Deja Vu (All Over Again)

U-Haul Co. Discusses Debt Restructuring

Just 18 months ago my family and I moved to sunny Florida and now it’s time to pack up the truck and move again and take another exhausting and expensive trip towards a new job.

We’re headed north to upstate New York this time and since moving is such a delight, posts on the blog are likely to be a bit sparse.

Thanks for all your support and well wishes during this time. We’re off to the next chapter…

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        1. Pensacola will always be with you. Oh, and also the force will be with you. Be well and enjoy your next waypoint on your journey.

    1. Northerner, I hope. The difference? A Northerner is someone who is from or lives in the North. A Yankee is someone who comes South and lectures us on how much better things were wherever s/he was, and how we’re so backward. Makes one wonder why they just don’t stay put.

  1. Be safe Darrell. This time last year I was also moving to a safe place. God bless, bro.

  2. Upper New York State? The first thing to do is to buy yourself a snow shovel.

    My wife and I will soon be moving from Alabama to Maryland. and I’ll have to buy one also.

    1. Maryland is wonderful. Baltimore is a great city. What part of the state?

      1. Frederick MD. Second largest city after Baltimore (which is only 40 miles away) but still has a small-town feel.

        Our kids, grandkids and many friends live in the DC suburbs or in the Frederick area.

        1. Love that area, but I don’t think I could afford to retire there. Spent a fair amount of time in Emmitsburg over the years in the Emergency Mgmt Institute.

  3. Be safe, and I’ll pray for a low-stress transition. I wish I had contacts in that part of the country to call on to help you unload.

    1. It ain’t really upstate unless you’re in Saratoga County or points north. You know, the part of NY that is all dirt roads.

      1. “The part of NY that is all dirt roads” Lol! That sounds funny 🙂 I’d like to see it someday

        1. The Adirondacks are gorgeous! I have a soft spot for the Catskills, too.

        2. Seriously. In a place that taxes its peasants to death, you’d think there would be more asphalt.

        3. Hah! When we lived in Vermont (three years, mid to late ’80s), we were told that all the dirt roads were designed to discourage the “flatlanders” from moving there.

          It didn’t really stop the New Yorkers and New Jerseyites from buying second homes there and thereby driving real estate prices so sky-high that Vermonters could no longer afford Vermont, but anyway…

        4. Semp is exaggerating a bit. There are indeed paved roads up there, and indoor plumbing and electricity.

          And snow. Lots of snow.

        5. In Vermont — at least when we lived there — 3/4 of the roads were dirt, supposedly. We lived on one of them, half-way up Robert Frost Mountain, in the tiny town of Ripton, just outside of Middlebury.

          But yeah, when you crossed over into New York State, there were definitely more paved roads and stuff.

        6. Someone is complaining about high taxes??? You’re on the wrong blog! This is a blog of leftists who love Socialism and detest free-market capitalism and economic freedom.

          I can’t see how you people people think you have a right to make fun of the lack of academics at “Bible Kawledge” when Detroit is the epitome of your beliefs. Detroit, which is supposed to be the unions’/Democrats’/Socialists’ Utopian model city is the most backwards, backwoods, dangerous, impoverished, corrupt, and failing city of any civilized country in the glob.

        7. Speaking of failing cities, Stacy’s comments would leave a naive person that is “globly” uninformed to believe that Detroit is worse than all of the cities in Iraq that are being over run, Juarez run by the drug cartels, Pyong Yang, etc. There’s a good 1,000 that make Detroit look like heaven, and this is the kind of uninformed comments we get from Stacy.

        8. PS, if you wanna hide behind the “civilized country” part of your uninformed comment, the reason other countries cities don’t collapse is because they have regulations & support infrastructure that you despise to keep their cities from collapsing.

        9. Sometimes the ignorance on this blog is stunning, even for me. How can a person even try to have a sane conversation when the other parties are either as uneducated as a box of rocks, or as naive as an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand? Detroit is the epitome of Socialist policies in America and is also the most corrupt, most behind (in virtually everything), and the most backwards city in the country. I really don’t think you people are as gullible and uneducated as you pretend to be. You just don’t want to face the truth and hard core realities that your beliefs are a failure, so you pretend that all is well, ignore the truth, and come with all sorts of excuses. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

        10. Stacy, Stacy. It wasn’t socialism that did Detroit in. It was unfettered and unregulated capitalism. It was the exporting of American jobs to overseas workers who would work for a tenth of the wages of an American and who would be slaves to the corporation. The jobs went to countries with no worker protections, no environmental protections, and had officials they could bribe into making sure they always got their way.

          And of course, Michigan put Detroit under an emergency manager who, having dictatorial power, squandered its assets and didn’t fix any problems. It is a dictatorship, because the state has invalidated all powers of their elected officials.

          No, my dear. I fear you are the ignorant one. But we already knew that, now didn’t we? A voice full of sound and fury, signifying …

        11. Ain’t that the truth, Rob M.
          I’ll take Detroit over Mogadishu, that paradise of unregulated laissez-faire, even now.

        12. RTG,

          That giant sucking sound is the vacuum of jobs being sucked away to foreign countries. That’s about the only thing you are remotely correct on. It had everything to do with NAFTA and granting China most-favored-nation status, which was a bipartisan move by both Democrats and Republicans. The failure of the city is due to that and crony capitalism, not true, free-market capitalism. But aside from this huge factor, the Socialist policies of the state and city only piled on and helped to even hurt more and greater any harm that NAFTA did.

        13. Being sucked to socialized, or communist countries like Mexico, China, etc. There seems to be a disconnect with you talking about all these other countries that you think are free market bastions of freedom and they aren’t. Please name the country that has a freer market than ours and is sucking jobs away from us.

          Japan – socialism
          Mexico – socialism
          Taiwan – socialism
          All of Europe – socialism
          Vietnam – communism
          China – communism

          I’ll be waiting.

        14. PS. The 80s called, they want their “most favored nation status” references back. Can you at least try to use the current/actual legal status’s and not 1970’s and 1980’s era talking points?

      1. NOT implying that Darrell is “busted”; just loved the irony of “heading up North” for a job these days. (We left the Northeast for the Southeast because good jobs were scarce up there and more plentiful down here. And we couldn’t afford a house up there!)

  4. May God (not the Fundy gid) be with you in all your endeavors and may St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, keep your journey safe. 🙂 :thumbs up: (we do need that one)
    Personally you’re lucky getting out of the Florida heat when you can. Just remember where you stored your sweaters. 😎

  5. Well, if there were ever a good time to leave Florida for Upstate New York, this time of year would be it.

    It’s unlikely, but there are Cracker Barrells in Garner NC (just south of Raleigh I-40 , Exit# 312) and in Morrisville NC (just by Raleigh I-40 , Exit# 284). If you are coming up I-40, I would be very happy to meet you at either one and treat you and your family to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as you like. I’ll email you my phone number.

  6. Since no one claimed “first” I guess I will have to.


    Also, ditch those Florida tags as soon as possible. Otherwise people will think you’re a snowbird. No one likes a snowbird.

      1. I was just watching Cole Hamels work out of a bases loaded no out jam. Big relief to get the IEGIDP4-6-3. 🙂

        1. Actually, the few times that I do go to church these days I’m sitting on a padded folding chair or a padded pew, so there.

  7. If you’re driving up I-95, wave as you pass Savannah.
    We’ve got a Cracker Barrel too, right near one of the exits.

  8. Good luck, and happy traveling! And bundle up this winter. Remember, dress in layers. And enjoy the snow.

  9. Things you need to know about New York–
    ~just about every area of upstate is affected by lake effect snow.
    ~we get 4 seasons–but they are not equally distributed.
    ~everything is considered upstate New York except for New York City.
    ~If you are moving to Rochester or west towards Buffalo, they hate being lumped into upstate. They call themselves Western New York and consider Albany and north upstate.
    ~Western New Yorkers root for the Sabres and the Bills. East of Rochester to Albany it is somewhat a toss up, but gradually gives over to New York Rangers and Giants.

    1. Oh, and a good portion of NY is forgiving of any of your sports team loyalties except for:
      ~any team from Texas
      ~Miami Dolphins
      ~any team from New England region (although the Bruins are given a pass)
      ~and Western New York usually are not very forgiving of Philadelphia Flyers.

  10. Blessings to you and to your family, Darrell. Safe travels, a smooth and easy transition to a new job and a new home.

  11. Upstate New York is gorgeous; I have very fond memories of time spend there. It will be cooler… It’s a pity that NYC rules so much of the state.

    Anyway, hope your trip goes well!

  12. Very best wishes and safe travels!! Enjoy the White Christmases. And oh year…the White Easters, too. 😀

    1. You’re pretty much guaranteed it won’t be a white Independence Day but you never know.

      1. When we lived in Vermont, I worked at a direct-response ad agency in Middlebury. The creative director, my boss, was kind of a Mountain Man. He had previously lived waaaaaay up in the Adirondacks. He told us that, one July 4th during his Adirondack sojourn, they had a wet, heavy snow. A White Independence Day! With a snowy cookout! But that was VERY rare even there.

  13. Have a safe trip and a comfortable settling in. Wave as you drive through Maryland–we’ll be somewhere out the driver’s side window.

  14. Careful driving that truck. Task #1=find the nearest IFB church so you can garner fresh material.

  15. Best Wishes for your new location! I hope you have a smooth transition and do well in your new job!

  16. Dear Darrell:

    Here’s trusting that things go better for you in your new situation. May you find the work you need and the respect you deserve. I realize that some would read this as a curse, but I intend it sincerely and as a blessing.

    In Christ,

    Christian Socialist

  17. Darrell: We all really know why your leaving Florida. After all this time, you are finally “escaping” from your Fundy church and you have to move all the way to New York so that they are far enough out of range from Florida to make counseling visits. Either that, or you’re getting tired of Peter Ruckman street preaching outside your house. Good luck on your move and may God bless and protect your family!!!!

    Peter Ruckman

  18. Sounds like you will be moving closer to family 🙂

    Wishing you a safe trip!

  19. Safe journeys, Darrell. Thank you for this space and your hard work. May you find your circumstances significantly bettered.

  20. There’s a great ifb church in upstate Vt close to the ny border 😉 It doesn’t take the ifb tag to fool its members into thinking it is something else (“Bible Church”). The pastor there will surely help you remember the great fundy south.

    1. Rochester NY had the IFB church that was giving away the gun. And Buffalo/West Seneca had the IFB church that gave out paddles like pens with the churches name on it for visitor gifts. As much as Northerners like to make the IFB a southern problem, there are plenty to choose from up here in the northeast.

    2. Are you talking about the church in the Burlington area that had a kerfluffle in the xian school a few years ago?

      1. No not that one. I am speaking of the one in alburgh. The pastor is a modern Diotrephes.
        Yes there are plenty ifb places to choose from up here.

  21. Darrell,

    I sincerely wish you the best. I truly enjoy your website and hope your new job will allow you to continue maintaining it.
    I have been to several locations in New York over the years, and enjoyed my time there. Most people think of New York City, when you mention New York, but much of the rest of the state is beautiful. I think you will even discover some genuine rednecks in parts of New York! Have fun!! And, please, introduce us to New York’s brand of fundy-craziness as soon as you have a chance.
    I hope you have a safe trip and settle in smoothly.

  22. Darrell or anyone so inclined, I think it would be interesting to post a survey so we can see just how people self identify as far as adherence to what is commonly accepted as fundamentals of the faith, political leanings, preferred denomination, gender, home nation, state, bible version, etc. I get the feeling the group is a lot more traditional than Poe/troll stacymcanderson insists.

    1. Eh, where’s the fun in that kind of data?
      I want to know what kind of science fiction people like, how they feel about funny hats, where to get the best bacon, and whose pets have interesting names.

      1. I read YA science fiction, especially dystopian novels. I like hats generally though not baseball caps. I have to be in the right mood in the right place with the right people to wear a funny hat.

        I’m not a bacon connoisseur. I have a pet with the same name as a serial killer on TV.

      2. I’m a big fan of floppy hats. I am more than happy to wear any kind of funny hat, however I need them much larger than normal, especially when I haven’t had a haircut in 3-4 months, and my large noggin is an additional size larger thanks to bush head.

    2. Joshua, I hold to the fundamentals of the faith, am conservative, am “non-denominational” now but probably still lean Baptist, am female from the USA, attended IFB churches from infancy to just a few years ago, attended BJU, read many versions of the Bible but especially love the NLT, and equally appreciate hymns and CCM.

  23. stacy mc anderson seems to think that we’re all a bunch of left wing, rabid, socialists. Says it like it’s a bad thing. Jeez.

    I am a FORMER conservative but this does not mean I am for the establishment of communes lol. I left conservatism really about the same time I left fundamentalism, for a lot of the same reasons. I consider myself a proud progressive in the traditions of Paul Wellstone, Kurt Vonnegut, and Howard Zinn. I probably align best with the green party.

    I am an ally of my LGBT friends and people everywhere.

    I believe in hard work and getting up in the morning.
    I believe in having a beer or two at five o’clock and unwinding.
    I believe running might make us all sane.
    I believe that if more people in the world thought about love, we’d have a lot less killing.
    I believe in unions, public education, and the common good.
    I believe it’s our right to own weapons, given reasonable restrictions.
    I’ve never tried pot, but believe the world would be a better place if we all lightened up and dropped this ridiculous drug war that unfairly singles out poor and young people for incarceration.
    I believe I would have been a good republican in the 1950s. The party left me with all sorts of neocon crazy beginning in the late 80s/early 90s….
    Have a great day.

      1. A joke. The word “Adirondack” is supposedly derived from a Mohican word that translates as “bark eaters.” It was a slur on the tribes who lived in the mountains and supposedly ate pine bark during the late winter months.

  24. Best wishes for a safe journey for you and your family and also for good success in your new job!

  25. Safe journey! If you’re comfortable, you can PM me your new location. If you’re close enough, I have lots of helpers who’d be willing to unload or occupy your kidlets while you unload.

  26. Good luck! As a native Upstater, let me know if you have questions or need anything. I’m in Syracuse right now, not sure exactly where you’re headed.

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