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Tops of 2012


2012 is all but gone. This year we watched people win Olympic gold. Hammond had yet another scandal. The Northeast had a superstorm. America elected a President. SFL went on a field trip to Sri Lanka. It was a very busy year.

Time for our year-end round up of stuff that happened here on SFL! (The most-viewed posts on SFL in 2012 all had to do with Jack Schaap’s fall from grace but I’m not going to include any of those in my selection.)

Top 10 posts arbitrarily picked in no particular order

10. A Modest Proposal
9. How It All Began
8. Christmas Trees
7. Top 10 Things Fundies Expect People To Say
6. Easter
5. A Baptist Timeline
4. Commandments Concerning Motor Vehicles
3. Shepherds
2. Love Defined
1. Sunday School Catechism

Award for Adorableness goes to Dancing IFB Mom.

And if you haven’t read about the World Vision trip I took to Sri Lanka in August do feel free to go back and peruse those posts. It was the most amazing event of my year.