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Summer Camp: Clay Mills Baptist Church Edition

Can anybody name that theme song? It’s right on the tip of my brain…

Update: About 30 seconds after I hit submit I recognized it. I’m sure they paid royalties to use it in their advertising.

Update 2: If you see nothing else in this video forward to about 3:40 and watch the kid in the tie and sweater with the sharply parted hair tell you how much fun camp is going to be.

Teen Camp: Ambassador Edition

Here’s one more in the list of options for people who would like to get rid of their high-schooler for a few days but don’t want to risk them using drugs, having sex, or hearing anyone debate the Johannine Comma.

And yes, on the back flap of the trifold there are indeed the required list of rules

Yes, you read that last one right. In fundyland you may be old enough to preach but that doesn’t mean your mommy isn’t still expected to write your name in your underwear.

Can you imagine a better time than this camp? Yes. So can I.