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Deja Vu (All Over Again)

U-Haul Co. Discusses Debt Restructuring

Just 18 months ago my family and I moved to sunny Florida and now it’s time to pack up the truck and move again and take another exhausting and expensive trip towards a new job.

We’re headed north to upstate New York this time and since moving is such a delight, posts on the blog are likely to be a bit sparse.

Thanks for all your support and well wishes during this time. We’re off to the next chapter…

A Personal Note


A lot has happened in the last week for my family. A terrible leak, an uncaring rental company and a financial crunch have conspired to displace us from our home and throw our lives into chaos.

My family will likely have to seek refuge with relatives several states away while I become a bit of a vagabond whilst we wait for our housing situation to clear up. Not to worry, SFL will continue unabated for as long as I can steal WiFi from somewhere.

We could all use your prayers, good thoughts, and zen hugs right now. Also, if you know any old Irish curses for property managers who believe that painting a wet ceiling will fix mold, please feel free to share them.

Slow Weeks

There’s a whole lot of life happening around my house and job this week so posting is bound to be a bit sparse. I’ll beg your forgiveness for being a very bad blogger this week.

If you have something that you’ve been dying to see featured on SFL (or something you sent me in the past and I promptly forgot about) do send it along and if I get spare second I’ll share it.