Pervert Pastor Greg Neal Escapes Prosecution, Remains on Church Staff

There’s already been some discussion on this in the forums about this story but it’s worth making an official post about it here just for the record.ย 

As if we needed more evidence that being the son of a fundy preacher is a blank check to commit whatever kind of perversion that your heart desires, along comes the story of Greg Neal who apparently thinks it’s a swell idea to shoot hidden video of women changing their clothes. reports it this way:

While investigators said the tape does show Neal handling the camera before and after two women are seen undressing “in an area where they had a reasonable expectation of privacy,” the state’s ability to prosecute a case of video voyeurism expired one year after the offense.

“While the evidence of his crimes of voyeurism in 2001 is overwhelming, unfortunately, the Statute of Limitations has expired,” Assistant State Attorney James Colaw wrote. “Consequently, there is no way to legally pursue a prosecution for these acts.”

Detectives said the VHS tape was discovered in 2002 when church employee Brent Bartlett was viewing a group of tapes of basketball games he said was given to him by Neal. The secretly recorded tape was included with the basketball tapes.

The report said Bartlett took the tape to Neal’s father and the senior pastor of the church, Tom Neal, and he was told “the matter would be dealt with in the appropriate manner.” Investigators were told that both Gregory Neal and Tom Neal denied to the victims and to church members that the videotape existed.

Both Neals refused several attempts to be interviewed by investigators or provide statements. They continue to be co-pastors of the church.

Well, there you go. Do what any good Hyles-Anderson son of a preacher would do: Get your jollies spying on the women in your church , lie to them about what happened, eventually fire the guy who discovered it and then wait for the statute of limitations to expire. Then just keep on pastoring and pretend like it never happened. Simple as that.

Another ministry success story.

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  1. Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    From “The Second Coming” by W.B. Yeats

  2. Wow.
    OK, the statute of limitations has run out, so no prosecution, but this guy is still the co-pastor?

    What the hell (and I mean that literally, not as an expletive) is going on there?

    1. Complete brainwashing, typical of all fundies.

      Apparently Greg’s daddy told the church they were “cleared of all charges.” Umm, sorry, but “unable to prosecute” does not mean “cleared of all charges.”

      As I mentioned on the forum, my family goes to this church, and apart from two of my older siblings who have seen the light, do not intend to leave. ๐Ÿ™

      1. “Cleared of all charges” does not fit with the official report that the evidence is “overwhelming”.

        1. Read the article linked. The statute of limitations on the crime is the reason why they’re not prosecuting.

        2. Exactly. But “cleared of all charges” is what daddy Neal is telling the church members, most of which are not caring to investigate for themselves. Nauseating.

      2. Do you have evidence that TN said that he was cleared of all charges? I’d love to take proof of such a statement.

        1. I’m sure you could get a copy of the tape of that night. August 10th I believe.

  3. I’m wondering if these same Fundamentalists would have kicked out a pastor if he had gone to a modeling studio, where he could have legally taken pictures of nude women, with the models’ consent?

    1. Not if they could cover Down on it. This is the same Church that brought Dave Hyles in after 3 churches of double digit fornications. Dave Hyles left Berean with a Black Eye, but years before he was even there, a son died, and in Pensecola another son was run over. Dave Is still wanted for the murder of the first child, who was not his own.

  4. Now…do any do any of you know him personally??? No… only by hearing…. I heard you ALL smoked crack last night, that makes you ALL CRACKHEADS!!

    1. If the POLICE made a STATEMENT to the PRESS saying that they had me ON VIDEO smoking crack. Then yes, chances are pretty good that I would be a crack head.

      Just as in this case the POLICE made a STATEMENT to the PRESS saying that they this pervert ON VIDEO spying on women who were undressing.

      So I ask you, why do you feel the need to defend the indefensible?

    2. Apparently there’s not much doubt that he made the tapes (re-read the first sentence of the quoted text above). There’s just no way to prosecute the offense because people (other than, presumably, Greg Neal) didn’t find out about it until more than a year later.

      Let’s say your TV set goes missing. My fingerprints are found all around your living room, my footprints are all over your lawn, and the same TV is found in my garage the next day. What gives you the right to say I stole your television set? Well, plenty.

    3. All truth is God’s truth…Christians should be lovers of truth. When the truth becomes the enemy of the church, it is indicative of HUGE internal problems.

      Gal 4:16
      Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

    4. I know him personally. I sincerely hurt for the innocent people in the church. I will not make broad-sweeping statements about Baptists, Catholics, etc..only that this is sin.

      He should repent. In repentance he’ll find peace and restoration, albeit without the aid of a church paycheck. In the real world, we call that maturity.

      It’s not the sin that is surprising or shocking; it is the willful deceit and lies. Truly sad.

    5. @me79 yes I know him.

      In the clip shown on the news it does not actually show him messing with the camera. That’s the only thing that is in the least bit doubtful at this point.

      Looking at just that I’m not willing to make the judgment call that he purposely did the taping. However, when I look at all the other evidence, stuff I’ve personally seen and heard, there is no doubt in my mind that it was deliberate. Or if by some odd chance it wasn’t, they are acting like they have something to hide. They did not even attempt to clear it up until the tapes existence was confirmed. Then they muttered some drivel about a “misunderstanding.” Misunderstanding my foot.

    6. Your a dumb ass, it’s clear he turned on the camera, refocused the camera, and turned it off at the end. So believe what you want, but don’t be a stupid lame brain. These guys will promise to kill you for speaking against them. They continue to pay off their children for information. IF your concerned about Concentration Camps in America- and lack of privacy these churches are 503c1 non profits, they don’t give out to the needy except Candy, and they lie to protect their own, while find any reason to ban a member. For any reason. Women wearing Pants. Someone holding their girlfriend’s hands. While Greg Neal in 1999 Pastor School was bumping up against a college student while his wife was pregnant. The accusers know what kind of man this is. His dad is a Pimp. He uses girls to get men to continue going, and forces their hands on Shopping sprees. This is why the congregation is so Ugly. Intermarriage at the first cousin level is not recommended by the FDA. These people will hack your computer, and steal your information. They’ll show up at your house after a funeral and check it for proof of your beliefs and whether you were attacking them anonymously or not. All of those who worked at Berean for free, under a contract have the ability to file a UCC-1 Lien on their Property. IT will stick to their credit rating. Or if you want to stand up to the Man without his guns, and his sons protecting him- go over to the Mall right after the service- he usually likes to sneak into JCPenney’s there on the side door in Orange Park Florida. If you stopped your ministry and stopped trying to tune out your own instincts for the lofty idea of saving people to the Lord, you’d notice what’s going on there at that Church. It’s a 503c1 a Government entity. Non profit Pastors who drive BMW’s while turning away poor people. Unless it’s for a dunk in the water for a count. Think about that.

  5. (1 Corinthians 5:11) But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler–not even to eat with such a one.

    I guess these fundamentalists aren’t so into the Bible after all.

    1. If churches stopped associating with greedy people, I can think of several churches that would empty out over night.

    2. no. they want you to have a Solar Worshipper haircut, like a Marine, with a wife that goes into their offices alone and tells them her darkest secrets. Figure it out. It’s a Cult.

  6. This so makes me want to throw up. To have a man like this associated with the name of Christ, “pastoring” on in unrepentant sin…it is vile. Just vile.

  7. Oh come on now people. We all know that the only reason Neal placed that videocamera in that room was to see if those girls were putting on pants or secretly reading a version other than the KJV.

    Or maybe he just put it there and left it on by mistake and went to go get it later. The fact that it was later taped over proves it!

    Or maybe he is a sexual predator who has no busness working in the ministry!

    Sadly, I think most of the members of his church would believe the first two reasons only because the truth is too painful to bear. When reality becomes a part of your life it usually does so very harshly.

    1. in a few years they’ll see something odd. probably with the poor daughter’s which brings up questions. Maybe a Suicide in the family.
      They taught us an interesting concept about reconciliation. That it was up to the Wife. And They told us the women were trained only to be supportive house wives and not much more. The men in their lives could cheat and the women would be responsible for a ministries demise. This must have been why Dr. Bob Gray at Trinity was sent away to Germany for 10 years. Later confessed in Prison to child molestation of 40 children. DO NOT LET KIDS RIDE THE BUS TO TRINITY OR BEREAN OR ANY OTHER CHURCH WITH A BUS MINISTRY KJVO STANCE> Those “Standards” are distractions to allow for the sheeple to not concentrate on reality.

  8. Years ago, when I was studying the Third Reich for the first time, in a history class led by none other than Wendell Evans, I asked him how an entire nation could be so brainwashed by Hitler. Ahem. Leaving aside, for now, the entire fantastic picture THAT paints of the blind leading the blind, he came up with the standard non-answer to such a complex question. Having survived the twisted evil that was the Hyles dynasty, I never wonder any more that people are capable of closing their eyes, minds, and hearts to such flagrant perversion and deceit. My heart goes out to the ๐Ÿ˜ฅ man who was fired, and to the two women, and to the innocent children of that church, whose parents are so willfully deceived.

  9. another one of my classmates at HAC…this does not surprise me one bit. What a jackass.


  10. Sadly the church members buy everything, believe all that is said from the pulpit and are just letting this all blow over and back to business as usual.

  11. Over 100 members, my family included, left as soon as we learned the Truth. Some are still stuck because they have brainwashed their children. If you have a child in the college, you might as well kiss them goodbye if you leave. In case you don’t know, the church is also in bankruptcy ($6.5 Million) in debt. The bankruptcy hearing is 10-6-11. There is so much corruption at Berean, the tape is only the tip of the iceburg.

  12. at least they have one of the nicest fundy church/college combo websites that I’ve come across. The pictures were normal (they give the impression that the church is entirely made up of young and attractive minorities), the information was organized, the text was uniform, and the website itself was downright snappy.

  13. I remember going to the swimming Event and having to undress with all the other guys it was at Wiles house. one of the men waving the news goodbye… the assistant pastors all stood there watching us undress. I went to the corner to try to cover myself as I thought it very obtrusive and strange that they would be looking at us in that situation. I found it odd that they wanted us to have a swim party boys only. It was the gayest thing I ever had to deal with in my entire life. Glad I got out and have a real education.

  14. When the Dalai Lama was presented with the same question about the Third Riech his answer was simple. Routine. Routine can lead you to a point of solipsistic self orientation that would allow you to forget about your neighbors and people who disapear frequently. Ring a bell? Go check out Walmart Missing Alert boards. People go missing every day because Americans are so into themselves or an ideology, they forget the most important thing. community.

  15. All Church members will realize after leaving how much of a problem it truly is to not say anything about what is going on there. They will eventually have to come around and make an account for what they missed. It is very important that the Churches stop corruption in themselves in order to save this Nation. Or it would be better not to have the Churches at all, and have Good Christians looking out for their neighbors, and becoming citizens of a higher caliber. I don’t mean right wing politics. the Right wing only talks about some of the issues. We need the Christian Minds and Hearts to be Watchmen in these times. If that means taking long walks, or investigating corrupt organizations- not just churches- being aware of criminal activity, everything and anything. This is a Judeo Christian Nation and we are losing our basic rights, whether it’s from the right or the left politically, whether it’s from our Churches or the Gangs on the street. The only people to fight it are those who have Conscience and have a clear undivided mind. Let me leave you with this thought…. Don’t let anyone divide you or conquer you, there is only one of you. If you conquer and divide yourself you are already defeated. God Bless.

  16. I went to Berean in 1998 while in the Navy. Before and after church many of the guys would pull out their concealed weapons to show off. First time I was confronted with guns in church. Got to hear one great sermon on the sin of boys wearing colored underwear. Every Sunday night they announced the morning attendance, the numbers sounded high until I found out they included all those who attended a nursing home ministry on Sunday afternoon. Glad I am out of the IFB.

  17. ORDER LIFTING AUTOMATIC STAY – Berean Baptist Church
    This case is before the Court upon the Affidavit of Lance Paul Cohen, attorney for First Bank (“Movant”), showing that the Omnibus Order granting adequate protection of May 10, 2011, is in default because the Debtor has failed to make the payment that was due on September 1, 2011.
    Debtor failed to file a response within the prescribed time period and; It is
    1. The automatic stay imposed by 11 U.S.C. ยง362 is lifted as to Movant and it may
    proceed with the foreclosure and sale of the following property:
    Lots 13 and 14, Block 3 of ORANGE PARK ACRES, according to the
    Plat thereof as recorded In Plat Book 4, Pages 69 – 70 of the Public
    Records of Clay County, Florida.
    Parcel No: 330426-013132-000-00
    2. This Order is entered for the sole purpose of allowing Movant to obtain an in rem
    judgment against the property and Movant shall not seek an in personam judgment against the Debtor.
    Dated, September 15 ,2011, in Jacksonville, Florida . JUDGE Paul M GLENN (Signed) Copies furnished to:
    Brad Markey, Attorney for Debtor
    Lance P. Cohen, Attorney for Movant
    U. S. Trustee
    Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge
    Rule 1007(d) Twenty Largest Unsecured Creditors and Parties In Interest

    1. The judge granted the Order to Lift the Automatic Stay on the foreclosure of the Berean Baptist Church property. Hopefully, this will end the Rein of the Neals…at least at this location!

  18. Although the stay was lifted and the green light given to the bank to foreclose on the property located on Fleming Island, Florida for Berean Baptist, the church is still operating as usual for the moment. I am not quite sure how long before the bank will padlock the doors and they will be forced out. The bankruptcy hearing is scheduled for October 6, 2011 in Jacksonville, FL. Hopefully, they will force Berean to sell all their tangible personal property to pay off their remaining debts. The sad news is that Berean has plans to take over the property of another church on the Westside of Jacksonville (Immanuel Baptist) who lost their pastor due to death. That church owns the property outright with no debt and Tom Neal has already said from the pulpit that if he looses the property on Fleming Island he will just move over to the Westside. Those poor people! What a shame that he will attempt to start this whole cycle over again.

  19. When will justice be done for me? And the other girls in the video? Yes, I am one of Greg Neal’s victims. And yes this has had a major emotional impact on my life. He gets to live his life and I get to suffer with depression and anxiety. Gee, Thanks.

    1. Is that what made you a whore? Sorry, just going by what I see on your interview tape. After all tapes don’t lie right??

      1. Myanonymouscowardlyscreenname:

        Most accurate choice of name you could have picked. Victim bashing makes you look like a jackass. Believing GN’s lies makes you an idiot who lives in a sick fundy-fantasyland.

        Open your eyes, fool.

  20. I’ve heard that GN has taken a lie detector test three times and passed it every time.

    Does that prove his innocence?

    And how about the camera apparently being adjusted while he was a few feet away from it?

    1. Polygraph (lie detector) tests only work on honest people, because what they actually measure is the amount of physiological stress a person experiences while making a given statement. Pathological liars feel no stress while making false statements, because lying doesn’t make them feel guilty or anxious. The more practice someone has at lying, the less physiological stress will show on the test.
      On the other hand, people who are just generally anxious for some reason (for example, people with PTSD) will not pass a polygraph test, no matter what they say.

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