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    1. Dear Robert!

      I’ll drink to that! If you’re ever in NE Ohio, rattle my cage. I’ll introduce to the Brew Kettle, a local pub rated 3rd best in North America.

      Christian Socialist

      1. Sounds good! I’m in MD at the moment with eyes on PA so I’m not too far away. Sadly I had to delay my drink last night, but I’m looking forward to it!

  1. Tonight I’m going to see the band “Wild Cub” at DC9 in Washington DC with some unsaved friends. I will request the band play at least one of their songs backwards. I going to sit at the bar and have a few beers and maybe a shot of Fireball.

    Happy Birthday, Darrell!

  2. Happy Birthday Former Fundy and Friend
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday may the day begin and end,
    with well wishes and kisses, but ONLY from the missus! 🙂

    As you begin, another year, may it be filled with good cheer,
    We know you have much to say, please DO keep bringing it our way,
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Darrell, you are a dear!

  3. As one of my friends mom’s likes to say: Happy Born Day (you were born this day many years ago, it was your mother that gave birth, and it’s her “birthday”). I always found that amusing.

  4. Happy birthday, Darrell! Be sure to follow all your own advice. Have an excellent day! I salute you with a glass of sparkling cider–a beverage of choice, not compulsion.

  5. Happy Birthday, Dar-El! I’m going to swear a blue streak today in your honor. Of course, I’ll probably have to visit Urban Dictionary to learn some better vocabulary, first. :mrgreen:

  6. Happy birthday! Hope it is a blessed day for you.

    Although I have left a controlling church, I have not left God and will not (by His grace) take His name in vain or use language that would dishonor Him.

    No do I want to do any other activity that would be dishonoring to Him.

    1. GR, Darrell isn’t encouraging anyone to dishonor God or do anything against their conscience. He’s saying to celebrate this day, feel free to do something disallowed in Fundistan. Like seeing a movie in the theater or listening to Southern Gospel. Or refusing to wear a tie.

      I dare say the rest of us won’t be doing anything we believe would dishonor God, either. 🙂

      1. One of the posts above talked about cursing a blue streak; it may have been sarcasm, but it’s hard to tell sometimes.

        I understand what Darrell is saying; however, in the past, there have been posters who revel in their “freedom” to the extent that they dishonor God Himself – they discuss their adultery, fornication, and drunkenness as if they are “free” to do these things.

        I’m all for breaking the “silly” man-made rules (such as no open-toed sandals, no red shirts. There are certainly still “gray” areas in matter of dress, but God demands modesty of men & women in His word. Too often fundamental churches err in telling every member what the pastor thinks modesty is, not leaving up to the Holy Spirit to convict them. I know that there are different views about drinking – but the Bible still condemns drunkenness.

        1. GR, I was the one who said I’d curse a blue streak. I was joking, and I didn’t. Well, I did mutter “sh!t” under my breath when I discovered the youngest two kids had taken & lost the charging cable to my cell phone, but that’s hardly a blue streak, nor do I believe it dishonored God.

          Also, I toasted Darrell with an (over)abundance of iced coffees (extra half & half in your honor, D) & one (1) bottle of ale.

  7. Happy birthday, Darrell!

    Hope you have a peaceful / raucous / joyful / drunken / exciting (circle your preference) day doing something (water-skiing / mountain-climbing / Netflix bingeing / grilling / reading) you enjoy! We will try to behave ourselves if you need the day off, I promise 😀

  8. Is it really possible to every be truly “fundy-free?” I have been out of it for 7 years and still find myself thinking just like a fundy at the drop of a hat. When I read the story about a priest appearing to pray with a trapped auto accident victim and then disappear . . . the reporters said it must have been a guardian angel . . . my very first thought was. “No angel would appear as a priest.” 🙄 Just can’t seem to break out of the box they put me in. It is all set up that even when you leave you are still trapped. Do I have to drink a beer or smoke a hand wrapped Havana to break the chains of bondage? :mrgreen:

  9. Happy birthday, Darrell!

    Obviously, the only thing to do today is find the nearest Gigantic Flat Screen Altar to the Wuh-ruld, grab a frosty mug of Schraderbrau, a bucket of Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken, and completely gorge yourself on some Breaking Bad.

    Or, you could don some flip-flops, grab a Dan Brown thriller and go find someplace sandy near water…

    Or, you could take your wife out buy her some kick-ass jeans…

    Or, you could read something out of The Message and git a Real Blessing from it.

    Or, you could have a Reverse-Teen Group Come-to-Jesus Event and burn every Southern Gospel eight-track/cassette tape/cd you can get your hands on. (Personally,I think this would do the most good for The World At Large.)

    Or, you could have a genuine conversation with someone with whom you disagree, involving both listening and talking. Weird,I know, but it can be informative and fun.

    However you spend your day, I hope when it’s done, you can smile and gratefully say, “Today, I really lived.”

    1. I hadn’t noticed it before, but if you’re thinking what I’m thinking it definitely could be some kind of beach attire monitor reporting back to the fundy home base what we’ve all been wearing today! 🙂

  10. Dear Darrell:

    Have a great one! Remember that God’s Son became one of us — flesh and blood! We are free to be real and to affirm all that we are. Do it!


    Christian Socialist

    1. Yup. Martinez can sing the high notes like no other fundy singer. I’d recommend Jack Trieber’s church just so you can hear Martinez bring the house down.

    2. Martinez singing “I Stand Redeemed” is his signature song. He hits the high notes like no other. He turned down a music scholarship to Harvard to attend Golden State Baptist (Jack Trieber’s School) so he can “Use His Talents For God”.

      Martinez released his first record on Trieber Records and its already climbing the Southern Gospel Chart and crossed over into to the CCM charts. He may even crossover into the Billpoard Pop Top 100.

      Martinez first record titles “I Stand Redeemed”. Tracks include:

      Side A
      1. I Stand Redeemed
      2. I’ve Been Rescued
      3. The King and the Beggar (featuring Jack Trieber)
      4. Five Rows Back
      5. The King is Coming

      Side B

      1. Thanks to Calvary
      2. Judgement
      3. Oh What A Savior
      4. The Courtroom
      5. Love Will Find A Way (featuring Amy Grant)

      Martinez is currently on tour to support the record and will be appearing at a Fundy Church near you and yes in September he’s coming to Jim Vineyards’ Windsor Hills Baptist.

  11. Daring to focus clear-eyed
    Attention on the
    Rules that ran our lives.
    Resolutely willing to say, “The
    Emperor has no clothes!”
    Looking for true Christianity,
    Love and Grace, not Law and Legalism.

  12. Went downtown in ratty sweats
    To get my little daughter a flip like Kit.*

    Checked out a book for a homeschool lesson
    All about mammoths and the world they lived in.**

    Bought two Pepsis with my paycheck money,
    Drank one for that poor Maxwell lady.***

    Watched a mystery with killin’ and cussin’
    And that dev’lish handsome Inspector Alleyn.****

    I’ll have sins to confess at morning prayer,
    But not a one is listed here!

    *Kit Kittredge, plucky girl reporter and survivor of the Great Depression.

    **Containing actual factual science!

    ***If you don’t know what that’s about, Google Teri Maxwell Pepsi–but be prepared for your face to stick like this: 😯

    ****Courtesy of the godless BBC.

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