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  1. Are the Schaaps and Anderson even on speaking terms? I thogh they weren’t when Schaap refused to call the KJV inspired and Anderson wrote that letter where he actuall starts talking to the dead Jack Hyles. I’ve read John R. Rice’s biography and the first one onLlester Rolloff that came out before he died in the plain crash and it was revised.

  2. @Darrell: i dig the picture caption

    @Loren: Its true. Russell Anderson wrote an open letter that he sent to many IFB churches across the U.S.( that’s really,really open). In it all of a sudden he shifted from talking to Schaap to talking to Hyles in the letter about what Schaap was saying about the KJV. It may still be on the internet I’ll have to look.

  3. The hyphen is great. As is the cover art. But “is responsible for the Salvation of over 3,000,000 souls” is first utter blasphemy and second a ludicrous statement. First, I only know of one that died for my Salvation. Second, that is an average of 109 souls every day from the day he was born until he turned 75 (assuming he only lived to the age of 75). This is so man-centered.

    I would expect this if it came from the same place that turned out this,

    or this,

    or this,

    or this,

    What??? Oh . . . so that is where the Anderson came from. Sorry, continue on.

  4. Bingo

    Click on Hall of Shame and then click on Jack Shaap and you wil be able to get it on PDF.

    Steven Anderson of Faith Word Baptist Church and the Repentence Black List Runs it(the website).

    One can also see Letter of corespondance between Schaap and othe IFB preachers on HAC Alumni.com

  5. just been doing some googling and reading on that HACAlumni website. I guess a lot of this dustup happened last year.

    To see some of these KJVO types claim intellectual supremacy in the debate is pretty funny. They cite their HAC degrees as the support for said supremacy. Made me LOL. Several times.

  6. So was his gold mine physical or spiritual. I am so proud of him for giving all that money, what a man of God! That’s what we are supposed to say right?

  7. I’m guessing Steven Anderson is one of the main forces behind hard preaching website? He certainly features himself a lot. I’d always been under the impression he didn’t go to any college, but I guess calling HAC an education is stretching that word.

    Clicked through to find “friends of Clint Caviness”, and was disturbed to see the NYWC thing, but the logo didn’t look right. Was kind of relieved to learn it’s some bizarre fundamentalists convention. I’ve never seen any of these freaks at a YS event NYWC or other. Can just imagine the rage they would feel over a YS event. 🙂

  8. “But “is responsible for the Salvation of over 3,000,000 souls” is first utter blasphemy and second a ludicrous statement. First, I only know of one that died for my Salvation. Second, that is an average of 109 souls every day from the day he was born until he turned 75 (assuming he only lived to the age of 75). This is so man-centered. ”

    Is/was he competing with Betty Bowers?

  9. When it says that he’s responsible for the salvation of X amount of souls it’s saying that in the connection of money being given. Giving money helps the missionairies buy tracts and Bibles to give to people.

  10. I hate the fundy love for the word “souls.” Part of their problem is always thinking of people as “souls” instead of as human beings, who deserve respect and grace from us.

  11. Phil…agreed that is what they mean, but the way they (fundies) word it is bothersome.

    There is so much “man” focus and so little “God” focus.

  12. @phil Yep. I know. I totally understood that, but it is the implication in the statement that bugs me so much.

    Because God blessed Anderson with a lot of money (which God did, there is no denying that) and because Anderson then gave millions of it away (again, true), the millions were then responsible for the saving of millions of souls (really? millions? ok, I doubt it, but how are you keeping track of that and, more importantly, how many actually became disciples?), therefore Anderson is a better Christian than you or I can ever be because he won more souls because God made him rich.

    It is the cyclical man centered thinking that I was poking fun at with my previous post. I don’t know if Darrell has done this as a post or not, but this relates to the “I’m building a bigger heavenly mansion than you are mentality” within fundydom. Fundies works sanctification is the outworking of the disciples question they posed to Jesus, “Who will be the greatest in Your kingdom?” Fundies, by their effort, think they are becoming the greatest when they are missing the whole point.

  13. The use “souls” for their spiritual accounting. When they are measuring their successes they use souls because the people where those souls reside may be heathens, and reprobates and may not llok like they have been saved. In fact the bodies may never come to church but the soul has been counted at the altar and therefore is fair game to be tallied in the “souls won” column. In fact the soul may be counted multiple times, as many times as they come to the altar and decide to get saved and decide to let Jesues into their heart… each time is counted as a separate event and a new total.

    Here is an example. Last year during the Missions conference 16 souls were saved. The same 16 bodies attended this years Camp Meeting and the same preacher preached and the same 16 came to the altar and were saved at the camp meeting. Then the same preacher holds a Brush Arbor meeting and 10 of the same 16 attend and the “spirit moves” and those ten make a break for the altar again and get saved again. What is the total number of souls that “got saved?”

    1. That sort of thing, about numbers of souls, puts me in mind of those awful “if Frederick got beaten 3 times a day” math problems that created such an outcry two or three years back. 😡

  14. “What is the total number of souls that “got saved?””

    Fundy math:
    16 souls saved and 26 re-dedicated their lives to Christ

    Real math: 16 all of whom were unsure of their salvation

  15. I like the emphasis in the letter, highlighting that the Lord hates those that sow discord. I can think of nothing as divisive (when it comes to fundies) as the KJV debate. However, like all things in fundyland, the warnings are never to the fundies, only to those that are not fundies.

    I’ve heard that Hyles called people who believe that the KJV is not inspired “retarded”. I’d like to compare brain pans with him, if he weren’t dead. Only recently did I read the preface to the KJV, which states that the purpose of the KJV was to bring glory to King James and advance the Church of England. I wonder if fundies would consider that part inspired or not, since it was written and agreed upon by the men who “trans-inspired” the rest of the KJV.

  16. @Don This easy, most might say 42 since 16+16+10=42, but the real answer is 74. You have the 42 plus 5 each from each service that “re-dedicated” their lives to Christ but the pastor really knew that they couldn’t have ever been converted in the first place since they claimed to be saved under the ministry of so-and-so which the pastor knows is a heretic due to that pastors stance on the length of sideburns on men. So, 42+15=57. The pastor knows that there was at least another 4 from each service that were too shy to come forward and therefore they made a decision from their seat and never told anyone. He can prove this of course because of the numerous testimonies of various people who have told him this very thing over the years of ministry. One needs to factor these things in to give an honest accounting you know. So, 42+15+16=73. That still leaves us one short of 74, but the preacher can clearly see that something has changed in the life of Rita Sue Ann since she has finally began to say hi to him again and the only explanation for that is that Christ came into her heart under his preaching, Praise Gid! That takes us to 42+15+16+1=74.

  17. @BASSENCO @Darrell how about a fundy style book review? Just repeat some internet rumors, impugn the character, question the motives, and denounce as a heretic. 🙂

  18. And there’s that little nagging thing about those people who sound their trumpet when they make their offering vs. those who quietly do their good privately between themselves and God. I’m thinking it was Jesus who pointed that out once. I hope Mr. Anderson enjoys his reward, because the hero worship here will be all he gets.

  19. Eric, great fundy math!

    How many were actually saved? Only God knows.

    We know for sure it had to be ten or less since six of them didn’t have enough gid about them to attend the Brush Arbor meeting. 🙂

  20. Something is not tracking with this story. This is a prime example of the Health, Wealth and Prosperity gospel. Sounds like something straight off of Paula White, Creflo Dollar, or any of the other seed money preachers.
    I’d really like to know the whole story behind Mr. Russell Anderson. The Cliff Notes version and the book cover seem to be too… Whitewashed… too sanitized.

  21. I have to assume from @Eric’s fundy math skills that he has or is earning QUITE a hefty sum on the fundy evangelists circuit. Just remember keep all the heads bowed & all the eyes closed when doing the counting.

  22. From the Hyles website:

    A documented account of a man who has proved the truth that you cannot outgive God! Dr. Anderson asked me to write this book as a way of teaching others how he stayed successful as a millionaire. Hopefully each person who reads this biography will learn the secret. You will be helped and blessed by the man who has given away over $30 million dollars since he was saved!


    I agree with Don. This is straight up health and wealth prosperity gospel crap. Excuse me while I go hurl…

  23. The Cliff Notes version and the book cover seem to be too… Whitewashed… too sanitized.

    Whitewashed sounds like a pretty fitting term to me.

    “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness. 28 So you also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.” (Matthew 23:27-28)

    Yep, definitely a fitting term.

  24. I just call it that Phil. That Kentucky Explorer article I linked to is pretty much the Cliff Notes version of the Book above.

    In that “story” it sounds too much like an urban legend. For starters if the family was so poor (and coming from West Vigrinia myself, families were that poor) you didn’t waste 40 hard earned cents going to the picture show. Especially when 10 -20 cents was all it cost in that era in those areas…. if they even had a theatre. Sorry the story just isn’t adding up.

    It sounds like a great rags to riches story that has been embellished to make it more … heroic.

    Most kids walked to school, but if you did get to ride the bus it didn’t stop in front of your house; you just bailed out. When students went on a ball trip on a bus, the guys sometimes would have to push the bus up the hill in snow. On one particular ball trip Russell was on, the bus was sideswiped and turned over, landing on the exit door. Russell was near the front of the bus and with both feet kicked out the windshield, as a way out. Then, Bobby Turner, who was in the rear of the bus, kicked the emergency door open. To those on the bus his reaction seemed heroic.

    -Walking to School
    -“Bailing out” of the bus near your home??
    -Count to three and pull the ripcord? (Three shall be the number…)
    -Pushing the bus up the hill in the snow?
    – Shades of Chuck Norris! Kicking out windows and emergency doors… w-o-w! Heroic indeed!

    “The Man, the Myth, the Legend!”
    You’ve read the book now see the movie…(bet its more than 40 cents)

    This is a prime example of “Controling the Flow of Information.”

  25. Hopefully each person who reads this biography will learn the secret.

    This secret?

    The Secret reveals the most powerful law in the universe. The knowledge of this law has run like a golden thread through the lives and the teachings of all the prophets, seers, sages and saviors in the world’s history, and through the lives of all truly great men and women. All that they have ever accomplished or attained has been done in full accordance with this most powerful law. http://thesecret.tv/

  26. I lived in Puerto Rico for more than 2 decades, and some missionaries tried to bring KJV-Onlyism into the country. Three missionaries come to my mind; one remained in the ministry for about 2 years and eventually closed his 9-member church, the second one had to use the Reina-Valera 1960 Bible (the one that most Latin-American people use) if he wanted his 25-older-people congregation to keep worshiping there, and the other one has a decent-sized church…which happens to be English-speaking!

    Attempts to bring the KJV to the Spanish-speaking world (one of which I was involved in before I came to know a “more excellent way”) include,

    – The McVey Translation (which translated “Holy Ghost” as “Fantasma Santo” (“holy
    phantom”). Did not survive for too long!
    – A modernization attempt to the old, old, old 1602 Reina-Valera Bible (only a few industrial-
    revolution-mindset churches actually use this)
    – The Reina-Valera-Gomez Bible (based on the Masoretic Text, Scrivener TR, 1909 Reina-
    Valera Bible, and of course, the Ol’ King James Bible! Chick Publications uses this
    – Barry Smith’s (Missionary to Mexico) attempt to translate the KJV directly into English. (I
    helped him translate, to my shame, three or four NT epistles!).

    There’s a missionary called Calvin George in PR who attacks these translations but also promotes RV1960-Onlyism. Same book, different cover.

    Boyds of a feathah flock togethah.

    1. That church that closed must not have been a real church – after all Jesus said He would build His church and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it!!

  27. **I meant, “directly into Spanish” in relation to Barry Smith’s translation! 😀

    I’m already getting confused with all of this Translation-Onlyism!

  28. Yep, Steven Anderson runs hardpreaching dot com (shame you can’t have apostrophes in a URL)

    I don’t think he is any relation. He went to hyles for a year, but then got mad at schaap for leaving the old paths.

  29. @PK …so then what we have here is a classic case of an “appearance of evil.”


    “Get READY to RUMBLE! Tonight’s main event featuring The Secret -v- Russell Anderson’s Secret in a cage match smackdown to determine which fringe doctrine can make the most money for its followers! “

  30. @BASSENCO Yes, he would have to read it, tripe and all. I was going to challenge you on the tripe designation, but I re-read the book jacket. You are right. The book jacket should carry a warning: Caution! Contents may induce vomiting.

    When my son was young he used to say, “This is hard.” I would reply, “Yes, but you are strong.” I know that Darrell is strong because he had to tolerate the stuff he posts on this site. So book review it is. Regale us with the evaluation of a HAC founder’s daughter’s hagiography of the one who can do more than we can think or ask. If I can read “Left Behind” vol. 1, some one can read and review this paean. (Actually, I didn’t really read the book. I started, then I skipped pages, then I skipped large chunks of pages. My review: execrable theology and prose.)

    Remember the old saying about adversity: What doesn’t make you stronger, it will kill you.

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