160 thoughts on “Fundy Tweet of the Week: The Least of These”

  1. I saw a guy recently rummaging thru a copy of the “Sword of the Lord” .. He wasn’t IN the word but he had HIS HANDS IN the SOTL looking 4 things he could preach or use!

  2. The problem I have with this tweet it that it gives no sense of context. I don’t think any context would necessarily justify Smith’s tweet. However, one would not have to be down on his luck in order to be dumpster diving. Usually, the proper protocol is to inform a store manager first and not to climb in to the dumpster itself. But a person may find some usable stuff in a dumpster, and why not?

    1. I am thinking that the point is about separation. That is what everything is about for them. You don’t have to be in the world totally to be contaminated. This guy just had his hands in there and they were getting defiled. Thus, you don’t have to fully embrace the NIV, just pick on up in the Bible Bookstore, and you are defiled, thus and so on.

  3. Maybe he was dumpster diving. Nothing wrong with that! Way to sound like a snob. #PastoralFail

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