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Violence Against Women

In this video for Youth E.D.G.E. Indy, “Pastor” Nate Utley pretends not only to beat one girl senseless…he does it TWICE.

It’s hardly a surprise to learn that this video was created in the church of none other than Chuck Phelps. Like we needed more evidence that Chuck’s leadership is so deficient that nobody has bothered to tell his own pastoral staff that simulating violence towards women isn’t really funny. At all.

If you would like to call or drop Colonial Hills Baptist Church a note telling them that this isn’t ok, you can do so here.

Update 1: As of this morning the video has now been taken off the youth group Facebook page. It remains to be seen whether an apology will be issued or if Colonial Hills will simply pretend that the video never existed.

Update 2: A copy of the video has been unearthed. A retraction or apology from Colonial Hills has not.

Update 3: People who have contacted Colonial Hills have received the following response:

Yesterday evening, our youth ministry posted a homemade video to its Facebook page that was meant to be a humorous introduction for the incoming 7th graders. It was originally created for a special parent/teen event that evening in which graduating seniors were honored and incoming junior highers were welcomed.

After posting this video online, several folks alerted us to a perspective that we had regretably overlooked. These friends expressed their concern that the video demonstrated a disrespect toward women, a trivializing of abuse, a depreciation of victims, and an undermining of the edifying grace of the gospel. While the video was certainly recorded to be more of a slap-stick spoof, we understand that our lack of discernment may have been hurtful for some and damaging to the cause of Christ.

As followers of Jesus, we firmly believe in the equality and unity of all believers in Christ (Galatians 3:28; 1 Peter 3:7), and so we apologize for the apparent dishonor accorded to women in this video. We furthermore delight in and desire to emulate the character of our Lord who was gentle and compassionate (Isaiah 42:3; Matthew 9:36; 11:28-30), and so we are sorry for thoughtlessly downplaying abuse and belittling its victims. And as those who have been underserving recipients of the kind grace of God, we regret that we have failed to reflect that grace to others (Ephesians 2:7).

Our senior pastor (Pastor Phelps) is currently out of town and has not seen this video, but please know that he will be reviewing this situation with the church staff upon his return and will work to mentor us toward better judgment in this area.

Sincerely in Christ,


Keith Lewis
Young Adults Pastor
Colonial Hills Baptist Church

Commandments Concerning Women


When it shall come to pass that there shall be born into thy household a girl child then thou shall with all diligence teach her the commandments which I give unto thee this day that she be not a blot upon thee or thy church or the university in thy basement.

For women are a deep ditch and a narrow pit, tempting men perpetually to eat of the forbidden fruit. For so fell Eden and likewise fell Brother Tim’s Sunday School class when that little hussy had her way with him. Be always therefore watching and praying. And depending on which woman you’re watching you may need to pray even the more. Amen.

And upon thy wives and upon thy daughters and upon thy daughter’s daughters thou shalt with all diligence exercise “headship” (which we are pretty sure involves never doing the dishes). For in the day that they shall cause some young preacher boy to stumble and ruin his ministry then shall the congregation look at the women of thy house with derision and recall that one time when you let them wear pants to play in the snow and thy shame shall be great.

But if thou thyself should fall into the trap of a woman’s wiles be not downcast no greatly discouraged. It’s her fault and everybody knows it. For women were created in the beginning for the purpose that they should be a stumbling block to men (and sometimes also useful for housework.)

But concerning men we have no real commandment. Men are awesome except that they’re suckers for women.

Independent Baptist Book of Everlasting Rules and Requirements p 69.

Update From CampMeetingGirl: Wedding Bells

Dear Darrell,

I am officially Mrs. Titus!

We were married on Christmas Eve at the church. Since the church was already decorated with poinsettias and the Nativity scene, as well as the Star of Bethelehem projected on the ceiling above the altar, I knew it would be great in the pictures.

We had a lovely rehearsal dinner with the wedding party, the Pastor and his wife, and both sets of parents in the Fellowship Hall. Mom didn’t get to sit down much since she did all the food herself. But it was delicious! And, wouldn’t you know it, Green Bean Casserole is Titus’ favorite! My bridesmaids were the Pastor’s daughter, Uriah’s new wife, and another girl that I met through an online chat room for Stay-At-Home Daughters. We had a moment of panic when she arrived and I realized that she was a little bit bigger than her measurements she sent and the pic in her profile. I was able to sew a whole new dress overnight, thought. So, it all worked out, PTL!

I sewed and Mom talked to me about being married. I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about at first. Finally, I figured it must be either gardening or rebuilding an engine. I just let her talk because all I could think about was getting that dress finished. She seemed relieved when she was done.

I was able to get someone to play the piano and Titus’ brothers played a brass quartet. The processional was beautiful and nobody tripped or acted silly. Titus was white as a sheet. I guess seeing your Beloved in her wedding dress for the first time will do that to you! 🙂 Pastor Backlow did a wonderful job with the vows. My feet started to hurt a little in the middle of his sermon on Why Feminists Hate Weddings, but he wound it up pretty fast. He gave a quick invitation and 3 people came forward. I think they were Titus’ extended family. They filled out Decision Cards to get baptized next Sunday.

The reception was fun! There was a lot of good food that the church ladies had prepared for us. The tea was a little sweet, but I found out that was because Mrs. Dove didn’t know that Mom had already sweetened it. Mom was furious but took a deep breath and prayed for Mrs. Dove. She’s always doing stuff like that. Father calls her “Mrs. Go-Behind” because she’s always going behind people and re-doing what they’ve already done. It drives the Ushers crazy.

After the reception, we drove to a condo that one of the church members let us use. It is next to a Water Park but since it’s the wintertime, it’s closed. So, the condo wasn’t rented out and there were no immodest people at the Park. We had to stay in town that night because I couldn’t find a piano player for Christmas Day to take my place.

About the wedding night: WOW! Now I know why God says wait until you’re married. If people knew that it was this much fun, there would be so much more fornication.

I played the services on Christmas Day and we left late Sunday night for our new abode. We were about an hour out-of-town when we realized that we had left our new box of tracts sitting at the church. So, we turned around to get them. We got to our new house in the wee hours of the morning. It is owned by the church and was the first house the church bought for their pastor in the 50’s. He has moved on to better houses, but they keep this one for the Associate Pastor / Youth Pastor / Custodian. It is small, but that makes it easy to clean!

We have been here now for a few days and I am meeting all kinds of wonderful, godly, Christian women who have a lot of good advice about being married. I asked the Pastor’s Wife if she had any advice for a young Pastor’s Wife and she just kind of froze. I guess she couldn’t think of what advice to give first. Finally, she said, “Never complain, but take your cares to Jesus. Hold your family to a higher standard because the congregation does. Learn to listen well and never repeat what people tell you. Don’t make friends with people in the congregation although you must be friendly to everyone. Be available to your husband at all times.” It’s a tall order, but I’m ready to tackle it. 🙂

So, that’s what’s been going on. I will keep you updated on how things are going in our new place of ministry. I think I have to start a class soon to get my Commercial Driver’s License so I can drive the church bus in case of an emergency where no men are available. And, of course, I’m playing piano again here. But, I should have some time to check in here and gather encouragement and sow friendship often.

In Modest Apparel,
Mrs. CMG