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Violence Against Women

In this video for Youth E.D.G.E. Indy, “Pastor” Nate Utley pretends not only to beat one girl senseless…he does it TWICE.

It’s hardly a surprise to learn that this video was created in the church of none other than Chuck Phelps. Like we needed more evidence that Chuck’s leadership is so deficient that nobody has bothered to tell his own pastoral staff that simulating violence towards women isn’t really funny. At all.

If you would like to call or drop Colonial Hills Baptist Church a note telling them that this isn’t ok, you can do so here.

Update 1: As of this morning the video has now been taken off the youth group Facebook page. It remains to be seen whether an apology will be issued or if Colonial Hills will simply pretend that the video never existed.

Update 2: A copy of the video has been unearthed. A retraction or apology from Colonial Hills has not.

Update 3: People who have contacted Colonial Hills have received the following response:

Yesterday evening, our youth ministry posted a homemade video to its Facebook page that was meant to be a humorous introduction for the incoming 7th graders. It was originally created for a special parent/teen event that evening in which graduating seniors were honored and incoming junior highers were welcomed.

After posting this video online, several folks alerted us to a perspective that we had regretably overlooked. These friends expressed their concern that the video demonstrated a disrespect toward women, a trivializing of abuse, a depreciation of victims, and an undermining of the edifying grace of the gospel. While the video was certainly recorded to be more of a slap-stick spoof, we understand that our lack of discernment may have been hurtful for some and damaging to the cause of Christ.

As followers of Jesus, we firmly believe in the equality and unity of all believers in Christ (Galatians 3:28; 1 Peter 3:7), and so we apologize for the apparent dishonor accorded to women in this video. We furthermore delight in and desire to emulate the character of our Lord who was gentle and compassionate (Isaiah 42:3; Matthew 9:36; 11:28-30), and so we are sorry for thoughtlessly downplaying abuse and belittling its victims. And as those who have been underserving recipients of the kind grace of God, we regret that we have failed to reflect that grace to others (Ephesians 2:7).

Our senior pastor (Pastor Phelps) is currently out of town and has not seen this video, but please know that he will be reviewing this situation with the church staff upon his return and will work to mentor us toward better judgment in this area.

Sincerely in Christ,


Keith Lewis
Young Adults Pastor
Colonial Hills Baptist Church