The Decline and Fall of Steven Anderson

It was almost inevitable, I suppose, that Steven Anderson having taken up the cause of killing all gay people would then follow up by taking on The Jews.

A couple of things here:

1. Notice the increasingly professional quality of his videos. He’s come a long way from his first one-camera urine-laced rant. Somewhere he’s finding the money and backing to increase his outreach potential.

2. Notice what he does with his hand at 1:25 while denying that he’s a Hitler fan. I’m just saying.

Unless something changes this will likely be the last time I reference Steven Anderson on this blog. He’s jumped far off the IFB bandwagon into obvious cult territory. There will doubtless continue to an increasingly insane set of things being said by him and his followers but I’m tired of his particular brand of jackassery.

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  1. By the way, Kenneth jr. It still sounds to everyone on this blog, except yourself, that you are trying to justify what Anderson is saying

    1. I am thinking that Kenneth Jr. is not a Poe, but a 26 year old version of Bob Gray of TX.

  2. I wonder how many fundentalusts agree with Anderson’s heartfelt belief that the Gospel is a precious thing and should not be tarnished by sharing it with “Sinners” who are as evil as “Faggots” ?

      1. Then you won’t want to listen to his rant about all “homos” being pedophiles, and how NO homo will be welcome in his church. EVER. He couldn’t have made it more plain.

    1. So sad that this man has fallen prey to the Adversary and his policy of evil. He is trying to operate in Israel’s program as does the majority of Churches today, and does not even care to function properly in this dispensation of gentile grace. One day he will die and see the Lord face to face, embarrassed because he is missing the point of the mystery program as given by revelation to our apostle Paul. My thoughts to Steve Anderson is that Jesus loves you, but every one else thinks that you’re an asshole.

  3. I got to the 2.51 mark and couldn’t take any more.

    My father-in-law is a WW2 vet who served in Europe. He was in Germany as the camps were being opened. He saw many of the survivors. He saw the camps. And he still can’t talk about the horror.

    No idiot will ever convince him the Holocaust didn’t happen.

  4. If I ever go to Steven Andersons’s church I want to wear a tee-shirt saying “Shh… don’t tell the Pastor I’m a Gay Jew….”

      1. One thing I can’t understand is why is it only Gay Men who are the target of Gods Wrath in the form of AIDS.?What about Gay women (lesbians)? Then again, does the Bible have anything about two women “lying together”? Maybe Stevie-Boy, like a surprising number of men, finds watching two women in bed together to be very sexy…. who knows?

      1. YOU might not, but most Christians would. It’s not just fundamentalists. neither Jewish or Gay, but I know a lot of people who would have to conform to certain standards in order to be given the gospel.

        1. Paul, Ive preached on teh street to everybody and anybody for 20 years, and I’ve never had that problem, and never seen very much of it. What I do see is that most Christians don’t witness to ANYBODY, but that’s a whole different matter.

        2. Suppose an openly Gay, married couple came to to your church because they genuinely want to know about Jesus….
          That is unlikely.

  5. Well, I have studied the Holocaust extensively including at a select conference at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. So, maybe I am allowed by his standards to answer him…

    I could not get past the 4:30 minute mark, though.

    And I won’t bother to attempt to refute all the nonsense I heard up to that point. I will only say this: the Holocaust is one of the most well documented events in history. The Nazis were bureaucrats and kept records for starters. When the first American troops discovered a camp, Eisenhower ordered that anyone within a reasonable radius of any camp from then on who was in possession of a still or film camera be sent to document it. An English soldier who became a filmmaker in later life documented Bergen Belsen and its liberation in great detail. And since the war’s end, survivors have told their stories and Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation documented 1000s of those on archival quality film.

    There is no question that this happened. And those who attempt to deny it never have any rational or admirable motive.

    1. I will only say this: the Holocaust is one of the most well documented events in history. The Nazis were bureaucrats and kept records for starters.

      Someone told me that in German bureaucratic tradition, the guy on top giving the orders was the one responsible, not the guy on the bottom carrying them out. “I was only following orders” WAS a legitimate defense — as long as the one following orders could produce a paper trail of those orders. So German bureaucrats CYAed by “Document EVERYTHING” and the Third Reich fell quickly enough for most of that documentation to survive.

      Russian bureaucratic tradition was just the opposite — Plausible Deniability. You never wrote anything down — “If it’s not written down It Never Happened and You Can’t Prove a Thing.” So Russian bureaucrats CYAed by shredding everything and leaving NO evidence.

      This is why Nazi atrocities are so well documented and Soviet ones (which racked up 2-3 times the body count) are all but unknown. Hitler has become immortal as a god of evil while Soviet shit still don’t stink.

  6. He’s an idiot. He hasn’t read any history. He doesn’t know his Bible at all. Everything in this video is completely wrong. He knows nothing about the Jews or Israel. I made myself watch this to the end and I just shake my head is utter disbelief that he is so stupid.

    1. Of course he doesn’t know any Bible or history. Doesn’t need to.

      God speaks to him directly.

  7. How can a guy who began with spouting revolting nonsense decline? I guess adding violence into the mix has made him worse. But somebody should keep an eye on him. He’s the sort of guy who shows up outside of a synagogue or gay bar with an AR-15.

    1. Dear BASSENCO:

      You’re aware, I presume, that Mr. Anderson has already had a run-ins with the border patrol…

      Christian Socialist

  8. “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.” He speaks the truth; racism comes from the heart, and the heart is a muscle. His is atrophied.

  9. When someone precedes their verbal vomit with the phrase “Now, I’m not a racist..” you just know…racist shit is on the way.

    This is horrible. I couldn’t make it past 1:30.

    Same guy that calls for the execution of gays. Who even goes to this idiot’s church?

      1. The fact that some like this can – and is allowed to – have children is scary, a future Master Race?

        1. I don’t think so. They all have to be kings of their little kingdoms and really there aren’t enough serfs to go around. They can’t agree long enough to master anything certainly not the human race.

        2. “These guys do NOT hang out together. The Universe cannot have two centers.”
          — Kooks Magazine

        1. I’m reminded of a quote:-
          ” There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”
          – Will Rogers

        2. Steven Anderson decided to invite a couple of kids from a rough area of town to his home, in order to get them “saved”, I think he might have regretted it a little, because he same to his wife in the kitchen raging. “Those little brats, they were pissing as high as the could against our bedroom wall!” His wife asked “what did you do?” “What did I do?” he screamed “I hit the roof, that’s what I did!”

      1. I think he was in fire prevention products. I seem to recall back in the day there were some videos of him with smoke detectors or the like.

      2. Seems to me he’s a natural salesman for quite a lot. Create a need, provide the solution with complete confidence that your solution is the best solution there is, and that the need is tremendous.

        1. The way he can piss, I’m very surprised the fire service don’t give him a job

    1. I always heard it this way. A Racist Butt= Anyone who begins a sentence with “I’m not a racist, BUT”

  10. I think he could hold a job. Probably in a factory as a machine operator. But being opinionated like he is, he would probably not like a boss telling him what to do and he’d blow it.

    1. Steven Anderson is obviously not stupid. His followers might be, but he’s not. That is why he is dangerous. He could be a productive member of society but he has chosen not to be. I can name quite a few people throughout history who could have at least been decent, but only created havoc. Anderson makes it much, much worse because he does it in the name of God, 🙁

    2. Dear Bob M:

      You may have struck on the reason for which this pathology and independent church governance make easy allies…

      Christian Socialist

        1. Dear Bob M:

          The Lord bless and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you. The Lord turn his face toward you and grant you his peace.

          You are not the first to be chewed up and spat out as a discarded husk. Narcissism has a way of doing that. And I don’t care what denials are offered, many narcissists adhere to church culture.

          May you find the healing you need.

          Christian Socialist

  11. I don’t know about anybody else, but I feel sorry for his wife. She gets saved as a teenager because an American took an interest in her and shared the gospel, gets married, gets whisked off to America, and is pregnant less than a year later. The only Christianity, presumably, that she’s ever known is Anderson’s horrific brand of it. While I agree she does her own damage, she’s in up to her eyeballs. If she ever did see what an angry, hateful man her husband is, or what damage he’s done to the reputation of Christ, would she be able to extricate herself?

    I doubt it. The IFB leaves no room for a woman to have her own opinions.

  12. I believe what I said during the last post on Anderson was that he actually makes Sam Gipp seem reasonable for a minute. This is what I am talking about.

  13. As soon as he says “facts from the Bible”, it automatically tells you that everything he says afterwards is complete bullshit…

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