FBC Hammond Forces the takedown of the “sermon bites” channel

This is what happens when a group of small-minded people decide to do their best to prevent people from publicly disagreeing with them.

This is what tyranny looks like.

If anybody has any information on who ran the sermonbites YouTube channel, please forward it to me via the contact form or through stufffundieslike AT gmail DOT com. I’d very much like to get in touch with the owner. I’ve received this information. Thanks.

50 thoughts on “FBC Hammond Forces the takedown of the “sermon bites” channel”

  1. I thought they weren’t worried about people quoting them? I thought they weren’t worried so long as the ‘gospel’ was getting out. Why the change of heart? Could it be that they realized that wasn’t the gospel. Could it be they realized how bad they looked and are going to change?

    Nah I bet they just can’t take the heat.

    1. My thoughts exactly. He JUST said a few days ago, that he’s not bothered by being quoted because he only says what is from the Bible.

  2. I have to wonder how long it will be until they attempt to ban all cameras and phones with camera capabilities from their services. Either that or encourage the nark mentality.

    1. These shots are evidently from FBC’s own broadcasts which is the basis for their claim. I know they do a live webcast each Sunday.

      However, “sermon bites” added his/her own text commentary to the videos which should have made them fair use. I think there’s definitely ground to fight this claim.

  3. This is really rather delicious, coming so close on the heels of Generalissimo Schaap’s pulpit rant about how he’s going to keep saying God’s word (his quaint name for his opinions), and he doesn’t care who quotes him, or who’s offended by it, “from the man in the White House to the old man in the outhouse.” (Don’tcha love that FBC Hammond charm?)

    (Actually, “offended” is my term. The Generalissimo’s exact words were “I don’t care who it hairlips.” His sensitivity obviously extends also to people with disabilities.)

      1. Haha

        Wait its like Hammond has it’ own death star and the YouTube channel was Alderan.

        FBCH really struck back with a vengance.

  4. No one expects any level of honesty or truth from FBCH or Schaap. The most interesting thing to me is that Schaap is so bothered by the fact that he’s so thin skinned, and bloviates & struts about how untouchable he is, and how well he’s sleeping, and how much he doesn’t care.

    I know the power of being in such a prominent position is intoxicating, but even so you’d think having to deny the truth about how much you are worried & scared would eventually get to you. I guess that’s kind of part of the emotional problems fundamentalism has inflicted on him, is the inability to grasp his own fears, and an uncontrollable urge to continue the denial louder & louder.

  5. Another thing is that i wonder if the other channels that have video or even just audio can’t be far behind.

  6. Here is semonbites response:
    “Jack Schaap has become the biggest lying sack of hypocrite in IFBx.

    Schaap has said over and over that he welcomes YouTube (and he names other social media) exposure.

    Then, today, FBCH charged copyright infringement on EXCERPTS of sermon videos…and YouTube pulled 3 years worth of video clips of FBCHammond.

    Fair use law fully covers excerpts to be copied for public discourse and analysis.

    YouTube doesn’t stand up to them.

    I will try to find an off-shore video host, or will host them myself. But the big revelation here is that Schaap is a first class liar….saying one thing in the pulpit and doing the opposite out of the pulpit.”

  7. not that I’m looking forward to it but, I wouldn’t mind taking a little road trip to Hammond Indiana for a weekend of torture-err I mean viewing this idiot and camera rolling. Oh wait, I’ll have to go buy a jumper, sneakers and get my bangs put into a poof!

      1. Haha..no.
        Although I am sure that Jonathan will report back to Schaap that we are both on this site so that more lies can be spread about us.

        Jon..if that’s the case please have Schaap respond to the letter I sent to him exposing truth. He can fight SFL for posting real clips of himslef yet single-handedly destroy, lie about and abuse people who pose a threat to his kingdom without any accountability.
        Maybe I should sue.

        1. I am outside of that culture, so I have no idea if anyone over there says anything about me.

          If they do, whatever it is, it is probably true. Yes, I am a sinner. Yes, I have made some terrible mistakes in my life.

          Fortunately, my self worth and identity doesn’t rest on my goodness or what some people think of me. My self worth is found in Jesus Christ and what he has done.

          I am cool with being dirt. I am cool with being a nobody. He is the only one who is worthy of any amount of praise and adoration.

          I wish that everyone from legalistic churches could feel the joy that I feel about Christ. Unfortunately, they won’t because God has yet to open their eyes.

          Thankfully, he opened mine.

        2. Tears…your words convicted me PS.
          Wish I was where you are. I write about His grace and love but to truly in my heart believe I am not what others say but my identity is in Christ is daunting on painful days like today.
          Thanks for the beautiful Crist centered perspective. This recent FBC stuff has eaten away at me and drudged up some major pain and triggers.
          Good words.

        3. I loved what you wrote, PS. Your willingness to accept the worse others could say about you because you are now in Christ and are forgiven and accepted is a great testimony.

  8. I guess that bit about “if you quote me, you are just quoting God” wasn’t really serious.

  9. It always cracks me up when folks who post on here decry the narrow-mindedness of the IFB, but fail to see their own narrow-mindedness toward the IFB. And the outrage that is being exhibited today is making me chuckle. Thanks for helping to brighten this otherwise rainy day.

    1. But you probably haven’t even read some of the real hard truth about Schaap, HAC & fundamentalism if this is the “worst” that you’ve gotten to.

  10. I sat under this stuff for a long many years. It made me sad and embarassed for this man who is the exact image of Jack. I wasted two years of my life at Hyles-Anderson College, even though I was forced to attand. He really made a complete fool of himself.

  11. The FBCH is eliminating every piece of craziness on YT through copyright claims they eveb got the on entitled my favorite Schaap rant where he yells



    1. Feels like a good use of the contact form to request why if they are so unfraid of 20/20 & youtube are they cowardly putting out bogus copyright claims on the youtube videos they say they aren’t afraid of?

  12. Yet another YT channel got deleted- wpiowpio. If you type in Jack Schaap on YT you might see that channel name if you click on it you’ll get a similar notification like the pic in the post.
    Looks like the FBCH is trying to eliminate anything that is not put forth by the ministry of truth ie their YT channels.

  13. Is there any update on sermonbites? I wanted to know whether or not the person behind the YT channel is going to fight the copyright claim so they an get back on YT or if they are going to move to another video sight. Or if they are going to start a new YT channel.

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