Answering Their Critics: Jack Schaap Responds to 20/20

Schapp responds to the 20/20 story with typical graciousness…

Note: since the original video was removed due to copyright claim, this is a re-upload by yours truly

Note2: Now Hammond has launched a copyright claim against my videos on two different hosts even though they are clearly fair use. Stand by…

(I know I just did a Schaap video today but this is hot off the press so I wanted to get it up now instead of waiting)

12 thoughts on “Answering Their Critics: Jack Schaap Responds to 20/20”

    1. Hey you were 1st. Yeah it’s only the “news” page but you were still 1st in my book. 😆

      1. And I didn’t even make a big deal of it. Bask in the greatest of my humility! 😈

  1. I wonder how his momma feels? Well… let’s see. I guess Esther never taught anybody anything, nor did the Shunnamite woman, the woman at the well, Rahab who preserved the spies in Canaan, the woman who poured expensive ointment on the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair, Hannah who dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord when he was but a child, or how about the woman who taught many a lesson in faith when she reached out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment…. the list could go on and on. Wait, but maybe he’s talking about modern day women like Miss Helen Rogers who has dedicated her life to turning what used to be abortion clinics into crisis pregnancy centers where she counsels those young girls into having their babies and then provides diapers, food, and clothing for them all while sharing Jesus’ love with them. Or maybe Elisabeth Elliot, Susanna Wesley, etc the list could go on an on. I’m not too proud to say that I learned a lot of Theology from my momma. She’s one of the finest Christian examples of a walking Bible I know, and I’ve been studying the Bible for over 20 years. I have advanced degrees in Theology, but nobody models Jesus for me like my momma. So PREACHER……… you can disgrace women all you and your little cronies want, but this follower of Christ can learn a lot from women who love Jesus and His Kingdom! Oh by the way, I love how he likes to say he’s a walking, talking Bible, yet he forgets to quote just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of verses in the Bible where God vehemently denounces PRIDE.

  2. There is enough info in that clip to cause any Christian with a little bit of brains to NEVER send their kids to that college or step foot in their church. I can see why they felt they needed to get that off the web.

  3. holy crap, I was THERE when he was saying this…I remember thinking at the time, what a bunch of bull. yeah, i no longer go to the services.

  4. Maybe he should have gotten some theology from Cindy before he decided to become a predator to an underage child and have sex outside their marriage. What a hypocrite! ❗

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