of the stuff you put out. Most of it’s good, and funny to boot. I despise kjonlyism with a passion. I hate legalism and the bondage that I experienced for most of my life. But, for the most part, fundies are our brother’s and sisters in Christ and we best not forget that.

  27. And BTW, since my “veracity” (read: character) has been questioned, I have included a link to my blog – not to “pimp” it, but to show I’m not some sort of undercover fundie, and hopefully relieve your concerns on whatever you think I was being untrue about… methinks your gut-feeling was off some.

  28. @Amanda:

    You’re right, Amanda; how could I have forgotten John the Baptist? And he was independent, unaffiliated, unregistered, sold out, separated, and set apart. I’ve got a feeling he might have had a KJV in a pocket of those animal skins too.

  29. Honestly, can somebody explain the “sold out” thing to me? I don’t remember hearing that phrase growing up IFB, but maybe I just forgot? Does it mean something other than actually “selling out”? Why do you think he included it in his list?

  30. I heard this a lot growing up. It means he is 100% “for” God. When something at your local store is sold out, its completely gone. Therefore, he is “sold out” in regards to the world, flesh, etc. and is 100% sold out “to” God. Unfortunately, Romans 7 paints a different picture…

  31. @ DJ Cimino:
    I would be interested in reading (at least an excerpt) from our brother’s reply, if you don’t mind posting it.

  32. Does anyone else have a pronounced southern twang in their mind while reading this site? Keep in mind, I am in the Northeast.
    @DJ Cimino:

    I am tired of hearing “fundies are our brother’s and sisters in Christ and we best not forget that.” — First this is a blanket statement that is untrue — not all fundies are Christians, just like not all Lutherans, Catholics, etc. etc.. Second if you haven’t noticed these people are dangerous and hurt many, many families and people with their cultish organizations.
    Have you ever personally been hurt, shunned, etc. by them?
    Why are you on here attempting to “right” wrongs, when this site is simply making fun of absurdity with absurdity? Lies and deception thrive in an environment of ignorance and denial, humor = a great method of exposing the truth.
    Gluttony is a sin by the way, Emily is simply pointing out how self-righteous he is while obviously living in sin by being an obese man.

  33. @ Matt – correction: I said “he was our brother in Christ” and by all accounts he appears to be. I also said “But, for the most part, fundies are our brother’s and sisters in Christ and we best not forget that.”

    And yes, I have been hurt by them. But, are we not called to forgive? Are we more deserving of God’s grace than them? I’m all for making fun of the culture of fundamentalism. But I think you will be hard pressed to justify making fun of individuals…

    Bob – I don’t really want to post his email to on here. He was kind and didn’t attack in anyway.

  34. “We believe in all sound doctrine that should be clear to any born again bible believer”

    From the statement of faith section of the site. Eessentially if you are a believer you WILL believe everything we do.
    Man I just didn’t realize how simple life really is until I met the Fundies, all this time I thought it was about JESUS.

  35. oops – I just read the name “reformed fundy” and thought it was Bob Hayton. Sorry if that’s not you Bob.

    Oh, and Matt, I also forgot to highlight that I said “for the most part” in my quote. That sorta diminishes your argument.

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