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  1. BLEH! Being accosted with “Faith is the Victory” MIDI on the SFL tab when I opened my browser was a serious “what the heck is going on?” moment.

        1. Usually the ones people refer to are “Coming Again” and “I’ve Found a Friend Who Is All to Me” with the chorus of “Saved, Saved,…Life now is sweet and my joy is complete for I’m saved, saved, saved.” But now I’m oompahpahing to “Faith Is the victory” so thanks for putting THAT in my head! 😉

      1. Use Flashblock (for Firefox and probably Chrome)… I never heard any sound and didn’t know what was wrong, until I saw that it was blocked.

  2. Boy, that gave me a nervous twitch for a few seconds. But what made it all the more believable were the spelling and grammatical errors…typical of many fundie websites developed by a pastor with an 8th grade education and a doctorate.

    1. you weren’t even a little suprised?!?! i mean, it was a pretty good scam! he had me for a hot second, then i felt foolish … darn my easy believe-ism

  3. Unfortunately, I spoiled the joke for myself by checking my RSS feeds before coming straight to the site. When I went back to check it out, though, teh funny hadn’t been ruined much at all. Great humor, Darrell! 😀

  4. It was too early in the morning for that kind of joke. But thanks for making it so outlandish that I caught on about halfway down the page.

  5. Silly me. I actually Googled Second Corinthians Baptist Church in Duluth…..after I recovered from a heart attack induced by that deadly duo of color and sound.

      1. Points to be issued as follows:
        3 point for obscure observation.
        *(2) for a new testament reference = (6)
        *(2) b/c of 2nd Corinthians = (12)
        We need to deduct ½ point b/c KNOWING incest references is gross =
        (11 ½) points for Rob today.

        1. How many points do I get (or get deducted) because I have no idea what RobM is talking about? LOL

        2. mochajo,
          in II cor. a guy was sleepin with his fathers wife … ick. you lose 7 1/4 points for that. sorry your in the negative column.

        3. I believe my points total is getting awfully close to the dreaded or winning total of 666 if my math is correct. I’m not sure how to categorize it at this point.

  6. very well done Darrell….

    …my first thought was “Whoah!” then it was “oh!” then I read the script and knew for sure it was a great AFD joke!

  7. Drat!

    I finally thought I had gotten rid of all the bitteness and strife caused by this horrindus site.

    Your save this time, but there’s always next April 1st!…unless the rapture comes first!!

    😳 😕 😡 😡 😥 🙁

        1. What?!? Why do I get blamed for everything!!!

          Give me all of your butt cushions back… NOW!!!! You don’t deserve them!!!!

          (just kidding 😉 )

    1. Good Morning folks,
      When I loaded up the inter-nets this morning, I said to myself, Yippy! This wicked “SFL” site that plagues me has been removed-ed. Well, a quick glance told me I was wrong and that *darn* Darrell is at it again sorry for the Christian swear, folks.

      See folks, I looked at the running time of the blessed hymn and saw that it was runnin’ for 237 seconds. The clip art has a total of 380 Kb (add it up folks, you’ll see):
      1. Holy Knight= 18.9 kb
      2. Runnin’ to the KJV= 16.1 kb
      3. Old Glory a’wavin’ = 286 kb
      4. KJV crushin’ the devil = 58.8 kb
      Total= 380 kb

      So if we add up the kb of holy clip art (380), the (237) seconds of glorious hymns and (1611) of the KJV, we arrive at 2228 Units of Holiness.

      This is where Wicked Darrell made his mistake. A quick search of Duluth, GA revealed some VERY interesting facts.
      Mistake #1 Duluth has (1) Catholic School.
      Mistake #2 Duluth has (13) Public Schools.
      Mistake #3 Duluth was founded by Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut (1639 – 1710), a wicked Frenchman (are there any other kind of Frenchmen) who was (71) years old when he died.
      Mistake #4 It was (161) years from the time of Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut’d death to the day they named the town for him in 1871. (1871 – 1710 = 161)
      Mistake #5 Duluth receives (1,316) mm of rain each year. Matthew 5:45 says that God “sendeth rain on the … unjust”

      Listen folks, I’m not making this stuff up! Read it for yourselves. The math is all right there! I ain’t a liar, and I’m not tryin’ to deceive yall.

      If we add up the apostate wickedness that Darrell managed to slip in we get 1 + 13 + 71 + 161 + 1,316 = 1562 Units of Evil.

      Folks, do the math 2228 Units of Holiness minus Darrell’s 1562 Units of Evil and the result is … you guessed it folks, 666.

      1. NO WAY! You are incredible!

        Extra bonus points for working the ellipsis like an old pro in the “sendeth rain on the … unjust”.

        I give you a 700 on a scale of 1-666.

      2. Hey Shoes, you should use your analytical skills to help the FBI with that uncrackable code thing they’re asking for help on. I’m sure it all adds up to….something… 😎

        1. well, if you’d like $666 dollars back, i think i can help. other than that …. i’m at a loss. I work within very specific constraints.

        2. Shoes, I’d be willing to get only $666 back next year, if you can work the kjv, some dispensationalism, a jab at public schools, and some bad grammar into my 1040!

      3. @ Shoes: WOW. That was INCREDIBLE!! This is only my second day visiting this site, and what you just did was hysterical! And, I third the comments about yu doing my taxes next year to get me $666,666!
        Thank you for the smile! 😆

    1. methinks yer addicted to gambling black bug man! Betting twice today already!

      we at 2nd Corinthians BC offer help to those addicted at our Reformers Unanamous meetings!

      1. Reformers Unanamous?? …so you are an Independent Satellite Bunker of the Hyles Anderson Amalgamated Association of Unified Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches.
        aka: RUISBHAAA of UIFBC (I’m sure Shoes can do the numerology associated with your organization. 😉 )

        1. i’m busy with the FBI’s code. Trying to solve a murder from 1999. be busy on that for a while.

        2. s’ok Shoes, whenever you can get to it… 😯 😉

          btw you may want to get the G-men to question Rev. Dr. J. E. Hannigan…. I’ll bet they find he is’nt really a Doctor.

          He seems to be kinda shifty to me… “watch ‘im folks he’s a fairly dangerous man. He may look dumb but that’s just a disguise, why I bet he’s even got a Commie flag tacked up inside his garage…”

        3. Love the green teeth reference! I think I’ll go to LA via Omaha? (That doesn’t sound right, I can’t think of what the alternate route or the destination is for sure).

  8. oh…and the animated characters….especially the angry knight with the sword killing something. simply brilliant darrell. you are a genius of comedy and worthy of earthly praise

  9. I had just gotten over finding out my “best friend was engaged and didn’t tell me”, so I was on the lookout for April Fool’s. But so early in the morning? lol

    1. I am not having a good day. This belongs up where Natalie says she is having Shoes do her taxes next year.
      I’m not going to even bother putting it where it belongs. In fact, I’ll be happy if this ends up where it should go.

      1. see ? that’s what happens when you mess with the numbah of da beast!

        Repent in sackcloth and ashes before it’s too late inflated man!

        1. your doctrine is off, bra. see 666 is the number of man see REVELATION 13 :18 “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred THREESCORE and six.” So the MARK OF THE BEAST, as you so ignorantly put it, is a fundy fiction. It is actually the number of man, and the number of the beast? please tell me where you get MARK from? not the Bible ….. your false doctrine is not welcome here.

        2. oopps. i jumped the gun. the anger in my heart made me prematurely exasperate-ed.

        3. Dear Holiest of Holies Reverend – I’m ok with the sackcloth but ashes make me nervous. 😀

  10. I told myself I wasn’t going to the comments, it takes too much time. But I would look and see what was up today. 😮 😯 😆 😆 😆 😛 😉 Must catch breathe.
    Amen brother, preach it.

    1. At first I was like, “Uh-oh, what’s going on?”… Then, 3 seconds later, “Oh, shut up, Darrell” before I clicked on the enter.. ha ha. 😉

  11. This is the part where those of us who read SFL in Reader go, “Huh?” ❓ I had to actually type out the URL for SFL to see what this post was referring to.

  12. Anyone who gets $666 can send it on to me. I’m still trying to buy a new van since I wrecked one in December. I actually asked for prayer about us being able to buy a new one at church and was mocked by the pastor. Apparently a having enough kids to warrant wanting to buy a 12 passenger van is hilarious.

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