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    1. It is amazing to me, how so many of these guys are twice the size they should be, but no one ever talks about that.

      1. A fair amount of comments have been made not only about this guy, but others. Read on.

    1. You want original, how about “… Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”?
      That was sort of mildly amusing when I first heard it, circa 1970. It got a little less clever on each of the 38,274,1829 repetitions since then.

        1. Commas in the wrong places.
          I’d like to say I was doing it European style (they use commas where Americans use periods and use periods where Americans use commas), but it doesn’t make sense that way, either.

        2. There is no room for the new math in God’s kingdom. Fathoms and cubits were good enough for Noah, they’re good enough for me. I don’t know what this new Common Core is teaching, but we don’t need no common education in God’s house. This house was built by men who volunteered their time and they didn’t need no calculator or new-fangled computer with its MSDos or Windows 3.0 to build it. Once a man starts in on the computer the prostitutes and the pornographers and the homosexuals and the liberals will suck his soul dry. He won’t have no time for Bible study and bus ministry and door-to-door visitation. He is on a slippery slope, a slippery slope, I tell you today.
          Can I get an amen? God bless you, brother. You know I love you, right? You better know that. I’m standing up here yellin’ at you week after week because I love your soul. You want kind words, you can just git right down to that dancin’ drinkin’ abomination church down the road. But you stay here and I will tell you the truth, haymen?

        3. I corrected Big Gary once….ONCE!

          I was summarily decapitated and my existence was wiped from the internet.

          Big Gary, your commas are fine, just fine.


      1. “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!”
        So, where did Steve come from if God did not create him? Obviously, if Steve was not created he was begotten. Which puts him on the same level as Jesus.
        Is Steve the Holy Ghost’s name? God the Father is named Yahweh, God the Son is named Jesus, and is God the Holy Ghost named Steve?
        Either that, or Steve is the previously undisclosed fourth member of the Trinity.

        1. Never Adam & Steve. Adam & Steven yes, but never Adam & Steve. (sigh – straight people…)

  1. I really was expecting him to keel over then. Wow he looked exhausted walking around that little area.

    1. Well, when you’re that fat, even standing up is an exertion.

      There used to be a video of this black woman preacher denouncing all homosexuals while sitting down — she was literally too fat to stand up.

  2. Seriously watched this with my volume on the lowest setting and it was still so loud I was almost embarrassed to be watching it from my desk at work.

    It would be fun if someone did a compilation clip of Baptist preachers all saying the same thing to see who can scream it the loudest. (Kind of like the videos showing the Republicans all repeating the exact same talking points on TV.)

    Does this mean that if we could find a VERY LOUD GAY PERSON who could out-shout Pastor Crisco that the gays would win?

    1. Whoever screams the loudest, wins.
      That didn’t work for Howard Dean, but many preachers are still going on that principle.

    2. “And stop screaming. Nobody likes a religion with people screaming.”
      — the original Internet Monk

  3. I followed Darrell’s suggestion and gave their website a little visit. The video on the front page (on a continuous loop) gave me the creeps. Watch the faces of the kids.

    1. Yes, I did the same thing. The girl right behind him, if you can see her, had trouble keeping a steady smile.

      And I like how he ended awkwardly, “and this is our prayer in Jesus name.” Where’s the Amen?

  4. I thought the guy in the front row was going to poke him in the eyes (a la Moe and Curley). Doink!

    1. Yeah, there is something weirdly subliminal about his leering over a young man right outside the door to the men’s room.

      1. Wow, I didn’t even notice the men’s room door there. That’s the strangest place I’ve ever seen for a bathroom in a church.

  5. They are liberal compromisers. Their Sunday “evening” service is at 2:00 pm. It is sad to see churches substitute convenience for what the KJV BIBLE commands! It says God walked in the garden in the COOL of the evening. Evening is the time of day when it gets COOL, haymen!? But this little church in Georgia thinks that they can mock God and have an EVENING service at 2:00 pm. Now, I don’t know about you, but 2:00 in the afternoon in Georgia is HOT!!! And some of you old people will remember this, but we used to bring the funeral fans to church and the ladies would fan themselves. And those were the old paths and the days when people didn’t mind a little inconvenience to hear the word of God preached and see souls saved. And some of you need to come to the altar on that tonight.

    Ahem. Got a little off track there.

  6. “We’re gonna have guidelines and we’re gonna do it right, Praise God!’

    Oh man, this brings back so many memories. I am so tired of the yelling. And I really doubt they even know what “do it right” even means. The older I get, the most disillusioned I am becoming about what the right way actually is.

  7. the piano isn’t the correct color–at least, what I can see of the piano behind the preacher. He takes up most of the screen.

  8. There is something extraordinarily perverted about their insistence that all gay men are pedophiles. Get your minds out of the gutter. By that logic, all IFB pastors are pedophiles too.

  9. Do you agree with me that the adage “it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” is getting old and worn out? Every time one of thes MOGs uses this line they get so gidduy because they think the line is clever and never been used before. Maybe they could change it up and say, “It’s Adam and Eve, not Shannon and Eve”…

    1. It’s almost as if they think it’s a magical phrase, the saying of which will make any LGBT people in the room instantly drop their homosexual agenda, saying “Hey, you’re right! I’m straight now!”

      (Hint: it doesn’t work that way. Source: a real, live gay person)

    1. It’s called being convicted by the Holy Spirit Semp. Altar is right up here. We got a box of Kleenex too.

  10. The only thing missing from this clip (aside from any Bible verses) is….”I’m Matt Foley and I live in a van down by the river”.

  11. Did anyone else expect him to yell “IN A VAN… DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!” at some point in that video?

    1. yes, that is what came to mind for me as well. And not just in his yelling and mannerism. The “guy who lives in a van down by a river trying to make a living as a motivational speaker” is a perfect picture of this “fundamentalist pastor yelling and spewing ignorance trying to say he is a preacher of good news.”

    1. He’s-uh gonna-uh have-uh a heart attack-uh right there-uh in the church-uh some-uh day-uh.

  12. It figgers you punks dont like strate preeching. Who cares if hes fat. The KJB says that body exersize profeteth little. Is that one of the verse that your perverseons leeve out? Grate will be his rewards in heven for standing up in the hedge and not bowing the knee to Bale in this Laodiseen Age.

    1. Brother Phil Armenik!!!! great to see you again. It is always a blessing to read to words of wisdom needed for this lost world in these last days.

    2. That guy wouldn’t know straight preaching if it goosed him on the rear! πŸ˜‰

    3. Good news is that when this preacher stands in the hedge, he fills a myriad of gaps that some poor soul could slip through.

    4. Coming out of lurkdom to point out that he’d take up a lot of room in that hedge.

      1. I’ve a feeling the blimp in the video would be pissed off if someone preached while he was interupting

  13. All that is missing for me is his story on how his preaching so hard against the homosexuals has caused one of them to get under conviction regarding his lifestyle, and now that one’s former boyfriend is angry because he lost his mate and is now stalking this pastor to exact his revenge. Where is the story about being personally attacked? Have the gay burnt down his house yet? Has he been shot by them yet? Has the church been vandalized yet? have the gays infiltrated the local police force and judicial system yet, and begun an investigation against this pastor for his strong stand against this wickedness?????


    Then this dude is just a piker… a rank amateur.

    How many bumper sticker pseudo-pious clichΓ©s can he fit in his preachertainment presentation?

    In that clip there was no gospel, no conforming to Christ likeness, and no love. That was emotional manipulation and homophobic pandering of the first order. Playing to the crowd. Whatever it takes to get an “a-men!” That was all about the speaker… period.

    and none dare call it idolatry…

    I’m going to go hang out with the gays and atheists, I’m sick of crap like that being sold as “Christian”.

    1. Don – the story of your ex-pastor never gets old. Hollywood would throw that script out as being too unrealistic.

      1. The book, Lord Don’s Pastor, can be the sequel to my upcoming book, Deacon’s Son’s Mother.

        1. Shoes is our version of Howard Hughes. He figured out a way to beat the system in Vegas and is currently living in seclusion on the entire top floor of the Bellagio.

        2. I genuinely don’t want to be offensive towards your mother, but how about these alternate titles for the books: “None Dare Call It Reason,” and “Mommy Fundamentalistest.”

        3. On second thought, the suggested title for Lord Don’s book could give people the mistaken impression that that “pastor” actually had something intelligent and worthwhile to say.

      2. I seriously want to know about both of those stories. Can someone furnish appropriate links, I hunted around the site, but couldn’t find any stories about crazy ex-pastors. πŸ˜€ (at least not Lord Don’s)

    2. Lord Don: Are you going to drive your van that has the warnings detailed on the windows (i.e. “prepare to meet thy God” and “after death… judgement) when you go hang out with the gays and atheists? just wondering

      1. No but I have seriously thought about putting one of those pink “=” stickers and maybe a unicorn Rainbow sticker on my window and go to a Phil Kidd Comedy show and Manipulative Religious Guilt fest, carrying my NIV Study Bible in my man purse. Maybe even wear heels and a push up bra.
        I’d just set there and make eyes at Phil the entire time. Blow him a kiss when he really gets animated. If any one asks I’ll tell them Phil promised to counsel me until he makes me Arrow straight.

        The crazy sonzabitches around here might just lynch me for doing something like that.

        But I do wish I had the stones to do that to him once. 3:)

        1. even worse Phil might take a like’n to me and ask me out.

          I am so done with the IFB Circus Cult around here. God is only used as a poster boy for the MOg’s ministry.

          You Bet!

          Sure am!

          Over the top in my criticism ?
          Haven’t even really scratched the surface yet!

        2. That’ll preach, Paul! It’s Adam and Steve, not Adam and George! Never forget it! πŸ˜€

  14. The whole time he was shouting about male and male, I was wondering how he feels about whale and whale…………..

  15. Oh wow, I went to the church facebook page and listened to the first ”sermon” posted. I was puzzled at the static at first and then I realized it is ”Pastor Whale” gasping for air between every few words. I only listened to about thirty seconds. I am a wimp about torture.

  16. Dear SFL Reader:

    Like … this guy is ‘normal.’ Like getting in that guy’s face 56ff. seconds in is ‘normal.’

    Christian Socialist

    PS: I’ll start writing when you say anything worth repeating.

  17. Figures he’d have a video set to autoplay on the church website. As classy as a pop-up ad.

    1. They also have photographs of every service. Every service. Photos. Of a fat man waving a Bible. Why?

  18. I couldn’t handle watching the whole clip; my ears were hurting.
    And, I’m also so very tired of the yelling. Just a couple of Sunday’s ago, I was listening to PC preach and the thought came to me that he has a lot of anger issues. Sometimes preaching sounds just like a temper tantrum like a two year old! (especially when they get stomping their feet)

    1. Maybe ‘preaching’ is an outlet to vent their anger (over their own fundy upbringing?). In that case, hopefully it’s enough to appease the Anger God and more violent outbursts aren’t necessary. Tragically, yelling at a congregation is not enough venting for some ‘men of God’.

      1. “A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge-hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic…”

        Yeah, hard to tell the difference.

  19. I couldn’t handle watching the whole clip; my ears were hurting.
    And, I’m also so very tired of the yelling. Just a couple of Sunday’s ago, I was listening to PC preach and the thought came to me that he has a lot of anger issues. Sometimes preaching sounds just like a temper tantrum of a two year old! (especially when they get stomping their feet)

    1. At my school, we all have to take turns speaking in chapel. Last week, I taught on forgiveness. Guess what? I managed to speak the entire 30 minutes without ever losing my temper, stomping, spitting, or asking for an amen.

        1. Forty minutes, if you count the craft I had them do at the end. And most of them remembered the lesson a week later. Gotta be better than the thousands of chapels I sat through at PCC.

        2. TCK,
          As I recall you’re a lady who should keep silent in the church and ask your husband at home if you can’t figger sumthin out. Whatcha doin preachin?

        3. That’s true. But I followed the rule of one of my former churches and did not stand behind a pulpit at any time. Women can share a testimony in church if 1. They have their husband’s (or father’s, if they are unmarried) permission, 2. No one else can share it for them, and 3. They do not stand behind the pulpit.

  20. I’m wondering what triggered Amazon to put an ad for the complete DVD collection of “Keeping Up Appearances”.

      1. I’m getting ads from Canadian Blood Services asking if I have saved a life! Now I must ask myself, have I saved anyone lately?

      2. The other day I went grocery shopping. In one aisle they had patio furniture set up. At the front end they had portable heaters for sale.

        You’d need the heaters to melt enough snow to put the furniture out.

        It was a demented person who thought to put the furniture on display.

        1. I don’t know what you’re complaining about. Our stores have had all the winter stuff on clearance for weeks. People are buying up patio furniture and water toys. We had winter back in November, I think.

        2. 14 degrees above zero right now at 5:30 pm in Frederick MD. I’m not thinking about patio furniture right now.

          I went to visit a guy in a physical rehab center this afternoon. The wind was blowing and the rock salt on the sidewalk was worse than useless. It was like walking on ball bearings.

          I made it about 8 feet from the car, turned around and made it back to the car–thankful that I didn’t slip. No, I didn’t get to see the fellow.

        3. Cloudy day in the Amazon. Nevertheless I’m still sweating at 81F as I drift off to sleep in my hammock.

          Waiting for Uncle Wilver to chime in on this one as it’s almost close enough for him to hear the bloviation. Betcha anything he knows some pipples there or at least has seen them at the Chinese buffet of a Sunday noon. 1Cor9:27 “I buffet my body” HAAAYmen! That’s the ‘MercanKJV Gospel According to Paul. In this case the ‘Mercan corrects the 1611–buncha Anglicans hired by a Gayz king that wasn’t even democratically elected (not that I’m a democrat or believe in election, haymen?). They obviously didn’t even know what Paul meant by a buffet. That’s evidence right there they weren’t Baptist, right? He’s talkin bout a pig pickin right there!

        4. Yesterday it was 81. Today the forecast is 80. Patio furniture, short sleeves, and shorts weather out here! (And you all can laugh at me this summer when I am bitching that it’s 110 and too hot to go outside.)

  21. This guy better calm down before he has an aneurysm . Reminds me of Chris Farley!

    Also, if I hear “…not Adam and Steve….” or “left coast” or any other Christian cliches I’m gonna off myself.

    1. Please, please don’t off yourself because you WILL go straight to hell along with all the gayus.

  22. The idea that people like this are allowed to participate in heterosexual marriage is a little frightening.

  23. Did I really pause my favorite gay couple’s vacation video to watch this? I went from watching two of the kindest, loveliest people I know to watch this.

    So many regurgitated, old preacher cliches in such a short time.

    And so much unholy hatred, that it’s sickening.

      1. I think there’s probably something to the idea that a lot of fat people are fat because they’re miserable and eat to make themselves feel better. It would certainly explain why there are so many fat folks in fundamentalist churches. God knows, they have enough to be miserable about.

        1. I saw some statistics in a magazine recently regarding which religious groups had the highest levels of obesity. Guess which group was #1?

  24. I have heard lots of shouting, so I’m kind of inured to it.

    I am getting tired of hearing the “Adam and Steve” comments.

    I do think that many IFB churches are not helping with their comments. As a young boy, all of my “best friends” were boys. As I went through adolescence, girls became “interesting”, but I still had close friends who were male. I think this is where IFB preaching is wrong – they seem to imply that if you like boys more than girls, there is something wrong with you, or if you’re not wanting to “go too far” with a girl, there is something wrong with you. That’s nonsense, and I think harmful teaching to young people going through adolescence, and struggling with their feelings.

    What the Bible forbids, as I understand it, is sodomy, or what the KJV calls “man lying with a man as he lies with a woman”.

    A man who is single is not wrong, nor is it wrong for a man to have close friends who are other men.

    1. That’s interesting… do they expect men to have mostly close woman friends? Machine friends?

      *As a guy with mostly close woman friends, I haven’t seen a church yet that didn’t give me grief about that.

      1. For the record, I’m not implying anything about you by this comment; I share it simply because I’ve talked to a surprising number of gay men who grew up with a majority of their friends being women (obviously, nothing prevents this from being true for straight men as well). But this scenario happens often enough that it’s somewhat of a stereotype about gay guys. I don’t know if the reverse is true for lesbians…

        I can say that as a gay guy, the practical side of traditional teaching on sexuality is deadly. I’d not be allowed close male friends, because duh, but I’d not be permitted close female friends either, because appearance of evil, or something. So yeah, I guess I’d be limited to machines…

    2. I know that my viewpoints on sexuality have been changing. In some ways that is distressing to me, particularly in some of the ideas that have presented themselves as I study the issues. Nothing is comfortable.

      Part of the issue is that my wife and I did everything “right” (or mostly) as we were taught. Abstinence until marriage? Check. Ignorance about sex? Check. Didn’t know how to kiss? Check. Still don’t? Check. Never cheated in over 30 years of marriage? Check. 4 children? Check. G-rated shows? Check. Homeschooling? Check. Don’t talk about anything with the kids? Check. “The Talk” a total disaster? Check.

      Yet our “love life” is dysfunctional. Wham, bam, thank … well, that’s all that’s allowed. Don’t ever try anything new. Don’t investigate to make things better. Don’t even talk to the doctor about it — not even if she is a woman. Anything even slightly different is dirty and gutter-minded and kills the moment.

      No, it isn’t easy talking about it. But I figure I am not alone. There have to be more people than me with such problems!

      So, what about “Biblical morality” causes such misery? Perhaps because “Biblical morality” isn’t really moral? Perhaps because the rules aren’t about relationships and satisfaction, but about commerce (money) and genealogy?

      Virtually all the laws about sex in the Old Testament were designed to ensure that a man knew the kids his wife bore were his. If they weren’t, she would be killed (along with the unborn baby). Abortion. After all, the husband’s connection with the promises of God in the future depended on him having children who would receive the promises, and he didn’t want someone else’s kids inheriting what was his.

      Men who married a woman who didn’t give him children took on a second wife — or divorced the first one in order to remarry. That is why Joseph was so unusual. He’d made the decision to marry a girl and raise someone else’s child as his own.

      Temple prostitution was forbidden for this reason. With temple prostitution, girls got pregnant and had kids. Someone married them and adopted their children. Not so in Israel! Adoption was rare. Every child had to know exactly who his father was so his genealogy would be clear and he would be connected to the promises of Israel. “Bastards” were excluded. The only person with no father who had a strong spiritual connection to God was Melchizedek. His lack of recorded parentage made him highly unusual!

      Children had to be kept “pure.” You couldn’t get a bride price for a daughter who wasn’t a virgin. It was so much a matter of economy that amidst all the prohibitions of incestuous relations, there is no prohibition against having sex with a daughter. No one would sacrifice so much wealth for sex! As for boys, well, it wasn’t so much that keeping them virginal was anything to be concerned about. But if they were caught with an unbetrothed girl, marriage was automatic — and there went a chance to make an advantageous marriage with another family. Pure economics. Love had nothing to do with it.

      And if they were caught porking a girl spoken for, or someone’s wife, well, death was the merciful end of what would happen to them. Try to sneak their children on someone else to steal their inheritance, will they?

      In other words, the rules were purely economic with a dose of spiritual promises on the side. Relationships, satisfaction — those were never considered.

    3. (Rant continued)

      The New Testament instructions on marriage are no better. There is nothing in them that actually deals with relationships, even though we have romanticized the readings of certain passages.

      When Jesus spoke on divorce, he noted the following:
      * A Man divorcing his wife for some cause other than adultery and remarrying commits adultery.
      * A Man who divorces his (presumably faithful) wife causes her to commit adultery. Even if he had committed adultery.

      Remember, men could divorce their wives. Wives could not divorce their husbands. Period. If a man divorced his wife, she was bereft. She was out in the street. If she didn’t find someone else to marry, she would starve or die on the streets. She might be forced into prostitution. But the man only committed adultery if the wife he divorced hadn’t committed adultery. No matter for the wife. Remarriage in any case was adulterous.

      And you thought Jesus was being generous?

      Marriages in the New Testament were arranged, not romantic. That’s why Paul had to command men to “love” their wives. Paul also had to use agape instead of eros because there often was NO physical attraction. There was NO relationship before the wedding day, NO dating or mixing between the sexes among young people. Men and women married because their families had contracted it. It was an economic relationship.

      So while Paul did say that it was better to marry than to burn, it was just after Paul had said that joining with a prostitute was a one-flesh relationship (i.e. expect children as a result). Both Paul and Peter essentially told women to behave themselves and not rock the boat. Be submissive so you can keep your husband.

      We get misty-eyed when Paul says he is ultimately talking about Christ and the Church, but remember, that is no romantic relationship either. The church was bought with a Price, and the higher the bride-price the more faithful the woman was expected to be. It was a matter of pride and standing. The woman only had place with her husband.

      Considering that kind of society, it is no wonder that the only kind of Biblical instruction on sex is, “Don’t. Until you are married, for kids. Or possibly to relieve stress. But a romantic relationship? Forgetaboutit.” Purity, not fulfillment.

      And it becomes very, very confusing to us when we try to think about loving camaraderie and mutual physical desire in a social and religious context where that just didn’t happen.

      Which may explain why, as the Church grew less Judaic and more Greco-Roman that the doctrines of the church on divorce and remarriage softened and morphed. The conflicts of societal expectations with the words of Scripture were not a matter of sin versus righteousness, but of different social constructs.

      And today, “marriage” is entirely different from the days of Scripture. There is reason to think about how Christians should regard sex, sexuality and marriage in a society where individuals can choose who they will or will not marry, where children are not considered economic bargaining chips, where people mingle freely and get to know others in ways children never did before, and where one’s genealogy is not the same as one’s connection to God.

      1. And today, β€œmarriage” is entirely different from the days of Scripture.

        Ain’t that the truth! I won’t waste an opportunity to trot out my favorite infographic about the many types of Biblical marriage.

        Anyway, thanks for sharing your insightful journey with us!

      2. Wow, rtg, you have done your homework and it shows. Bravo.

        I think it’s Imperative to break down the Bible, and study it closely. Understand the context and time that it was written. It simply can’t be taken literally.

        Can you imagine if we took every piece of it literally as its translated in English? OT, too? For as much as fundies like to say they take it literally, they don’t. It’s what they like to tell themselves.

      3. rtg–your rant is heard, understood, and appreciated. This is what happens when people cut II Cor. 3:5-6 out of their bibles.

    4. It seems like another one of those set ups in IFB churches where you can’t win no matter what you do: you can’t have close male friends. You can’t have close female friends. But if you don’t have friends, then you’re not being friendly. It keeps you constantly in balanced, always feeling as if you’re never good enough and never doing the right thing. It’s a horrible way to live.

  25. In case anyone missed it:
    “Welcome to Bible Truth Baptist Church!
    Where People Are Loved And Truth Is Preached.”

  26. We’ve all read the account of Lot’s visitation by the two angels while he was in Sodom, but then there’s also this: “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”
    Ezekiel 16:49 KJV

    This has been brought up before, but in all seriousness, has anyone here ever heard a Fundy preacher preach against pride, gluttony, or the sin of failing to help those with physical needs when it is in our power to do so?

    1. No. No, I haven’t. And a lot of preachers are a whole lot better off than the families they mooch from.

      Fullness of bread! Idleness! Pride! Ohhhh, this preacher is the spitting image of the sins of Sodom! While he is busy preaching away the gay!

      Abundance of irony in this one!

  27. Ah yes, the yelling. Because if you say it loud then it’s more true and those stupid people in the pew might get it. We had an evangelist once that demanded we keep turning the volume up past the point of pain on my eardrums. I just happened to have a set of soft earplugs in my car that I went and got. There were a lot of dirty looks and several people told me later I should be ashamed. I doubt they could hear my reply.

  28. “Welcome to Bible Truth Baptist Church!
    Where People Are Loved And Truth Is Preached.”

    Uhhh. Yeah. Sure. Whatever. “People are loved”? He’ll scream in your face, but he loves you. Unless you are gay. Then you can go to hell with his blessing. He’ll be glad to toss you in.

    “Truth”? Fundamentalists really don’t do much with actual truth, but they call everything they say and do the “truth.”

    Funny how well the world works without their “truth.” Funny how very dysfunctional fundamentalism is with all their “truth.” Of course these yahoos are King James Bible only. They take the idea that there is “nothing new under the sun” very seriously (and Paul wrote his epistles on his laptop, haymen?).

    How many chickens die every week on the altar for that man’s dinner plate, I wonder? Deep Fried and Carb loaded. He jiggles almost as much as Rush Limbaugh!

    More and more examples showing that fundamentalism is so much the same wherever you go. If some people want to demonstrate that fundamentalists are somehow different than what we understand, perhaps they should start pulling out the examples of these wonderful churches so we can see them!

    1. Not sure what I dislike more….the preachers presentation or your pettiness & childish, judgmental, sarcasm.

      1. What you like or don’t is nothing that concerns me, Greg. You are not my judge. And my criticism of him was not petty, but based on the evidence.

        To be sure, I am but an imperfect person striving to be better. Perhaps you will serve me in that regard as I learn to better ignore the gadflies of life. Or have more fun with them!

      2. greg, I am get so tired of your idiotic comments. Do you even comprehend the words you write. Look up the definition of sarcasm before you use it in a sentence.

        1. sarcasm – a cutting. often ironic (not always brain surgeon) remark intended to express contempt or ridicule.

          Scorps, you are witty, I’ll give you that…..but really not that intelligent.

        2. Greg, lay off the personal attacks on Scorpio. He wasn’t personally attacking you, but you chose that route in response.

          Not cool.

        3. Odd….I defend myself against Scorpio’s inane comment directed toward me, and then I am the one chided by you….Scorpio’s negative comments are fine, but my are not….curious…My words seem to be taken with much more seriousness than others.

          Want to talk about personal attacks….why don’t you read the many comments that are absolutely filthy that have been directed at this preacher, but not only him, but his entire family and church….but I get warned about “personal” comments……..WOW!

        4. Greg, if you want to sound like a Fundy church apparachik now and then, that’s fine, but please try *not* to do it all the time….

  29. I swear that every time one of these fundy “pastors” get done with a point, almost everyone of them says, “So and so said to me the other day” and then proceeds to go into a war story about how someone brought up the topic they are preaching on out of the blue, and their supposed “refutation” of the opposing argument so as to make them look smart. They have to, because even their congregations know how backwards and ignorant most of these “preachers” are. Nothing beats a redneck who prefers 17th century English LOL!

    1. Yep! It’s a dead giveaway when they can’t getteth their 17th century grammar right.

  30. Relatively new to this blog and would be in furious agreement about the excesses of the IB movement…but I can’t help thinking that this post is not fair, and the comments thread is worse.

    This man is not famous or influential. You don’t have to go to his church. You don’t have to watch their youtube channel – why mock him and hold up his family to ridicule as well. What if one of his children read some of the comments? … I can’t see how this in anyway demonstrates Christian grace. It’s just nasty. Period.

    Darrell, this seems apt…

    “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” G. Orwell

    1. No, we don’t have to go to this man’s church. Yes, some of the comments here (about their weight) are out of line.

      However, there’s nothing wrong with commenting on the evil this man is doing in the name of religion.

      1. Ok, I called him a whale. That may be out of line but he is preaching hatred, saying it is based on the Bible and ignoring the fact that the Bible also says that gluttony is a sin, how about ”Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony?” He put himself and his spewing of hatred out there, online for all to see. We saw it and have opinions on it. If I don’t want people to have opinions on what I think, preach, write, I should it off the internet. If he preached his sermons to his church and kept them there, only people who had no other choice, uh I mean, wanted to hear them would hear them.

        1. To be clear, I have no problem with people calling him out on his methods and homiletics. I don’t even mind saying that preachers should preach as mightily against gluttony as they do against drinking (I don’t think consumption of alcoholic beverages is wrong, but booze IS a pet sermon topic for fundies). It’s fat-shaming I have a problem with.

        2. I mentioned before that I have been chewed out for having tattoos. The guy who did it was about 80-90 pounds overweight, ate too much didn’t exercise, and was about 10 or 15 years overdue for a heart attack. He said my body was a temple. I found that difficult to take from someone whose body is a broken-down Colosseum…

        3. I think what I think. I apologized because it was unkind of me to say it. Unkindness is not what I want to spread. This man disgusts me on many, many levels but truth doesn’t need to be mixed with cruelty. One thing that bothers me about his obesity is that it denotes self indulgence. I look at him and cannot help but wonder what other vices he indulges in. I speak from experience of men like this.

    2. I agree that the weight comments are harsh and out of line. But calling him out on his sermon delivery and content is not out of line. As a pastor, I welcome people telling me how the sermon delivery came across and what they thought of the content. Some one has taken the time to listen and interact with the message. Thanks be to God.

      1. Leanne, the Intelligent Lady Semp, and others,

        I apologize for my comments about his weight. At least, the more mocking part of them.

        However, since the man’s subject was on how disgusting and unnatural gay people are in his viewpoint, to see his particular “fit” to the “sins of Sodom” quite invited the scorn. Not that I was right to accept the invitation. But he was wrong to so extend it.

        Perhaps there is an example of the law of sowing and reaping here. I am overweight myself, struggling to lose it. I generally have compassion on those in that circumstance. But we should take care to not forfeit our own mercies by the harshness we deal out to others.

        1. I understand where you are coming from on his demeaning of homosexuals and the transgender community. And I think there is a point to be made that most fundies really do treat homosexuality very differently than they treat any other act which is considered sinful. They do not usually mention gluttony. And they definitely do not demean (unless the one they are demeaning is a fat, liberal, gay person) someone who is guilty of gluttony.

        2. Mercilessly mocking this morbidly obese man for his weight is both unnecessary and unkind, and we ought to leave his children out of the discussion. Nevertheless, in light of Ezekiel 16:49, I don’t think its unfair to ask if this man preaches against sins such as gluttony or hardening one’s heart against the plight of the poor with the same fervor with which he preaches against homosexuality. Somebody who knew what he was talking about said, “… and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

  31. Dear SFL Reader:

    Christian Socialist: What ministry do you do?

    Jim Veitch: ‘Here at Bible Truth Baptist Church, we offer ministries for all ages. We currently have sunday school, patch club, teens for christ, adult choir, nursery services, van ministry, and outreach ministry. The men’s ministry, women’s ministry, teens for christ and youth choir are new additions to our church due to the growth that we are experiencing.’

    Christian Socialist: But what ministery do you do?

    Christian Socialist

  32. So Sam Kinison isn’t dead? Got a crewcut and went back to preaching?

    Frequent lurker, first time commenting.
    Was raised on the conservative side of normal but had friends who were borderline fundy. Now more on the liberal side of libertarian and happen to live and work in the middle of a large amount of Mennonites and Evangelical types with a sprinkling of IFB here and there. Began visiting here and some other sites to try and get some understanding of the what I’m surrounded by. Wonder how many sermons my tattooed GF and I have been a topic of? Lol.

  33. I didn’t know that fundy churches were still having that kind of service. Guess I’ve been out of the loop too long. Last time I went to a service like that was over 20 yrs ago. But these can’t be real fundies, real fundy men don’t wave white hankies, that’s reserved for the ladies!

      1. Here is a fat preacher bloviating against gays, while a guy is waving a hankie at him repeatedly.

        Oy veh.

  34. I am curious about what is his Scripture text for this sermon…fundy pastors have away of fitting in their favorite pet topics like homosexuality or drinking or sinful hollywood, etc into sermons based on Scriptures which have nothing to do with their favorite pet topics….

  35. I think that this family’s weight is a proper concern. They seem to be eating themselves silly, and the younger children are on their way to obesity, too. This is not a good example to their congregation.

    I once was invited to a home where father, mother and daughter–about 8 years old–were very obese. Their son, about 10, was of normal weight. He went to a residential school and played a lot of sports, so he was away from the family dining table for much of the year.

    In my honor, they had cooked TWO fryer-sized chickens per person, plus lots of side dishes and desserts. They were surprised that I didn’t eat the second chicken and otherwise ate moderately.

    By the way, I am about 30 pounds overweight myself. After being diagnosed as diabetic two years ago I shed 20 pounds but still have more to lose.

      1. See my comment above. No one is “fat shaming”, but I’m hearing a lot of fat affirmation. There is nothing wrong with encouraging people to lose weight and get healthy. There is plenty wrong with just turning a blind eye to someone’s weight.

        Spoken as a guy over 300 lbs, with most family also overweight, fighting every fucking person I fucking know to get healthy and lose weight because they are all so goddamn fat affirming and anti-fat “shaming”.


        1. Stuart, I apologized for being rude. Having said that, I don’t think anyone would argue with a statement that this man is unhealthy. He obviously is but it is his message that is offensive, not his weight.

        2. StuartB, I believe you missed my point. My point was that it is neither kind nor necessary to make fun of him, and especially his children, for being overweight. I don’t think it’s necessary to insult anyone. I wasn’t being “fat affirming”. I was trying to encourage people to be nice. There is plenty wrong with turning a blind eye to nasty comments. We can’t do anything about HIS weight but we can all police OUR comments a bit better.

        3. There have been a few comments I found mean about weight which I would not chalk up to someone being concerned about this man’s health.
          And I am not sure saying perhaps mocking a man’s weight is not the best way to go–the guy’s sermon has more than a wealth of things to pick on–is affirming being fat. Yes people can go too far but don’t read people saying to shame the obese as we are wanting to affirm them and keep them fat.

        4. I sympathize with you. I need to lose 75 lbs to be healthy and am having a tough time. I understand how easy it is to mistake people against fat shaming as affirming. I try to ask myself if I am projecting my own struggle onto others. For those who are affirming, I try to appreciate that they are actually trying to bring positiveness to me.

  36. Obesity goes with fundy territory. Look at David Gibbs. for starters. I could name more. Only fundy pastor who cared about nutrition was Lester Roloff. Fundy churches themselves are veritable bastions of fat production what with the high fat, high sugar potlucks, dinners on the ground, donuts at Sunday school, etc.

    1. I don’t know that it goes with fundy territory. A lot of non-fundies are fat/obese.

      None of the fundy pastors I had was over obese. Same with the wives and kids. Some of them were very athletic and worked hard at eating a healthful diet. The church members were pretty much representative of the overall population outside the compound. Some pudgy, some trim, some very overweight.

      1. I mentioned this earlier. According to a magazine I was looking at recently (I think it was Health), Christian fundamentalists have higher levels of obesity than other religious groups.

    2. Sadly, when I was new to Fundamentalism, I went to one of the “Roloff Enterprises” mens’ homes on the advice of a Fundy preacher. Do you have any first-hand experience with either Lester Roloff or his ministries?

  37. Can we not with the fat “jokes?” And the “Well, he’s fat, therefore wrong?” There is plenty to shun in this shouting, spitting, hateful, menacing, creepy performance without all the “Well, he’s fat, hur-hur.”

    1. Some folks who are obese eat the same as some thin people, they have other health issues that cause the obesity. One cannot tell by simply looking. I admit I do sometimes catch myself judging someone’s outward appearance and have to repent of that.

      I struggle with clinical depression. Imagine how much a failure I thought I was when the Doctor put me on meds. My fundy upbringing frequently taught that depression is a result of sin.

      So I liken obesity to my own fight against depression: not all depressed people are living in sin, not all overweight people are gluttons.

      1. Sometimes it’s the skinny athletics ones who suddenly drop dead.

        Weight, in and of itself, is not an indicator of health.

        1. Jim Fixx popularized running as a health aid, back in the 80s. He was an endurance runner. He dropped dead when he was about 50 or so.

          I used to walk in a cemetery near my home; many people used this cemetery as a running track. The day after Jim Fixx died, there were very few runners out there that day!

      2. But many who are obese can do things to lose weight. Beyond “eating the same amount of calories”.

        Remaining obese is often a choice.

      3. Agreed and well said. My major gripe is with the never ending supply of fattening food always served at every fundy event. It only makes it harder for those in their membership who are struggling.

        1. True. And I am middle aged now and haven’t ever had much trouble with my weight. But I do have a weakness for junk food and bacon burgers. It was to the point of gluttony for a while. So at one point, I would say I was a worse sinner at the table than some obese people. And of course, I make no comment about the guy in the video, just a general statement.

        2. Stever, I used to stop at Wendy’s every day for lunch and order a triple burger. I could put it down in minutes, much to my coworkers’ amazement. I was overspending my budget, but couldn’t fight the craving. Then came the health issues, one being high cholesterol (go figure!). But before all of that, I knew that it would turn out that way if I continued. I continued anyway. That was the point of gluttony. No moderation whatsoever in my case. Nowadays I will order one every couple of months, and eat salad the rest of the day.

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