What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Can you spot the oddity in this picture of an otherwise typical IFB auditorium?

Answer: Those of you who guessed the candles had it right. Here’s a quick overview of the liturgical use of candles. In short, if you’re using more than two around your altar then you’re headed straight for Catholicism.

It’s easier to spot the problem on the outside of their building: namely that there are two very large people stuck in it.

118 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. When I was growing up, communion was always in the evening service and always by candlelight. The pastor made a real thing about “come to our wonderful candlelight communion service”. DH grew up in the midwest and about fell over when he walked in on the candlelight service – said he wondered if he had gotten the wrong church.

  2. The lights in the auditorium are an older style, much prettier than the florescent tube lighting, but they do use more electricity. The high, polished wood ceilings are also typical of many older church buildings.

    The older construction seems to reflect the greater reverence people — even conservatives and fundamentalists — had for God. That reverence for God has slowly eroded away and been replaced by a militant attitude toward others instead of a zeal to win the lost.

    The church building, then, becomes not so much a place of worship, but a place of utility. The auditorium isn’t meant to inspire awe or reverence, but is simply a place to gather. The speaker’s podium occupies the center of attention. The Cross becomes a background instead of the central focus.

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