154 thoughts on “Strange Comparisons”

  1. 1555 A.D shows humbleness and complete submissiveness to God out of unfeigned love for God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. The man burning at the stake did not care about impressing the “world”. He loved God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit so much that he was willing to burn at the stake for Him.

    “Now” shows “pride”. The wearer is just trying to look like a “cool dude” to impress the “world” and not the Lord.

    1. I agree with what you said about 1555, but I can’t judge the “now” picture. We don’t know people’s hearts and we don’t know their motives.

      We don’t know if he’s trying to be cool or simply trying the best way he knows to be a testimony for Christ. Maybe he’s being irreverent or maybe he thinks that being funny will start a conversation with people. Certainly a t-shirt like this doesn’t “impress the world.” At least he’s smiling not scowling or smirking.

      I spent too many years judging people on their appearance. Now I’m trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, to believe the best about them unless they prove otherwise by their actions.

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