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  1. I still think that it is the same “Secret” in both instances… only one is dressed in acceptable fundy attire and has made gawd a partner in their Ponzi scheme.

  2. See….IFB’s have their saints they pray to (Anderson letter). I heard out of Hyles’ own mouth at Pastor’s School in 1994, how he prayed to his own deceased mother. She did tell him to make sure he washes behind his ears and eat his veggies.

  3. You gu-ys are all cra-cking me up. Eric – I love the ma-th and Don p-retty much every com-ment you hav-e made has been pric-ele-ss. By the wa-y when is tha-t cage match? I-‘d love to see it. Wil-l it be on pay-per-view?

  4. @ Tony:

    I go to a Hispanic church in uptown Manhattan that uses the RVR 1960, but I never heard of RVR-Onlyism (not an attack, I’m just amazed that it exists). I’m originally from the Dominican Republic, and I’ve yet to hear any of the folks there say it (it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they did … I remember one preacher that came to our church actually WARNING us about KJV-Onlyism since there was a movement of folks that wanted to engage in that crap – he basically said that the RVR was better … TOTALLY missed the point). My pastor actually laughed this one guy out of the church when he came with that. It’s one of the only things I can remember that they took a stand worth taking (IMHO).

    I went to BJU and minored in Greek. Some of the Hispanic professors there actually take a REAL strong stand against KJV-Onlyism. Casillas (if I’m not mistaken) has called it heresy (I’m with him on that). Saldivar just laughs. If you’re from PR, then you should know Mike Casillas, his dad. Saldivar was actually my first Greek teacher. He was the first person that really gave me an in depth understanding over what these people say. Years later, in a grad-level Greek class, my professor (Dr Leedy if you’ve ever used BibleWorks) systematically dismantled the claims these folks made. I’m still thankful for what I learned there (even though I wish they would take it to its logical end). I’ve read the McVey version. This is my favorite discrepancy:

    Col. 3:9
    “Habiendoos despojado del viejo hombre” = “os habeis desnudado el viejo hombre.” = “y’all have stripped the old man.” ROFL!!!

    I remember reading it when a preacher was preaching on that passage to some youths and almost hacking up a lung laughing. Then I showed it the folks sitting next to me (missionary kids), who promptly flipped to the front to see what translation it was and then busting out laughing. The whole row was laughing, so the pastor came to see what we were laughing at. He read it and thought it was so funny that he actually read the passage aloud and everyone died laughing.

  5. @RobM “I’m guessing Steven Anderson is one of the main forces behind hard preaching website? He certainly features himself a lot. I’d always been under the impression he didn’t go to any college, but I guess calling HAC an education is stretching that word.”

    Steven Anderson went to HAC for 3 1/2 years and dropped out in the middle of his last semester.

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