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  1. Is there any cliche that he omitted?

    His flock may take him more seriously if he began a sermon series on gluttony.

    Is it just my imagination or is it true that every social issue in the past 200 years has been opposed by groups like his.

    1. Ever notice these MOGs screaming about the Other Guy’s SIN SIN SIN are all Fifth-Helping-at-Every-Church-Potluck FAT FAT FAT?

  2. I could not agree more. I’ve sat through more yelling sermons than I can possibly remember……and thank God for that.

  3. Thanks for hitting so close to home, Darrell. I pass very near this church on my way to church. In real life, it’s even smaller than the picture on the website makes it seem to be.

    Maybe one day I’ll drop in and report back. Not likely, though.

  4. The asking someone to say Amen always annoys me. Where’s the confidence of the alleged Word being preached if you need affirmation from the audience?

    1. That always annoyed me too. If I wanted to say hey man, I would without having to be cajoled or commanded. Of course as a woman I felt very uncomfortable speaking out in church at all. The men called out resounding Amens; the women nodded their heads and mouthed Amen quietly. A woman speaking in church went against Paul’s admonition to be silent. She was also being emotional and we were to be ruled by our mind governed by the Holy Spirit as shown in the Word not by our emotions. Plus it would be indelicate and unfeminine to be loud. So went to visiting evangelist would expect the congregation to loudly a firm him, I was always torn as to whether I should obey or not.

      So, yeah, I hated it.

      1. You know, I think I should just give up trying to comment on SFL through my phone.

        George knows very well that I meant to say, “Amen” not “Hey man” and “affirm.”

        1. George gave me a chuckle though, PW. I was picturing the scene if you had given out a loud, ”Hey Man!”

        2. My favorite is, “Everbuddy tern ta the persin nest to ya an say ‘that dare is goooood preechin,’ AMEN?”

      2. And then there’s the “am I preachin’ good tonight?’ question to pressure everyone into agreement. Yuck.

    2. Putting an additional syllable on each sentence that sounds like jah seems to be a staple for the frothy mouthed, maniacle pulpit constituency. Reminds me of the televangelists of a bygone era. Would that they were all bygone…especially the bye part.

  5. What really makes my heart bleed is that he could have somebody in his congregation struggling with all kinds of feelings about their sexuality, and he’s pretty much slammed the door shut on his ability to ever ever ever help them at all. (Not that he’d be the person to help…) It’s obvious he assumes there is not one gay person in the room, so why on earth is he preaching against it? Ultimate preaching to the choir here. It’s not preaching. It’s “affirm the pastor time”. Ugh. And he can go home and feel satisfied that they had a powerful service because he got amened a lot.

    1. I would be willing to bet that in any congregation of over a hundred – even a Fundy IFB one – there us at least one person who has to deal with sexuality issues “By this shall all men know ye are my disciples if ye make others hate Me for your sake…”

  6. Are they boyscoutin or scoutin boys!!! Write that down!! Really? That wasn’t so witty dude. I too am sick of the yelling…that doesn’t make you a good preacher, just makes you a yeller. Also, you know what’s not normal, that weight. Dude, worry less about homosexuality (trust me, no dude wants you) & worry more about your figure.

  7. While I agree with his content, his delivery sounds like a ‘wrasslin promo’, as does the congregation’s ‘feedback’.

    1. I don’t agree with his content. Bigotry is bigotry, and agreeing with it makes you one no matter how it is delivered.

      It doesn’t cost one anything to give others some understanding. People who are “gay” likely didn’t choose to be gay any more than you chose to be “straight.”

      One thing is for sure — that man will never, ever lead a gay person to Jesus. No sane person would want to know his god. Why should they? His god is a vengeful, angry god that makes righteousness about conformity to a few externals while allowing for all sorts of avarice, greed, and malice in “His people.”

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