Logic Fails

It’s been a while since we checked in with Steve Anderson, so I thought I’d indulge in a little extra dose of crazy today.

I understand this correctly, Steve is telling us that kids who don’t get saved in school chapel will all end up gay. Which is demonstrably true. Obviously.

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      1. That mural behind him…

        Is he preaching Live from the Paradise Room at a Mormon Temple?

  1. Well, at least this video was short, if not sweet. I guess he believes that “one bad apple spoils all the good apples” like our last website. What is sad to me is that he doesn’t take into account that you can sit in a place where the Gospel is preached without hearing the Gospel at all. Even if the Gospel is being preached in these schools (a big if), what about the students who are sleeping during chapel? What about the ones who look like they are perfect little students, but they are mentally completely turned off? What about the ones who have their test notes on little papers that they use to bookmark their Bibles so they can study during chapel? He really needs to have more grace for these kids instead of calling them reprobates – how could he possibly know who God has given up on?

  2. I listened to this “sermon” – and it bothered me for so many reasons.

    For one thing, I hate being yelled at from the pulpit! Most of us who post on this blog know what it is to be shouted at like this. The minute I clicked and he began “preaching,” I tightened up inside. So many years of being called a backslidden, movie-watchen’, rock music-loven’, God-robber (for example) – and always in ALL CAPS will do that do you.

    To say that people who have heard the Gospel hundreds of times and “rejected” it will never get saved is just plain wrong. I heard the Gospel for 19 years before I trusted Christ as my Savior. How dare he put limits on the grace of God.

    I also reject his characterization of all Christian schools. I know some are really bad, but not all. I teach at a small, non-denominational Christian school, and it is there that I’ve learned what it really means to live a grace-filled life. For so many years I was taught that only the Baptists “had it.” What a wonderful surprise to learn that that’s just not so! One of our board members is Roman Catholic. We have a smattering of Baptists, Church of Christers, Christian Churchers, Presbyterians, Assembly of Goders, Bible churchers, and so on. We pray together, work together famously, and care for our students together. We’ve learned to focus on what we have in common – the Gospel – and let denominational differences stay in the background.

    I also think he doesn’t know his Bible very well. I’m not a theologian – but I’ve known the Lord for almost 40 years and spend a lot time reading and studying the Word. I think that Romans is Paul’s grand treatise explaining the lost condition of mankind in general and me in particular. We are all lost and have no desire to know God – until His grace steps in and begins to draw us to Him. Even the faith to believe is His gift. No one is good enough to be saved – there are no good people (students). We’re all bad. And the first chapter of Romans, in my opinion, is the introduction to this grand work. I believe he is carefully showing what happened as man departed further and further from Eden.

    1. I thought he looks like Matthew Fox. I felt like I was listening to one of Jacks speeches from LOST.

  3. Before I read any of the comments, I would like to say this: This man makes my skin crawl. Every time I see a video of him, I want to call him a bad word and slam a door.

    “They’ll never get saved, because they’re reprobates!” Really? Really?? First of all, they’re children and more than likely weren’t paying attention through 90% of the boring sermons that presented the gospel to them, and secondly, determining whether or not someone will ever get saved is definitely not the job of this idiot-face, nor is it the job of anyone other than the Holy and Almighty God.

    This man makes me sick. Just absolutely sick.

    That’s all.

  4. I particularly love that when he’s saying not all the kids in “Christian Schools” are good kids, obviously just laying out the assumption the he was one of the good ones. From what he’s grown up to be, I sincerely doubt he was even close to a good kid.

    1. What he is now is a pulpit bully (not to be confused with a bully pulpit).

      Most adult bullies were also bullies as children, I think.

      1. THANK YOU for mentioning that bullies can be over 18, too. Just because a bully is young, that doesn’t automatically mean that he or she will “grow out” of bullying ways by the time they reach legal adulthood!

        1. Yeah – my father-in-law is an 87-year-old bully. Controls every conversation, states his opinions as facts, makes rude and unkind comments to deliberately hurt. No one can stand up to him, so we avoid him as much as possible.

  5. This is one reason the IFB eventually lost me: way too much invective directed against people. They should be loving people, giving them grace and compassion instead of irritation, even hatred. They should be upholding our gracious and gentle Lord not bashing people they don’t like.

    It is God’s kindness that calls us to repentance. (Rom. 2:4)

  6. Obviously flawed logic.

    On a side note: Steve is also teaching, whether he realizes it or not, reformed theology. The very theology that he hates so much. According to Steve “They can’t get saved!” I guess all that’s left to say now is – WELCOME TO CALVINISM, Stevy.

    1. Dear Christian:

      I could be wrong about this, but I suspect that some reformed theologians would be most reluctant to argue that any given sinner is beyond redemption.

      Methinks that the assertions in question have less to do with reformed confessional theology than with Mr. Anderson’s unstable personality, undisciplined mind, possibly an unrepentant heart.

      Plenty of people never darken the door of a church and still hate Mexicans, gays, socialists, authority figures and the like. If he had no religion behind which to sanctify his bigotry and hatred, would this HAC drop-out behave any differently?

      Christian Socialist

  7. How exactly does one read through Romans chapter one and come away with the attitude that Mr. Anderson does? When I read that chapter I am only reminded of MY sinfulness and MY reprobate mind and the work of God to conform me to the image of His Son now that I am a Christian.

  8. Amazing! I was sort of hoping these sort of people had died off. I want to kidnap him and lock him in a room where “The Ragamuffin Gospel” is played on audiobook 24 / 7 until he gets it.
    What a jackass…literally.

  9. All I can think while watching this is who made you God? To say that they will never be saved is ridiculous. I didn’t accept Christ till I was 15 and I grew up in church. They seem to forget that the holy spirit has to take hold of your heart. Was I to be a reprobate just cause I didn’t accept it the first, second, third, ect. time I heard it?

  10. What about people who become “saved” before 15 then go on to reject Christ later on? That happened to me. I went through 7-8 years of pure Hell and almost killed myself before I came back to the Lord. When was I Saved? Am I Saved?

  11. wow….I went to sunday school and youth group and church every wednesday and sunday and I even went to a christian college where i had to go to chapel three times a week. I became “saved” when I was 11 and got baptized when I was a junior. I never hardened my heart. I heard the gospel “1000s” of times….Guess what…I’m a lesbian….if anything this kind of mindset and teachings (and just plain logic and common sense) lead me away from christianity…

  12. what a total eff-ing idiot. i grew up in a pastor’s home and didn’t begin my relationship with Jesus until i was 20, guess i’m a reprobate…

  13. I see he is sporting a trendy beard… that makes him decidedly NOT fundy enough for a lot of other IFB churches, namely, Lancaster Baptist Church.

    Sorry Bro. Anderson.

  14. I know this is a late comment, but I was referenced to this from a comment in a recent post. This is total crap. I went to a Christian school my whole school age life and had not accepted Christ. I never indulged in all the forms of wickedness, nor did I have a desire to be a homosexual…He also said that person would never get saved. Fortunately I have a God that loves unconditionally, unlike Steven Anderson’s God. I accepted Christ at the age of 19. Its preachers like this guy that caused me to reject Christ all through Elementary and High School.

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