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    1. Yes, and thank you for asking. You can donate to my paypal account. I was told you just need the email account that I have linked to the account: jeriwho@pipeline.com Thank you for your concern! This is a difficult time. I went in to get acupuncture and came out needing major surgery! Sadly, the surgery cannot happen until the end of January, and I was just laid off from my job. So I will likely be out of work for six weeks before I can get the operation, and then for 4-8 weeks afterward. If I am suitable for laparascopy, the recovery will be shorter, maybe a week or two. But I won’t know that unti about January 6.

      Happy to say that, while cancer is still a possibility, it is now considered unlikely.

  1. I’ll be happy to make a donation, but I don’t do Facebook, Pay Pal, or the like. (After all, they aren’t in the KJV.)

    Do you have a post office address?

  2. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I have posted a more complete discussion of events in this matter here: http://jeriwho.net/lillypad2/?p=15402

    And my financial situation is needy, but there is also a side of this that money cannot fix, and that is the problem of not being able to get in for surgery until late January. I am having a lot of trouble with pain and discomfort, I do appreciate your prayers. Today (12/22) I am going to call to see if a doctor can just evaluate my symptoms to see if there is anything they can do to alleviate them until surgery. Please do pray for the Lord to grant me some relief.

  3. Jeri, you have my prayers. I understand about the job situation. And thank you for letting us know what has been happening to you, although I am pretty sure sharing such details has not been easy.

    Get well. We need you.

  4. Terribly sorry to hear about this.

    Just prayed for you.

    The small part of me that is still a slave to extremists like Bob Gray, Sr, can hear him gloating. Get well, and beat up on him again!

    1. I’ve received a small share of “God is punishing you” emails, but that was inevitable, The real problem with trouncing Bob Gray is that he’s blocked me in every possible way so that I cannot confront him over his posts. I can no longer point out his foolishness very effectively, so we will just have to let him make a fool of himself.

      1. PS: Thank you for your prayers. As I continue to taper off prednisone, I am having more pain and recurring symptoms. But the good news is that the Lord provided to get my doctor’s eval moved closer: December 30. Much better than January 6.

      2. I think it was a that horrible atheist Vladimer Lenin who said “Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself”

  5. From someone who generally dislikes Christian fiction, your books are amazing-especially Derwood, Inc. Thank you for them, and God’s blessing and healing be on you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kirstie! To be honest, the editors at BJU Press took so much out of DERWOOD that I’ve always been a little disappointed in it, but I am thankful when I get such positive comments. I guess some of what I intended managed to get through the editorial committee.

      Meanwhile, I am posting health updates on my blog, and you can view them here:


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