“Old-time” “Religion”

I wonder if he realizes that printed books are a relatively new technology?

That verse about the “great men” is starting more and more to be used in the same breath as the one about “old paths.”

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  1. Someone probably mentioned this already, but…

    Is he opposed to the newfangled notion of putting videos on the Interwebs? Because…

  2. Dear Jack:

    Methinks somebody stuck a nerve. It is one thing that the video no longer plays from the SFL blog; but now I see that comments have been disabled.

    Earlier, you both anticipated and welcomed critical review, acknowledging that replies might be hateful. What happened was far worse. Far from being hateful, the responses offered were reasonable and were stated respectfully.

    Your hermeneutic and very problematic exegesis/application of Je 6:16 were questioned soundly and for good reason. But rather than risk exposure of indefensible statements, discussion was ‘nipped in the bud.’ How this honors the professed openness to responses is unclear.

    I was preparing a reply and planned to open a Vimeo account. I felt this integrity required because your ‘corruption’ reference lays very heavy censure upon a whole class of people for whom defense is now not possible. This in itself violates several biblical norms.

    In time, those tied to the sect called ‘North Valley Baptist Church’ will perceive procedural problems in the handling of Scripture, worship, polity and more. They will realize that more biblical options exist, and they will seek them.

    I for one will be watching to see whether a pattern of partial censure continues to emanate from North Valley. Who knows — perhaps people who cannot comment on statements will begin attending local sectarian meetings and publish their findings on blogs they set up parallel to these sects.

    Christian Socialist

  3. I can’t get enough of this jack@&& and the NVBC website. I would swear it was satire but not sure anyone could make this up.

  4. I’m so confused. I see that the video has been set to private so it can’t be viewed. Do these people want to get their message out or not? Are they unashamed or not? Do they believe they are right and what they have to say is valuable or not?

    And if they do, are, and do, why do they keep hiding their videos and writings?

    1. Rhetorical questions do not hide the unconfused reality of your point, my dear Caffeinated One. They hide because they cannot and will not answer the reasonable objections to their messages. Put the message out there to gather as much support as you may. Then pull it when it gets too much wrong attention.

      Never give the enemy much of a chance to focus on any particular message or issue. You can pretend there is no real objection! Private isn’t hiding! It is not casting your pearls before swine! And there will be many, many more messages.

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