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      1. Excellent! My screen name is an homage to the denomination (well…country club) in which I was raised – Free Will Baptist – alongside my newfound place in the Catholic Church.

  1. Didn’t give the guy a gospel tract? Not sure what the point of this tweet was – he’s lived a very Shelton.. I mean sheltered life if this is the first time he’s seen someone rummage through a dumpster.

    1. I’m pretty sure one of the Pharisees tweeted a picture of the Samaritan at the side of the road before hurrying along on his way. Isn’t that how the parable goes?

  2. This is the first time he has ever come across this?

    He seems to act all surprised. You mean others don’t get showered in love offerings too?

    Oh, the separated and posh life of a traveling Fundy pastor.

    Luke 10:31-32
    31 And by chance there came down a certain priest that way: and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side.

    32 And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side.

      1. Fine – preeeeeeecching guest speaker then. That and running a ridiculous rag that unscrupulously edits historical sermons so the original author appears to agree with the Sword of the Lord’s doctrines.

    1. Tweet: Saw a guy on the side of the road begging today. Pathetic. Covered in blood & clearly bad news. #leatherseats #tellittosomeoneelsepal

      1. I saw a guy rummaging through an offering plate recently .. He wasn’t IN the offering plate but he had HIS HANDS IN IT looking 4 things he could spend or pocket!

  3. Two doctorates, neither from a regionally accredited institution, and my goodness in this tweet the lack of education shows.

  4. The all-star lineup of fundy “greats” like Hamblin, Fugate, Cooper, and Gray that favorited this tweet is especially sweet. It’s like a bunch of d-bag rich jocks in the locker room bullying the poor kid that has holes in his shoes.

    1. They say they do, but given their social stances, their actions betray their words. Now, we do not have a capitalist economy. Tariffs, quotas, price floors, price ceilings, central banking, taxes: these are all facets of mercantilism at least up to economic fascism. Not socialism to be sure, but not capitalism either.

  5. Yup. Pass by on the other side. Snippets from what I have heard from preachers and screechers and devout church members–and, to my shame, sometimes me.

    “Are the car doors locked?”
    “He may have been dangerous!”
    “What if he tried to rob me?”
    “I had a pressing engagement and didn’t want to be late.”
    “Poor guy, he needs Jesus!”
    “Silver and gold have I none.”
    “I can’t fix his problems, but God can.”
    “The Government should get out of the welfare business!”
    “People don’t have jobs because they are lazy.”
    “If I give him money he will spend it on drugs or booze.”
    “He probably gets a lot of sympathy money from others so he doesn’t need mine.”
    “Sorry for your troubles. Hope you have a good day!”

    Anyone have more to add to the list?

    1. How about these: Other people send these homeless folks out to collect money, perhsps dropping them off in vans. Or maybe, someone tried to take one of those guys up on the offer stated on his sign, “Will Work For Food,” but instead of accepting the work, the guy cursed him. All those people in the street are lazy and don’t want to work.

      Of course there are genuine issues of mental illness and addiction problems that result in people living in the street, but far too many churches do little or nothing to help those suffering from those problems. Maybe if Fundamentalist preachers stopped competing against one another to see who can build the biggest religious empire and instead used that money saved to actually help people, the government would have less need to be involved in the charity business.

      1. The need is too great for the churches to handle. The government, representing all the people, must take the lead on helping the poor.

  6. I don’t get it? Is he trying to make a point with this terrible illustration? Surely this didn’t actually happen; it would be the antithesis of what the gospel compels.

  7. Maybe he was saying the man would’ve had better luck being inside the container instead of just outside it with his hands digging in the trash. That’s my take.

    If he helped the guy, great. Tweeting about seeing the man, not so much. It implies that he’d never heard about/seen this. It also makes everyone wonder if he helped. Problem is he can’t say that he helped, because then it looks as if he’s bragging. If he doesn’t say anything about helping then it looks like he didn’t help, and that’s bad PR. No way to spin it clean.

    1. I don’t know, I think more than a few preachers would be hard pressed to refrain from a legitimate (but still in poor taste) brag.

      1. Yes, preachers brag all the time. But if you do charity so that others will see it then you have man’s praise only. No heavenly brownie points, which is what they say they are after.

  8. I certainly wouldn’t post this on social media unless I could add “so I bought him food” to the story. Seems like a pointless thing to say.

    A friend of mine goes to a church that encourages people to keep large ziplock bags in their cars with a water bottle, granola, soap, tooth brush, etc. If they see someone in need and feel that they should help, they have something simple/helpful to give out.

      1. THIS. Is a great idea! Will get a couple of Good Samaritan bags together. Could have used one earlier this week in a Sam’s parking lot.

    1. Our church suggested carrying packs of peanut butter and crackers to give out, so my husband and I started doing that. I like the idea of adding a bottle of water.

  9. He was trying to create a modern day parable. The dumpster is the world system. Those INSIDE the dumpsthe represent the sinful, wicked people of this world. They engage in such evil practices as secular rock, rap, country, pop, and Disney music, dancing, imbibing strong drunk, herbaceous drugs, and participating in sex (homo- and/or hetero-) outside of marriage (aka adultery…fornication), using tobacco products, etc….
    The man with his hands in the dumpster is the new hip, cool, contemporary Christian who listens to Christian rap, rock, country, pop, and Disney music, may occasionally drink a wine cooler our glass of wine socially, may or may not engage in strictly hetero- makeout sessions (such as holding hands and good night pecks on the cheek), admiring of others who use herbaceous drugs and/or tobacco products, etc….
    The man driving by, keeping himself unspotted from the dumpster is the independent, fundamental Baptist Christian. He sure taught that dumpster diver a lesson about holiness! Thankfully, he tweeted it, so we could all glean from the wisdom babbling from his twitter account like a brook!
    Or something like that….

    1. Just Baptist, think u may b pretty close. When I read the tweet, I was trying to see how it fit w/ anything spiritual,,,,,,,IF, it fits w/ anything spiritual,,, u may be somewhat close to what he was trying to say,,,,but who knows w/ these people ?

    2. If that’s the case, then he likely made the story up to make a stupid point. But then, the average fundy isn’t too quick on the uptake (not from a lack of intelligence, but because of mental suppression), so I don’t know why he wouldn’t spell it out for his fellow twits.

    3. Now that I look at it again – that’s a good conclusion, especially considering where the caps are

    4. I think you’re close. But to be honest, simply because I’ve heard my dad use this example, it’s about sources. The dumpster represents worldly philosophy, modern bible versions and contemporary preachers. The homeless guy represents the fundy who won’t climb in the dumpster, but is willing to sort through it to glean something useful and in doing so, he becomes soiled or dirty.
      It’s a poor analogy, but it’s been around for a while in certain circles. Shelton Smith more than likely never saw an actual homeless guy. He was just pondering another poor, but possibly sensational sermon illustration for his next gig.

      1. He must never have done any hard work, or he would know that it does get your hands dirty, but you can wash them.

        1. Working hard, innocent play, accidents can get you dirty. You can be crooked and villainous and remain perfectly clean.

          If this was an analogy, is was a pretty bad one. It ignores the realities of life and equates poverty with sin. On the othe hang, James wrote, “has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him? But you have dishonored the poor man. Are not the rich the ones who oppress you, and the ones who drag you into court? Are they not the ones who blaspheme the honorable name by which you were called?”

          Shelton Smith appears to love his rich life and cast aspersions on the poor and needy. He loves the “old paths” alright!

          The gospel from well before the Great Depression became increasingly associated with “respectability” and wealth. They had torn apart the economy. It was easy to blame the poor for their own poverty than the rich. Homelessness and desperation were blamed on the poor who wouldn’t submit to God. “Missions” were set up to preach the gospel and give some food and shelter, but they were never judged on their success rates. With only a few exceptions, the poor remained poor. Jobs remained scarce. Wages were stagnant. Property crimes were high among those struggling to survive, but the real economic crimes were the ones committed by clean, comfortable and rich people as they extorted what the poor needed to live.

  10. Maybe it’s a brag – the fact that he never saw such a thing is a testament to his purity. Once heard a pastor’s wife brag that she once took a sip of beer because she didn’t know what “pilsner” meant. Untainted by poor people and the filthy world, so more crowns in heaven.

      1. And how many souls are now damned to hell because they saw this holy woman drink a beer?

  11. He saw a person dumpster diving and he thinks it’s twitter worthy? What happened to, “whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me?” I have had smug overfed Fundies tell me that homeless people were not like us, they wouldn’t even know what to do with a home if they had one. They like the freedom of living on the street…….Sure they do because being afraid of beatings and rape and not having food or comfort or warmth is FUN. I don’t know about God, I don’t know if I believe in him or not but I tell you if he exists I am pretty sure he wants us to be kind.

    1. They’re not like us. They are like Jesus, who had no place to call home. I think that’s the whole point of the ‘unto the least of these’ passages – the self-righteous are focused on trying to convince people that they have Jesus, when they should be simply helping those who need help. Instead of “Do they see Jesus in me?” maybe it should be “That poor bastard reminds me of Jesus. I’m gonna help him out.”

      1. Yes, Leo. The people Jesus collected around him were the poor and the despised, the ones from the highways and hedges. He knew what homelessness was like, “no place to lay his head.” When did the gospel of Jesus become about prosperity?

      2. Whoa! That is a huge statement! It isn’t “do they see Jesus in me?” but do I see Jesus in them?

        Talk about appropriately framing the issue! Thank you!

  12. Who is to say he didn’t help the guy? I’m mystified by the tweet myself, but there’s no indication he didn’t help.

    1. Well, he decided to humiliate the guy on Twitter, and he never said that he helped. I would be very surprised to find that he did, there’s no indication of it.

    2. Awww, come on Admiral! You know better than that.

      If he had helped the guy, he would have told people where he took him, what services the ministry gave him, and used it as an advertisement. Can’t hide one’s light under a basket (err, “bushel,” you know!). If he’d offered help and was declined, he would have tweeted that, too.

      There’s just nothing, either in the situation described or in the character of the man to lead us to think he even attempted to help. Or even indicating a wish that he’d tried.

      I know you like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but there isn’t any doubt here. Not reasonable doubt, at any rate.

      As a note, I say these things not just to pick on the dear saint who reported the dumpster-diving. No, I have passed people in need as well. My wife and I have fed quite a few when we met people like that. Sometimes when we couldn’t afford it ourselves.

      At the very least he should have challenged people to seek out others to meet their needs.

  13. The whole thing is so incredibly sad. I’d not want to assume he didn’t help the guy–maybe he did and was not tooting his own horn by mentioning it–but even if he did, the tweet is still uncalled for just…strange. As if this man is just now realizing that people live in poverty. He seems so genuinely surprised. I’m sad for him, that he’s so sheltered. He must not be able to understand anything the Bible is talking about if he doesn’t know anything about need.

    And, of course, the guy in the dumpster could have been my dad. Ever since he was a kid and he found a brand new, perfectly working remote control car that someone threw away, he trolls the dumpsters looking for good stuff.

    1. I was a dumpster diver too in my younger days – found some good stuff!

  14. Saw a scruffy, hippie homeless guy today; walked around town with a bunch of degenerate guys talking about such commie trash like equal rights, peace, and free health care. Probably a terrorist. Could be trouble.


  15. Well, there’s always charitable interpretation “I gave him $10 immediately and wanted to tell y’all about it, but then I remembered what Jesus said about almsgiving and bragging, so…”. Unlikely but still, possible.

  16. Sheldon, you really need to get out more, buddy.
    I see people looking in dumpsters or elsewhere for “things they can eat or use” EVERY DAY!
    Also, people are begging for handouts at street corners and in parking lots every day.
    I also have people ringing my doorbell asking for work every day.

    I don’t know where you live that this is an unusual sight. And no, I don’t want to live where you do.

    1. I guess the homeless in Tennessee are hillbillies living in the mountains – no dumpsters up there

    2. I never regularly encountered bums, street prostitutes, open drug markets, etc., until I moved back to my busted post-industrial hillbilly town. Growing up where I did (up a holler about fifteen miles out of town), I definitely saw poverty, but rural poverty is different than urban poverty.

      I would say that in “white America” it really is possible to go years without any interaction with homeless people. At most they’re people you pass on the street downtown on the walk from the parking garage to the office tower.

  17. Wow, this guy’s never dumpster-dived something? I’ve never gone inside a dumpster, but I have picked up useful things that were laid outside one. That’s just urban living.

    Also, one time when I was living in my first apartment, I went out after a late night at work to put the trash in, and saw an older man in the dumpster. Surprised, all I said was ‘hi’. He said the same, and I started saving soda cans for him.

    1. My dumpster-diving adventures have only begun. So far I haven’t scored much more than some useful boxes and a pack of green tea minus one bag (return note said ‘didn’t like taste’). Eventually I plan to cover some of my food needs with goodies from the ‘third-hand store’.

    2. One cold winter night, I stopped by a clothes donation box outside the Goodwill to donate some stuff my kids had outgrown. When I opened the hatch, a hand came up, took the first bag and said, “Thank you, kindly.” I was startled half out of my skin, lol. I had about three bags and he took them all. When I was done I asked if we could take him to the Men’s shelter and he told me, very politely, that he was quite warm inside all the clothes but, and I quote, “A hot meal wouldn’t go amiss.” I obediently trotted off to get him a hot meal. He sounded regal. When I told the woman in the restaurant close by why I wanted the full hot meal to go, she insisted on chipping in and also went to the back, got some empty plastic jugs filled them with hot water, and got a sleeping bag from the pile they kept by the back door for homeless people. The men bring the bags back in the morning, they are washed and available, clean, again the next night. A lot of people just quietly do things for others all the time without telling any one. I was humbled.

      1. Thanks for the reminder that not everyone who helps the needy advertises it in the market squares.

        1. The people in that restaurant deflated my balloon. I was feeling pretty good about getting him a meal. They offer real help, quietly, all the time.

        2. True. But that isn’t the point with this tweet.

          If the blowhard blogger had even tweeted that we should remember to contribute to the shelters or even pray for the homeless and the hungry, that would have been something. All he did was tweet about someone with his hands in the dumpster looking for something to use or to eat. The tone can easily be interpreted as surprise or disgust, but not as empathy.

          In our world and in each of our lives we need to show empathy for others. Love your neighbor as yourself is not optional in the Christian faith according to Jesus. With any effort, the twitterer could have shown empathy, had he wished.

  18. To effectively serve in ministry one has to be willing to get their hands dirty. That can include, figuratively, digging through “dumpster” material. So why act so surprised when you run into one of these sorts Mr Shelton? The church is a hospital for the sick not a museum for relics. Not to mention he passed up a potential soulwinning opportunity.
    Another thought: maybe the guy’s wedding band slipped off when he took out the trash, or something else ended up in the trash that wasn’t supposed to and he was trying to retreive it. Mr. Shelton doesn’t know WHAT the guy was looking for and should not presume.

    1. Maybe he was a Freegan trying to rescue and redistribute the perfectly good food that is thrown away by the ton in shopping districts where everybody wants the prettiest and freshest bread and fruit.

  19. I’m from Murfreesboro, TN where The Sword is located. My parents still live there and if that’s the first time he’s seen anything like that he must never go witnessing in his own town. At the end of the same street their building is located is where the projects are, I guess he puts on his blinders when he drives by. As far as I am concerned, he just showed his dark heart to the world though this tweet.

  20. I would guess this was supposed to be an allegory of some kind, as someone else already suggested, and may or may not have been inspired by true events. Many IFB sermon illustrations, even firsthand accounts, are of questionable authenticity. (Thou shalt not bear false witness, anyone?) They see everything through the rose-colored glasses of their twisted theology and are able to find symbolism to illustrate that theology in almost any situation. He probably expected that symbolism to be just as obvious to the rest of us, too, and therefore didn’t bother to give any explanation.

    1. It’s an holy parable, so it doesn’t have to be true – and anyone who doesn’t understand it right away isn’t saved, of course

  21. Its the 21st century version of Matthew 25:31-36

    “When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

    32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

    33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

    34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

    35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat (right after you tweeted about me): I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in (right after you updated your status):

    36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me (right after you took a selfie with me in the background).

  22. I go to Shelton’s FB page every now and then [why, I’m not sure] and I saw this post a few days ago. And I still have no idea what the point of it is or was.

  23. I think it’s a sermon illustration. There may be some good in the dumpster, but you get dirty getting it. There may be good movies, secular music, etc., but you get “dirty” trying to find them. There are some good verses in the NASB, NIV, etc., but you get “dirty” finding them.

    And so it goes.

    1. That’s pretty much what I thought, too.
      A quote from my teenage years concerning rock music, “I know there may be a few secular songs that aren’t exactly sinful, but that is like digging through the dumpster behind a restaurant to find a pretty good steak and baked potato. Why not go into the restaurant where everything on the menu is excellent.” Of course, metaphorically, the restaurant represented that person’s personal favorite type of Christian or classical music.

      1. Yes, the homeless can simply go into a restaurant and order an excellent meal, can’t they? Silly of me not to think of that. And after they can’t pay, they can look forward to a stay at the graybar hotel, meals (such as they are) provided. Along with even more reduced chances for a future.

  24. Defending THE INDEFENSIBLE is unwise because it is unscriptural & therefore it is also INEXCUSABLE!— Shelton Smith (@DrSheltonLSmith) March 15, 2015

    So, you’re shutting down the Sword?

    1. And no longer association with abusive Fundy pastors? And those who cover up for them? And will start to name names?

      Yeah, right.

  25. Someone said "Unsolicited advice is seldom heeded & often scorned" but the Bible says "A wise man will hear & will increase learning Prov1:5— Sword of the Lord (@swordofthelord) March 17, 2015

    On behalf of all the fine folks at SFL, you’re welcome, Shelton.

      1. Picture the hissy fit he’s having getting his own words quoted to him in this context!

        Fundies do NOT like their own advice handed back to them regarding their own behavior. Well, nobody does. But Fundies beg for the criticism given the way they treat others.

        1. There’s a reason for this. It’s actually very stressful keeping up a facade, and when it comes under threat (even minor) the human mind overreacts. If you read some of the stories from people who work with politicians, it’s very common for them to lose it when they’re behind the scenes because of a snag in their public image maintenance department. Most of them have people that will help calm them down and they’re good at dealing with it privately.

          You might find an interesting correlation between the extremes of handling public confrontation and the weight of their religious rule-set being preached. Not just IFB, but also others (Like Driscoll at Mars Hill). This is just a thought.

  26. I call bullshit. He doesn’t know what the guy was looking for, unless he went up to him and asked. He thought up of a great illustration and claimed to see it. Like comedians think up fake stories, except it’s not funny. Like a criminal fabricates a false story to save his ass, except it’s not illegal. Like a politician makes up a reason to do something, except it’s not normal. Oh wait! It is!

  27. Also, looking at the responses, I could have sworn that Peter Murphy (@huskerfan1611) was a satire account. Nope. That’s a real picture of him at the altar. Still, all his tweets really smell of satire.

    1. Also in the twitter responses, nice to see Bruce Gerencser back at it again! I love that guy’s blog.

  28. My youngest son used to go dumpster diving and he would bring home the most random things….like a silver tray given to someone on some occasion. It was in pretty bad shape. We cleaned it up and it looks pretty nice except it still has that random guy’s name on it. Most of it was not quite so useful. He would bring home pictures…as in pictures to hang on the wall that might have cracked glass or a broken frame. Electronic cables, old gaming systems…….you name it. He discovered that Dunkin Donuts used to throw away the left over donuts at the end of the day….and it was all nicely tied up in plastic. No he did not bring those home but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t take them and share them with friends.

    After he moved out we had fun throwing it away….again. My husband told me his father used to stop at look at people’s garbage on collection day to see what he could find. He did find a rather nice ping pong table that he fixed up and his sons used for a long time. I think it must be some genetic thing.

    As far as this tweet is concerned I am mystified as to the intent. To point out poverty? To show that he is aware of such poverty?

    1. I cut way back on my scavenging after I got married. My wife finds it less than charming.

  29. I live in a very comfortable house, with a wife and children. I work at a shop where I get my hands dirty but get paid well. I grow a beard that resembles Duck Dynasty (in the winter) but not quite as long. I can’t resist looking in a dumpster for stuff. I have brought home metal workbenches that I cleaned up and repainted, and I am refinishing three metal cabinets for my garage. I suppose I have saved over a thousand dollars just with the stuff mentioned. I have gotten used to the occasional judging look from people. Maybe he saw me looking in the dumpster?

  30. Then he took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he pulled out his phone for a quick tweet.

    …the mother of Jesus said unto him “they have no wine” Jesus said unto her “Woman, can’t you see I’m trying send a tweet on my phone?”

    …blind Bartimaeus, son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging. And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out, and say Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me. […] And Jesus stood still ‘cuz he was textin’.

  31. That tweet/comment is so random. It’s seems almost Seinfeld esque… Like saying: “I was in the diner this afternoon and saw someone eating a candy bar with a fork and knife”

    You Seinfeld lovers will get this reference.

    1. It was comical to see how many students at Bob Jones I saw eating cookies and whatnot like that after that episode.

      1. One of the things I appreciate most about Och’s music was that he wrote songs that were primarily communicative before they were artistic. Today, nobody knows for sure what Dylan’s songs mean as couched in metaphor and timebound allusion as they are while although not as well known, Och’s songs are as current today as they were then. For my money, Ochs was the best song-writer of his or any other generation.

  32. I’m thinking now that this might be an investigative report posted under the “local news” section in the newest Sword of the Lord edition.

  33. Now that I have a chance to calm down….. When I read this I was appalled and disgusted.

    1) Bragging and mocking someone’s need is pathetic.
    2) I work with people who suffer from poverty and homelessness, so this hits home on a VERY personal level.
    3) A majority of the homeless population suffer from some form of mental illness, and the likelihood of that being this man’s condition is very high
    4) Why on earth is it so easy for us to dismiss the most basic of needs in someone to whom we cannot relate??? My brother was homeless for awhile and I was so thankful for the kind people he encountered along the way.
    5) I just responded to his distasteful tweet – apparently others had the same idea…

    Our accolades from others will matter little when we stand next to Jesus and He asks why we did nothing to feed/help/clothe Him….

    1. Oh, but that bit about “the least of these” is about how people during the Tribulation will act toward Israel or something. Didn’t you get the memo?

      1. You mean it’s symbolic? Ahhhh along with the bit about loving our neighbour, right?

      2. While I totally get the subtle sarcasm, my response is as follows: Screw the memo. Buy him a blanket, socks, sandwich and coffee and help him find him some resources.

  34. First, Catholics hosing homeless people out of their shelters and now Baptists strolling by mocking homeless people.

    Maybe it’s time to just shrug off all the trappings of religion and walk towards humanism.

    1. Probably 3% of my (small) city is homeless. The homeless shelter is supported primarily by the local very conservative American Baptist church and a few charismatic churches. The same Baptist church feeds hundreds out of their food pantry and maintains a women’s shelter.

      Humanists have a long way to go before they can even approach the generosity of religious people. And I say this as an agnostic.

    2. Maybe it’s time to shrug off the trappings of religion and just practice the religion.

  35. Today FEB 18 .. LEV. 19-20, PSA. 20 & JOHN 17 … It may be cold outside but you keep reading THE BOOK and you'll keep a warm heart!— Shelton Smith (@DrSheltonLSmith) February 18, 2015

    …unless you’re homeless.

    1. Obviously the tweet of a man who’s never really been cold with no chance to warm up.

  36. From the comfort of a Lazy Boy recliner some folks anonymously & shamelessly twist history, twist scripture & twist tweets! Gotta watch em!— Shelton Smith (@DrSheltonLSmith) December 18, 2014

    Don’t worry. We’re holding you accountable.

    1. And from the cozy comfort of their nice cars and plush homes, some people ignore (and even publicly mock) the poor homeless who are trying to stay warm and fed.

    2. So … don’t trust anybody who has a La-Z-Boy (that’s the correct spelling, by the way)?
      Why not?

      Hmmm, could the La-Z-Boy company sue him for libelling its product?

  37. The side of my screen has an “Undies For Two Romantic Novelty Gift” and the image in conjunction with the post is slightly nightmarish….

    1. I’ve been getting that ad, too. It has me trying to remember if I’ve ever clicked on a bizarre underwear for mutants web ad that would attract this kind of Google ad. I don’t think so, but then again …

    2. Google knows more about Shelton Smith that we do apparently. Damn that NSA collection algorithm re-purposed as a tool of commerce is good.

  38. Based upon the tweets of this fundy crowd of preachers over the past six months, I believe the specific interpretation of this cryptic tweet is this: “You young millenials who used to be fundamentalists, need to quit reading, listening to, and being influenced by the ‘neo-evangelical’ and ’emergent church’ crowd. This crowd is not #oldpaths. They have nothing to offer that is useful. So get your hands out of

  39. Fake doctor Shelton Smith’s newer tweets are obviously his attempt to punch back.

    “When the message tags some folks, they try to change the subject with angry, ugly reactions to create a distraction (but it doesn’t work).”


    “When you don’t like the obvious message, some folks do what the liberal pols do, they throw rocks at the messenger.”

    Obvious message?

    “The vitriolic reaction to the “dumpster” tweet makes the message of the tweet look all the more current & true!”

    Seriously…There was a message?

    1. So, according to Shelton’s last aphorism, you can tell how true (and “current”?) something is by how offensive it is.

      So, Shelton Smith, you steal purses from old women, and you eat dog turds for breakfast.
      If that offends you, it just proves it’s true.

    2. Based on his wording (“message” and “messenger”), it seems he thinks his vague, cryptic Dumpster tweet was a message straight from God.

      1. They view every word that proceeds from their mouths as being from God a Himself, and every writing they create as inspired by the Holy Spirit. If people are offended, it is proof they are fighting God, not that they have been a Jerk.

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