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    1. Don’t feel bad. *pat pat* There’s always next week–the only reason I got it was because I was up for a Mary-Kay party and I was on Twitter…I won’t be first again on a Saturday. 😛

      1. You won’t need an explanation for the eye protection/propholactic device (sp is way off)

    1. Wait.. I’m such a dork. Okay, ignore all of the above (xcept for Rob). I thought it was supposed to be “one OF these” and was picking on Darrell about it, but after reading it and rereading it and staring at it, I FINALLY got it.

      One blonde joke from ANYONE, and I repossess your butt cushions, your chick tracts, AND your Scofields.

      😉 😛

      1. The funny part is that you even typed (since you can’t copy & paste from the graphic) the “one for these”, and still were reading it OF!

        Thanks for the opportunity to use the phrase “eye protection”.

        As Homer Simpson would say, I wanna keep my butt cushion, cause it’s just starting to get my “a– groove” contoured, and I don’t wanna be be working in a new pew or butt cushion (especially not one of the BJU ones).

        1. Are you picking on me, Rob? Hmm?

          *eyeing your butt cushion…. which somehow doesn’t sound right*


        1. How many Na…. err, I mean blondes does it take to change a light bulb?

          (I don’t have a punch line, just figured if I’m gonna lose the butt cushion, I might was well go for it) 🙂

  1. Oooohhhhh I love it!!! Can I post it on my Facebook for my other x-fundy-U friends? I’ll give you proper credit. 🙂

  2. Do I need an explanation? No.

    Therapy? Yes.

    I needed the notes for the class, and so I had to meet her in the commons. How was I to know I would be pounded with eye babies 😯 and for so long? I promise to always take a stop watch with to the commons from now on. 😀

    1. ah! thank you! never attended “bible” “college”, so i actually DID need an explanation. i seriously thought this was a)some sort of mc escher (sp?) sketch, or b)a replica of the magic glasses used to translate the book of mormon.

      1. Bible College = No kissing, hugging, petting, sex, hand holding, hand shaking, or sitting within 18 feet on your date. Gazing lustfully into each other’s eyes is about all you’re left with. 😯

    2. I was stummped. i read and re-read the picture (obviously looking for a 666 reference) and trying to make sense of it. I showed my wife, and she laughed hystericaly. I was like “C’mon tell me, i don’t get it.” She went to Fundy U. I did not.

      she had some humorous stories of seeing some of this actually happening and showed me the proper distance a couple must have between them while … eye gazing.

      1. That’ so funny. Anyone who went to Fundy U can tell you.

        “Just start walking in that direction, and when you can barely see me…you are there.”

      1. At Fundy U, they will give you pointers on the proper distance to sit a part when staring. They are kind enough to even have someone watch you as you watch each other. And if necessarily, let you know you are getting too close for safety. 😉

        Thankfully, I was only a victim, never a participant. 😀

  3. Titus has a brother that goes to a Fundamentalist College in Tennessee. He said that you would be amazed at how much the couples can just sit and stare at each other. I hear they are not even allowed to read the Bible together. But, I’m not sure if that’s the whole Bible or just the Song of Solomon.

  4. I think I would punch anyone under 24 months of age who stared at me like that, including my husband. Its a Jersey thing.

    1. ^ROFL

      Yeah, I agree. I don’t even thinking that someone thinks I’m staring at them. How awkward! and kinda creepy.

      1. LOL! I thought the same thing. But I get it. It’s *weird.* You *know* they’d rather be snogging (and anywhere else no one would bat an eye if they were). But it’s OK. At least some of them have glasses or contacts. No harm can come from it. 😆

    2. I’m too stunned at the fact that your husband is under 24 months of age to process the rest of your comment. I’d heard that Fundies tend to marry young, but …

      1. Whahaha! me too, I got hung up on puinching under the 24mo part and couldn’t move on.

    1. Ha! No way. At my Fundy U, new rules were made because of two couples who couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.

      Two stinkin’ couples created all sorts of headaches for everyone else. Why the administration couldn’t do something to just them is beyond me.

      1. Headsup! The couples didn’t create headaches for ANYONE, it was the idiotice faculty that made the idiotic new rules that created the headaches… The two couples were normal, I am sure. 😕

    2. The practice was alive and well at West Coast when I was there. Makes you want to scream, “Just kiss already!” 😈

  5. Well brothers and sisters, we are presented today with another deep crisis: what is the TRUTH about the information being presented to us. It’s time to discern the “thoughts and intents of man.”

    A casual glance at this object will immediately let those that are being led wisely know that this object is an abomination. “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” Also, Deuteronomy 22:11 states, “Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woolen and linen together.” I mean if that isn’t clear enough for you, you need to check your heart.

    So that brings us to the PROOF that this object is wicked. A great man of faith Ben Franklin (and don’t believe what the liberal media would have you believe about him) invented eyeglasses in 1784. Now the liberal media would counter that the wicked, communist Chinese culture had been using glasses since 1270 A.D (no Common Era crap here). That is a difference of 514 wicked years.

    Now we know that the wicked government of this country, God Bless America, has been trying to take “In God We Trust” off our currency for years. They have all their Masonic symbols, New World Order propaganda and all other manner of wickedness on the money we give every Sunday. Well Ben Franklin has been slapped right on the face of the 100-dollar bill. If we add those 100 dollars to the liberal lies of the media concerning the invention of the eyeglass, we arrive at 614.

    I feel led to get back to where I was yesterday, preachin against them wicked Frenchmen. Camp there Preacher You see brothers and sisters, our Brother Ben spent 9 years (1776-1785) as ambassador to them wicked French (evangelizing, or something like that, I’m sure). Well folks, if we take the 9 years he spent in France and multiply that by two (he did invent the bifocal, can I get an Amen!!) we have another 18 wicked years. Add this to our previous answer, 614 and we are left with 632 Units Of Wickedness.

    Now we will address the abomination in the picture. Well, my brothers and sisters, it is quite simple. We have 1 unholy, co joined-ed frame and 2 lenses. Add these together and we have 3.
    If we combine this with the 4 stems, going in two directions and unequally yoked, we are left with 34.

    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news my friends, but the math is simple. 632 Units Of Wickedness plus the 34 Units Of abomination equals 666. Please folks, tell your friends to avoid these wicked frames at all cost.

    1. It’s unbelievably frightening how the sneaky devil is working even in an attempt to prevent eye babies, to work his evil plan!

      Especially I never would’ve expected him to jump from mostly simple addition & subtraction to joining the 3&4 to come up with 34. That is pure evil by the devil! We all need to be very aware of the sneaky ways he’s trying to imprint the number of man on us for the tribulation!


      1. God moves in mysterious ways … and i’m moving on. the whole 666 thing is SO last week

        1. I think you’ve done amazing work reminding us all of the dangers of not being aware of the secret intent going on! 🙂

      1. Are you questioning god’s annointed? and please, don’t confuse me with the facts.

  6. I could not hold a steady gaze while talking to my boyfriend in the commons, I was always afraid of being accused of occular intercourse.

    5 seconds *blink*
    5 seconds *look out the window*
    5 seconds *look down at my shoes*

    1. It’s good to have a system to keep you from “the appearance of” optical intercourse.

      I always laughed at the people who were standing right across from each other…and you would see them lean in…and then lean out…apparently that was a good time if you really like someone.

      1. At my former fundy church, if I ever had to speak to a man there about anything, the would never directly look at me, it was weird and annoying. 😐

  7. Reminds me of a couple I know. They go to two different fundy schools, but when they’re around each other they just sit and stare.

  8. I seldom got hung up staring into someones eyes. It was the other parts that got my attention 🙂

  9. You’re just too good to be true.
    Can’t take my eyes off of you.
    You’d be like Heaven to touch.
    But, fifty “d’s” (demerits) are too much.
    And, if you feel like I feel, then meet me in back of Reveile (sp?)(Men’s dorm at BJU).
    You’re just too good to be true.
    Can’t take my eyes off of you.

    This is sung to the tune of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Frankie Valli
    Some of us sang this at BJU back in the early ’70’s. 😆 The Frankie Valli song was really popular at that time. Thank you, Darrell, for putting those words on the pic. It brought back this memory. I only went to BJU b/c my mom made me. I only went 1 year. It was all that I could stand!

  10. Oh my…you should paten this and then sell it to BJU. It should be required for anyone who wants to go into the furniture room. You could make a killing.

  11. I didn’t go to BJU, PCC, or any other Fundy U. I only spent 3 years in an IBLP/ATIA training center (Bill Gothard) which is as bad as any Fundy U out there. One of the leaders compared the experience to ‘being in a spiritual boot camp.’ 🙄

    We were voluntarily, at our own expense, working for/with IBLP, in an attempt to be of some help to the community and country that we were in. (I was in Russia, although IBLP has/had centers in several countries.)

    A roommate of mine got put on a plane back home after 2 years of fairly selfless volunteer service to the organization and the Russian people. Really. Great guy…

    His crime? The main offense was that he had been seen, not rumored to have been, but actually SEEN talking one-on-one with a girl. Not just ONCE, but THREE times. 😯

    These crimes took place over a course of several months at least; this ‘ungodly behavior’ was enacted in public places; and there was no physical contact, of course… I would’ve heard about it!:lol:

    I’m not saying the guy was Mother Teresa – how many 21-yr old guys are? 😆 Still. even at the time the absolute, preposterous absurdity of the situation was just astounding.

    1. Was no provision made for all those poor little eye-babies invisibly running around, inaudibly crying for nonexistent milk for their intangible tummies? Was there no concern for these helpless imaginary orphans? 🙁 :mrgreen:

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