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Hyles Grad and Michigan Pastor Tedd Butler Brought Up on Child Molestation Charges

And now there’s yet another Hyles grad from Michigan who has allegedly got a thing for boys in his congregation. reports:

The pastor of a Walker Baptist church is expected in court Thursday to face charges he sexually assaulted two boys, each under 13, that he met through the church.

The Rev. Tedd Butler, pastor of the Gospel Light Baptist Church, is accused of two separate offenses.

In Ottawa County, he’s facing second-degree sexual assault — that is, improper touching – in Ottawa County’s Tallmadge Township. Records show he lives in that township, but it’s not known whether these alleged offenses happened at his home.

But in northern Kent County, authorities told 24 Hour News 8 he’s being charged with first-degree sexual assault with a different boy.

Ottawa County investigators said the alleged assaults happened years ago.

Butler, 46, is married with children and has no criminal record.

What the article doesn’t mention is that Tedd Butler graduated from Hyles Anderson College in 1988 and from Crown Bible College in 1998. I’m thinking this map might be a good place to start in picking pastors to keep an eye on.

It’s worth noting that the church website has apparently been taken down.

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Pervert Pastor Greg Neal Escapes Prosecution, Remains on Church Staff

There’s already been some discussion on this in the forums about this story but it’s worth making an official post about it here just for the record. 

As if we needed more evidence that being the son of a fundy preacher is a blank check to commit whatever kind of perversion that your heart desires, along comes the story of Greg Neal who apparently thinks it’s a swell idea to shoot hidden video of women changing their clothes. reports it this way:

While investigators said the tape does show Neal handling the camera before and after two women are seen undressing “in an area where they had a reasonable expectation of privacy,” the state’s ability to prosecute a case of video voyeurism expired one year after the offense.

“While the evidence of his crimes of voyeurism in 2001 is overwhelming, unfortunately, the Statute of Limitations has expired,” Assistant State Attorney James Colaw wrote. “Consequently, there is no way to legally pursue a prosecution for these acts.”

Detectives said the VHS tape was discovered in 2002 when church employee Brent Bartlett was viewing a group of tapes of basketball games he said was given to him by Neal. The secretly recorded tape was included with the basketball tapes.

The report said Bartlett took the tape to Neal’s father and the senior pastor of the church, Tom Neal, and he was told “the matter would be dealt with in the appropriate manner.” Investigators were told that both Gregory Neal and Tom Neal denied to the victims and to church members that the videotape existed.

Both Neals refused several attempts to be interviewed by investigators or provide statements. They continue to be co-pastors of the church.

Well, there you go. Do what any good Hyles-Anderson son of a preacher would do: Get your jollies spying on the women in your church , lie to them about what happened, eventually fire the guy who discovered it and then wait for the statute of limitations to expire. Then just keep on pastoring and pretend like it never happened. Simple as that.

Another ministry success story.

Hammond DMCA Claim Update

Just an update on the FBC Hammond’s attempt to remove all traces of Jack Schaap’s crazy sermons from the Internet. Their efforts are still continuing today since they have decided to launch another claim against the video I had hosted on yet another site.

I’ve received a copy of the original DMCA takedown notification for the copy at which I’m reposting here (PDF) for general information.

As of this moment I have submitted a counter-claim since I believe the copy of the video I posted falls under fair use for the purposes of commentary and discussion.

The ball is now in Hammond’s court. They have 10 days to notify that they are suing me or let the matter drop.

I’ll try to keep you all posted on any further developments…

FBC Hammond Forces the takedown of the “sermon bites” channel

This is what happens when a group of small-minded people decide to do their best to prevent people from publicly disagreeing with them.

This is what tyranny looks like.

If anybody has any information on who ran the sermonbites YouTube channel, please forward it to me via the contact form or through stufffundieslike AT gmail DOT com. I’d very much like to get in touch with the owner. I’ve received this information. Thanks.

Answering Their Critics: Jack Schaap Responds to 20/20

Schapp responds to the 20/20 story with typical graciousness…

Note: since the original video was removed due to copyright claim, this is a re-upload by yours truly

Note2: Now Hammond has launched a copyright claim against my videos on two different hosts even though they are clearly fair use. Stand by…

(I know I just did a Schaap video today but this is hot off the press so I wanted to get it up now instead of waiting)