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Summer Camp: Clay Mills Baptist Church Edition

Can anybody name that theme song? It’s right on the tip of my brain…

Update: About 30 seconds after I hit submit I recognized it. I’m sure they paid royalties to use it in their advertising.

Update 2: If you see nothing else in this video forward to about 3:40 and watch the kid in the tie and sweater with the sharply parted hair tell you how much fun camp is going to be.

Signs Of Grace

Click here For more on Clays Mill Road Baptist Church and Jeff Fugate

Update 1: A couple of people seem very concerned with pointing out that Jeff Fugate himself allegedly had nothing to do with this sign being put up and ordered it taken down once he discovered it. In reality, it doesn’t much matter to me who was the actual person placing the letters on the sign because it shows a mindset that is pervasive and promoted through fundamentalism. I applaud whoever it was that finally had the honesty to make a public spectacle of their hatred of their fellow man instead of keeping it inside the church walls where it usually resides.

KJB Celebration!

I feature these conference posters from time to time because it’s always interesting to see the lines of the various fundy camps blur together. Here we have the Sword of the Lord contingent led by Shelton Smith (who is heavily supported by and supports “moderate” fundies like Pensacola Christian College) sharing the platform with “├╝ber fundies” like Bob Gray at a church pastored by a Hyles man, Jeff Fugate.

As much as places like PCC would like to pretend that they’re far away from the screaming fundy crowd, the lunatic fringe of fundyland is just never quite as far away from them as they would like to pretend.

thanks to mounty for passing this one along